Raj Thackeray – Chief of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena – What it foretells

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As per the data available with me is June 14, 1968, time 17.45 and place is Mumbai. The data may be questionable, but the horoscope tells his nature and the recent debacle in the loksabha as well. The lagna rising is Scorpio. Scorpio men are secretive in nature and very aggressive. The lagna lord, Mars […]

Basics of Astrology

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Astrology is the play of planets, houses and signs. We will first go through 12 signs in the horoscope. The 12 signs are as follows: 1.       Aries (Mesha) 2.       Taurus (Vrishaba) 3.       Gemini (Mithuna) 4.       Cancer (Karkata) 5.       Leo (Simha) 6.       Virgo (Kanya) 7.       Libra (Thula) 8.       Scorpio (Vrishchik) 9.       Sagittarius (Dhanu) 10.   Capricorn (Makara) […]