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Based on the analysis below;

  1. The protests will continue in a large scale till February/March 2021
  2. The current head, Prayuth Chan Ocha will step down before the above period.


The kingdom of Siam can be traced back to the Middle Ages, although it is not possible to establish a foundation date for the country. In modern Thailand the crucial date is regarded as the foundation of the Chakri Dynasty by Rama-I in 1782 and the removal of the capital to Bangkok in the same year. The transfer of the capital was almost certainly undertaken on astrological advice as the same year witnessed the astrologically motivated transfer of the Burmese capital from Ava to Amarapoura. The bicentenary of the Bangkok’s foundation was celebrated on April 6, 1982, and although the festivities as a whole lasted from 4th to 21st April, the original horoscope is set for April 6, 1782. This day’s chart set for 12 noon LMT is regarded as horoscope of modern Thailand.

There is another horoscope for modern Thailand which is set for the revolution of June 24, 1932 which overthrew the benevolent despotism established in 1860 and the present constitutional system. A military coup took place in the early morning of June 24, 1932 and later on the same day the king accepted the principle of constitutional rule. The time is set for 12 noon in absence of right time for capital Bangkok. The chart is given below and on which our analysis will be done.

On 3 August, two student groups publicly raised demands to reform the monarchy, breaking a long taboo of publicly criticizing the monarchy. A week later, ten demands for monarchy reform were declared. September 19th, rally saw 20,000–100,000 protesters and has been described as an open challenge to King Vajiralongkorn. A government decision to delay voting on a constitutional amendment in late September fueled nearly unprecedented public republican sentiment. Following mass protests on 14 October, a “severe” state of emergency was declared in Bangkok the next day, citing the alleged blocking of a royal motorcade. Emergency powers were extended to the authorities on top of those already given by the Emergency Decree since March. Protests continued despite the ban, prompting a crackdown by police on 16 October using water cannon. The severe emergency measures were lifted on 22 October; an extraordinary parliamentary session is scheduled for 26-27 October, 2020.

The Asc rising is Virgo at 4.45 degrees. The lord of 10th house (Government and Governance) and lord of 1st house (General sentiment and state of affairs in the country), Mercury is placed in the 10th house in Gemini at 22.11 degrees. It all began on August 3, 2020, when transit Rahu and Ketu afflicted the 4th (Opposition) and 10th (Government) axis. Currently, transit Mars (lord of 8th house a highly malefic for Virgo Asc) is retrograde in Pisces at 23.18 degrees. It is aspecting the natal Mercury which is at 22.11 degrees. Transit Mars will be retrograde till November 13, 2020. The protests will be in full swing till atleast first week of December 2020. In the main chart, natal Jupiter which is in Cancer at 27.26 degrees is afflicted by transit Ketu from Scorpio. However, in the D10 (Dasamsa chart, which signifies Government) has Mars and Venus in Pisces and Scorpio, respectively at 23 degrees. The transit Ketu is afflicting both Mars and Venus. Rahu will be stationary from mid November, 2020 till mid February, 2021. So, we can see the protests prolonging till at least February, 2021 and we can expect more protests in the coming months. We will see USA meddling into the affairs of Thailand as Rahu is afflicting from the 9th house (foreign countries) in D1 and in D10 from the 12th house (foreign countries). We can expect pressure to go up from the protestors and the current head Mr. Prayuth Chan Ocha can step down before February/March 2021.

To verify the above, let us analyse the chart of Prayuth Chan Ocha. Its given below.

The time of birth is not certain, hence taken at 12 noon. The current transits of Rahu/Ketu is afflicting natal Jupiter, Mars and Moon in D1 chart. Based on this, his stepping down looks more certain.

Sundar Balakrishnan

B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)

2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Sanskrit (From Mumbai University)

M A Sanskrit (Darshan) from KKSU (Results awaited)

Professor of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai

Date: October 26, 2020  

Time: 9.00 PM, Mumbai, India

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