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The Sun enters Aquarius on March 15, 2015 at 5:10:12 at New Delhi. Similarly, we will also take in account the new moon chart immediately after the ingress chart to see the impact. We will also in this analysis superimpose the India independence chart.

Following is the Pisces Ingress.




Following is the Lunar New Month chart for March 2015.


The lagna rising in the ingress chart is Aquarius. Aquarius is the 10th house of the India independence chart. So, all eyes will be on the functioning of the government.


Planetary movements during the above period are as follows;

  • Saturn turns retrograde in Scorpio on 14th March, 2015
  • Jupiter is still retrograde in Cancer
  • Mars will transit to Aries on 23rd March, 2015
  • Mercury will transit to Pisces on 28th March, 2015
  • Venus will transit to Taurus on 7th April, 2015
  • Jupiter will turn direct on 8th April, 2015
  • Mercury will transit to Aries on 12th April, 2015

More importantly there is occurrence of Lunar eclipse on 4th April, 2015. It occurs in the 2/ 8 house of the ingress chart and 5/11 house of the India chart. So the 2nd house and 8th house are under heavy affliction. So when you read the analysis below for 2nd , 5th, 8th and 11th keep in mind the effect of this aspect as well.


Now let us analyse the ingress chart keeping the other two charts namely the new moon chart and India Independence chart.


First house

The lord of the 1st house Saturn is in the 10th house of government and retrograde. Mars in addition after 23rd March will also aspect the 10th house (its own house). Ketu from the 2nd house also aspects Saturn. Further, retrograde Jupiter aspects from the 6th house. Superimposing this configuration on the India chart, the 1st house is aspected by Saturn and rahu. Lord of 1st house of India chart is also gone to the 12th house. This shows that common people (1st house) will object to government policies. Mars the lord of 3rd and 10th house will result into some sort of negotiation (3rd house) with the common people on land bill (Mars).


Second house

The lord of 2nd house Jupiter is in the 6th house and retrograde. Jupiter is aspected by Ketu and retrograde Saturn from previous house. Jupiter in the star of Mercury in the lagna. Comparing this with the India independence chart the lord of 2nd house Mercury is in the 10th house. In the ingress chart Mercury will transit to Pisces from 28th March, 2015 and will be afflicted as it will be conjunct Sun and in Rahu/Ketu axis. Further, the 2nd house is also afflicted by the presence of Sun, Rahu/Ketu/Mars. Lunar eclipse of 4th April falls in this house as well. This will result into deterioration of financial indices like inflation, rupee/dollar rates and other similar financial indices.


Third house

The lord of 3rd house Mars is gone to the 2nd house which is the 12th house from the 3rd house. Mars is conjunct Sun, Rahu/Ketu and retrograde Jupiter. The 3rd house has Venus. The lord of 3rd house of the India chart Moon is in the 8th house.  This will have mixed results on the border clashes, accidents in the communications sectors, etc.


Fourth house

The lord of 4th house, Venus is in the 3rd house and again the 12th house to 4th house. Though its vargottam. It will be afflicted by conjunction of Mars from 23rd March, 2015. The 4th house is afflicted by aspect of retrograde Saturn and Rahu as well. This will result into major protest on the land bill (4th house) and government will have to negotiate (3rd house) with various groups. There will also be some changes (12th house) in the bill. There will be discontentment in the farmer class due to unseasonal rains.


Fifth house

The lord of 5th house Mercury is in lagna and in the star of Rahu in the 8th house. In comparison the lord of 5th house of India independence chart is also Mercury. Mercury being in lagna is a good feature. However, it  being in the star of Rahu in 8th is not. The 5th house is also aspected by Mars (which is in Rahu/Ketu axis and Sun). Lunar eclipse of 4th April falls in this house as well. This will have mixed reactions on the stock markets where you can see market going low as well as highs. Since the 5th house is afflicted the direction of market gown down is not ruled out.


Sixth house

The lord of 6th house is Moon in the star of Venus in 3rd house being lord of 4th and 9th. The 6th house has retrograde Jupiter aspected by Ketu (with Sun & Mars) and also retrograde Saturn. Similarly the lord of 6th house Venus of the India chart in the ingress chart has gone to 12th house in Taurus. Further, after 23rd March 2015, Venus in transit will also get afflicted by conjunction of Mars and also aspect of Saturn. This will result in threat of epidemics, labour class will be dissatisfied, there will be threat of terrorist, innocent people can be the target by the underworld, etc.


Seventh house

The lord of 7th house Sun is in the 2nd house along with Mars and in Rahu/Ketu axis. It is also aspected by retrograde Jupiter from the 6th house. Further, Sun is in the 8th house from the 7th house. The lord of 7th house Mars of the India independence chart is in the 11th house from Taurus (Lagna of India chart). Mars as above is afflicted. This shows that the foreign affairs department will be on scanner. The foreign allies will play some foul with India.


Eighth house

The position of lord of 8th house is Mercury is mentioned in the 5th house above. The 8th house is also under severe affliction due to Rahu/Ketu axis, aspect of Mar and Sun. The lord of 8th house Jupiter of the India chart is in the 3rd house in ingress chart. Its retrograde and afflicted as mentioned in the 2nd house section above. Lunar eclipse of 4th April falls in this house as well. This will result in death of senior minister/government officials.


Ninth house

The lord of 9th house of the ingress chart Venus is in the 3rd house and it is further going to get afflicted from 23rd March, 2015 as mentioned in the above under 4th house above. Only reconciliation factor is Venus the lord of 9th house aspects its own house. But after 23rd March, the Venus’s affliction by Mars is not good. Similarly, the lord of 9th house Saturn of India chart in Ingress chart is retrograde and its further status is mentioned in the above under first house section. The ninth house denotes religion, judiciary, communalism, etc. In these areas we can witness negative events.

Tenth house

The 10th house of the ingress chart has retrograde Saturn. The lord of 10th house Mars of the ingress chart Mars is also afflicted as above mentioned under the 3rd house section. The lord of the 10th house of the India chart Saturn as mentioned above under first house is also afflicted. This will result noisy parliament session and it will be difficult for the government to function.

Eleventh house

The lord of 11th house Jupiter as mentioned under the section 2nd house is afflicted. The 11th house has moon and aspected by retrograde Saturn and Jupiter. The lord of 11th house similarly in the India chart is also Jupiter. Lunar eclipse of 4th April falls in this house as well. The inflow of income will get affected. The 11th  house also represents the legislations. Hence, the government will find difficult to pass important legislations.


Twelfth house

The lord of 12th house Saturn as mentioned in section is first house is afflicted. The 12th house is aspected by its own lord Saturn and also Rahu and Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter’s aspect is of no use. Similarly, the lord of 12th house of India chart Mars is also afflicted. This will result in spying on India by foreign elements. Various terrorist groups will try to destabilise India. Scams in hospitals, prisons, etc can be expected.


Sundar Balakrishnan

2-Year Jyotirvid & 3-Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Date: 19th March, 2015  

Mumbai, at 10 pm


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