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We have recently witnessed Congress getting decimated from almost all states in loksabha polls. The leaders within congress have also questioned the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi is also getting older and as reported not keeping good health. Congress since independence has been thriving on dynasty politics. The rise of Congress began with the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru and thereafter we all know how Indira Gandhi was inducted. We have witnessed Congress being ruled by only Gandhis. We need to ask ourselves as to why dynasty politics is the feature of Indian Politics. Is it because there is no one within the Congress to take the baton? Let us leave all this aside and read the horoscopes of the Gandhi family like Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. In this article, I have only analysed the horoscope of Sonia Gandhi and will take up analysis of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi later.

For any person to be a successful politician the Lagna, 3rd house (valor), 6th house (fights), 7th house (public life), 9th house (fortune), 10th house (fame, status) and 11th house (gains) should be strong.

When we analyse the following we will analyse all the above houses and come to a final conclusion. While analysing the dasa, we will see all the dasa in operation in coming years till 2019 as next elections will be held around this time.

Let’s see what is in store for Sonia Gandhi. The date IF IT IS CORRECT there is all possibility that Sonia Gandhi is in for a great trouble. These data is taken from Astrodientist with Rodden rating AA.


Strength of planets

Mars = In Mrityu bagha (MB)

Jupiter = Very near to Visha gati

Venus = Very near to Visha gati

Saturn = In Maran Karak Sthana (MKS)




The ascendant is Cancer and emotional sign with retrograde Saturn being lord of 7th and 8th. The ascendant lord Moon is in the 12th house aspected by Mars from the 6th house. Jupiter (lord of 6 and 9) aspects Moon. Moon is in papa-kartari yoga. The Moon’s star lord is Rahu in the 11th house. This means that she is the person who will realise her aims by any means. Since 11th house is badhaka, we can also say that she will create problem for herself. The ascendant star lord Mercury is in the 5th house of following. So she will have followers of her own. So, overall Moon is afflicted. She many times takes decisions out of emotions which becomes problematic for her.


In the Navamsa, the lagna rising is Pisces, which again is a watery sign. The lord of lagna Jupiter is in the 2nd house along with Mars in Aries. This shows that she is also a person with drive and dynamism as the asc lord is in fiery sign and along with Mars.


3rd house

The 3rd house is virgo (a dual sign and earthy). 3rd house is aspected by Saturn from Lagna and Rahu from the 11th house. The 3rd house lord Mercury is in the 5th house along with Sun (lord of 2) with Ketu. Mercury the lord of 3rd house is in the star of retrograde Saturn. Saturn is lord of 7th and 8th. 8th house is the house of disappointments. Here, since 3rd house has got connection with malefic, she is very courageous.


In the Navamsa, the lord of 3rd house Venus is in Taurus in own house. Venus is aspected by retrograde Saturn and Venus is also in the papa-kartari yoga.


Drekana chart is seen for courage. In the Drekana the lagna rising is Pisces where the lagna lord Jupiter is in the 4th house along with the lord of 3rd house Venus and also in conjunction with lord of 5th house. The asc lord is also aspected by Mars. This shows that she is courageous.


6th house

The 6th house has Mars and aspected by Moon, the ascendant lord from the 12th house. The lord of 6th house Jupiter is in Libra along with Venus. Jupiter is in its own star. Since 6th house has Mars, there is enough fighting spirit.


In the navamsa, the lord of 6th house Sun is in the 12th house aspected by Mercury (lord of 4 and 7). Sun aspects its own house. Sun is also aspected by Rahu which is exalted.


7th house

The lord of 7th house is aspected by its own lord hence strong. Saturn is on MKS and retrograde. So, Saturn is afflicted. But aspect of 7th house by its own lord is good, but the goodness is reduced by affliction to Saturn. Saturn is in its own star. This is the reason she has not been active in public life directly.


In the navamsa, the lord of 7th house Mercury is in the 6th house of fights. 6th house is 12th house to 7th house. Mercury is aspected by Sun lord of 6th house, Jupiter lord of asc and 10th house, Saturn lord of 11th / 12th house from the 9th house and Ketu from the 10th house. Here again it is seen that she is not active in public life directly.


9th house

The lord of the 9th house Jupiter is in the 4th house along with Venus lord of 4 and 11. This is a raja yoga where there is confluence of 9 and 4/11 lord. It is in the 4th house of throne.


In the Navamsa, the lord of 9th house Mars is along with lagna lord /10th lord Jupiter in the 2nd house. This again is a excellent combination of raja yoga occurring in the 2nd house of wealth. So fortune is par excellence.


10th house

The lord of 10th house is Mars and is in the 6th house and aspected by Moon lord of lagna from the 12th house. Mars is in the star of Ketu in the 5th house. There is connection of lagna, 10th house and 5th house because of Ketu in the 5th house. But Mars is in MB. This again shows that she is a back stage operator.


In the navamsa, The lord of 10th house Jupiter is along with lord of 9th house in the 2nd house. This is excellent combination.


In the Dasamsa, D10, chart the lagna rising is Sagittarius which is the 6th house of natal chart. This shows that there is no sync between the two charts and also reveals that her inclination towards politics is not a serious one.


11th house

The lord of 11th house Venus is in 4th house in conjunction with Jupiter lord of 9th house. This combination occurs in the 4th house of throne. The 11th house has exalted Rahu and aspected by 2nd lord Sun, 3rd and 12th lord Mercury. It is an excellent combination resulting in dhana yoga.


In the navamsa, the lord of  11th house Saturn is in the 9th house of fortune aspected by Mars (lord of 9th house) and also Venus (lord of 3 and 8). Here Venus is a spoiler.


Certain important combinations in natal/rashi chart are as follows;

  1. Combination of Jupiter (lord of 9) and Venus (lord of 4) in 4th house of throne. This is also a dhana yoga.
  2. Mutual aspect of Moon (lord of asc) and Mars (lord of 5 and 10). Except that the mutual aspect is appearing in 6/12 axis which is not all that strong.


The present dasa is of Ketu/Mars till July 2015. This period will be a period where she will be aggressive and will also take bold decisions. Ketu/Mars is in 2/12 position which will result in setbacks as well due to her bold decisions. Mars in navamsa is in 2nd house in own house along with Jupiter lord of 1 and 10. This period will be a period of come back in active politics. In jaimini dasa it is the period of Virgo/Taurus. From Taurus the 10th house is aspected by Venus (AMK).


After the above period she will run the period of Ketu/Rahu. This period will be very troublesome for her as Rahu is in badhaka sthana and it is aspected by maraca Sun and Mercury lord of 3 and 12. This period should be watched for health. As per Jaimini dasa she will be running the period of Virgo/Gemini from August 2015 to June, 2016. From Gemini, the Sun (AK) and Mercury (GK) is together in the 6th house. This again confirms as per vimshottari dasa. This period will also be where her leadership in the congress will be questioned. The unity in congress will also be seen.


After the above the period will be of Ketu/Jupiter from August 2016 to July 2017. Jupiter forms an excellent combination in the 4th house as discussed above. This period will be very good for and will be a period of active politics again. In jaimini chara dasa, from June 2016 to April 2017 will be of Virgo/Cancer. From Cancer, the 10th house is aspected by Sun (AK) and Mercury (GK). The 4th house of throne has Venus (AMK) and Jupiter (BK). This shows that there will be lot of struggle (due to Mercury GK) and will require lot of efforts (due to Jupiter BK).


After this the period will be of Ketu/Saturn from July 2017 to August 2018. Here Saturn is lord of 7 and 8 is retrograde. This Saturn is in lagna and aspected by Mars from the 6th house. Saturn is strong being in its own star. Further Saturn is in MKS. Saturn is also 22nd drekkana from Moon. So this period will be great disturbances and she will have to take care of her health. She will run into severe health issues. In the Jaimini chara dasa it will be a period of Virgo/leo. From Leo the 6th house is aspected by Sun (AK) and Mercury (GK). The health issues as per vimshottari dasa gets confirmed here.


If she gets through the above dasas then the period of Venus dasa will start from August 2019. But by this time she would have completed 73 years of age and will lose interest in politics is for sure.



Sundar Balakrishnan

2-Year Jyotirvid & 3-Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Date: 22nd March, 2015  

Mumbai, at 11 pm

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    Akella Indira
    This chart shows more promising life from Venus dasa from August 2019 , her Venus in own house in 4th digbala, transit saturn aspecting her 8th house will help sustain health problems, Jupiter transiting on her 5th where Sun, Mercury along with Ketu (who spoiled her 5th place with both kids not raised up to the expectation, ketu specially causes in 5th wild behaviour in kids )will get the blessings of Jupiter to progeny and 3rd lord mercury, 9th and 11th places blessed by Jupiter, will confer considerable benefits and natal Sukra dasa will catapult her back to the lost kingdom. The transit saturn is moving on venus nakshatra, Purvashadha will give benifits as 7th from natal moon will get her public favour .

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