Chaitra Shukla Pratipada chart for 2020.

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The new year is when the new moon occurs in Pisces for a particular country. Subsequently, we study the Sun’s entry into various signs beginning from Aries and also new moon charts for each month and also the eclipse charts for various months. These charts are then linked to India Independence day chart, Republic day […]

Makar Sankrant Chart for the year 2020

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Conclusion: 1. This shows that the Government will face more hurdles in handling its Governance matters. There will be several changes in the key portfolios of Government.There will be more protests seen on streets across India. The people in general will be unsatisfied. The Stock markets will see a massive correction. There will be some […]

Madhya Pradesh State is going to be in a state of disarray?

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Conclusion: 1. The State is going to witness several protests, damage of public properties, caste and religious divide, riots, etc. till September, 2018. 2. The Chief Minister will face severe challenges/resistance due to the above and his base will certainly be shaken. 3. Let this write-up be taken as fore-warning to State, so that they […]