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The Sun enters Aquarius on February 13, 2015 at 8:18:41 AT New Delhi. This chart like any other chart is Aquarius ingress. The effect of this chart will be till March 15, 2015. We will analyse only the ingress chart.

Following is the Aquarius Ingress.


The lagna rising is Aquarius. Aquarius is the 10th lord of the India independence chart. So, all eyes will be on the functioning of the government. Saturn is with the debilitated Moon (lord of 6th house), so government will face stiff opposition from all sections of the people and face flak from the opposition as well. Overall, the chart is not all that positive as can been seen from the below write-up.

Now let us see the house wise impact.

First house

The lord of the house is Saturn and it is in the 10th house along with debilitated Moon. The first house has Sun (lord of 7th house) and Venus (lord of 4 and 9). So, the government will have tough time during this period. The common people also will be agitated and will take to streets on various issues of the government as lagna lord is with debilitated Moon (lord of 6th). The demands will be from opposition/allies of the government (representing 7th house), house-wives/land owners/farmers/coal industry (representing 4th house) and religious/fringe groups (representing 9th house) will be people who will raise their voices for their rights.


Second house

The lord of the 2nd house Jupiter is retrograde in the 6th house. The 2nd house has Ketu and Mars. The 2nd house is aspected by its own lord Jupiter. The navamsha also has Rahu in the 2nd house. This will mean the government will resort to higher deficit financing and more money will be allocated to defence sector (Mars in 2nd). The real estate will be given due boost in the budget (Mars represents real estate).


Third house

The lord of the 3rd house Mars is in the 2nd house (i:e 12th to 3rd) and along the Rahu/Ketu axis. In the Navamsha the 3rd house has debilitated Mars. There is every possibility of accidents in the transportation sectors. The borders of India will be vulnerable for attacks by our enemies.


Fourth house

The lord of 4th house Venus is in the 1st house along with Sun lord of 7th house. The 4th house is aspected by Saturn (lord of 1 & 12) and debilitated Moon (lord of 6). The recent Land Acquisition Bill will be strongly objected to by opposition (7th house). The farmers and land owners will strongly object and there will be no other option to the government other than taking back the bill/amend the bill majorly.


Fifth house

The lord of 5th house Mercury goes to the 12th house and aspected by Saturn, Rahu and retrograde Jupiter. The 5th house is aspected by Mars (which is along with Ketu). This shows that there will be atrocities on children. The stock exchanges could get into bearish mode and will test new lows as well.


Sixth house

The lord of 6th house Moon is in the 10th house along with Saturn. Moon is debilitated. The 6th house has retrograde Jupiter. It is also aspected by Mercury lord of 8th from the 12th house. There will be demonstrations and dharnas across to object to the policies of the government. There could be communal tension (retrograde Jupiter in 6th) as well.


Seventh house

The lord of 7th house Sun is in the lagna along with Venus (lord of 4 & 9). The 7th house is aspected by its own lord Sun and Venus. Saturn also aspects 7th house which is lord of 1 & 12. So the 7th house is strong which shows that there will be positive developments in external/foreign affairs.


Eighth house

The lord of 8th house Mercury is in the 12th house and aspected by Saturn, Rahu and retrograde Jupiter. The 8th house is under Rahu/Ketu axis and aspected by Mars. So, the 8th house is heavily afflicted which will be give rise to unexpected negative events like sabotage, deaths of some senior ministers, etc.


Ninth house

The lord of 9th house Venus is in the lagna along with Sun. The 9th house is aspected by Mars which is along with Ketu. The 9h house is in papa-kartari yoga. In the navamsa the 9th house has retrograde/debilitated Jupiter. We can expect some communal tensions. Fringe groups will get upper hand in creating instability.


Tenth house

The 10th house has debilitated Moon and also has Saturn. It is aspected by retrograde Jupiter. The government will be facing tough time in dealing with various issues and will be cornered on every count. This period being the time of releasing the maiden finance/railway budget the government will face strict opposition from almost all classes of people. Some senior minster in the government will face ill health.


Eleventh house

The lord of 11th house Jupiter is in the 6th house and retrograde though exalted. In the navamsa, the 11th house has debilitated Mercury and lord of 11th house is debilitated. The FIIs inflows will slow down and the income generating avenues of the government will face some hurdle.


Twelfth house

The lord f 12th house Saturn is in the 10th house along with debilitated Moon. The 12th house has Mercury and aspected by retrograde Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu. The aspect of Saturn is not welcome as its with debilitated Moon. This will result into some spying by foreign elements.



Sundar Balakrishnan

2-Year Jyotirvid & 3-Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Date: 25th February, 2015  

Mumbai, at 11 pm


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