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We celebrate makar sankaranti when the Sun enters the sign Capricorn. Like another ingress chart the Capricorn ingress chart also tells us about the probable events during the period upto next ingress. We will analyse only the ingress chart.

Following is the Capricorn Ingress.


The lagna rising in the ingress chart is Cancer. The Cancer is the 3rd house of the India independence chart. The 3rd house signifies the neighbours and the relationships with them, all forms of communications be it road, air, postal, etc. So, all these matters will be in the forefront during this period.

First house

The fist house is cancer a cardinal and watery sign. The lord of the house Moon is in the 4th house in papa-kartari yoga. Moon is in the star of Rahu in the 3rd house. The first house has retrograde Jupiter (being lord of 6 and 9). The first house is aspected by Sun, Venus and Mercury. Since the1st house has retrograde Jupiter and aspected by lord of 12 Mercury, Venus the badhak, and Ketu from the 9th house. So, the common people will be victims of fringe groups and instances of religious conversions, communal tensions will prevail. As said in my article, since Jupiter is retrograde with malefic aspects, stock markets will test out new lows, there will be atrocities on children as well. The common people will face difficulties due to atrocities of the politicians.


Second house

The second house has no planet. However, the lord of 2nd house Sun is in the 7th house along with the lord of 11th house Venus. This is an excellent combination as far as money matters are concerned. However, the conjunction of Mercury and aspect of Saturn and Rahu spoils the combination. So, there will be mixed results as far as the financial indices are concerned. There will be some indices which will show improvement, whereas some will some which will show deterioration.


Third house

The 3rd house has Rahu and the lord of Mercury is in the 7th house along with Sun and Venus. The 3rd house is aspected by Mars from the 8th house. This shows that that there will be accidents in the communications/transportations sector. The border shelling will increase as the 3rd house has malefic aspect and has Rahu. At the same time there will be friendly ties with some of the other neighbouring and some other countries. This is because the lord of 3rd house is in the 7th house (foreign affairs) along with the lord of 11th Venus.


Fourth house

The 4th house has Moon the lagna lord and its in papa-kartari yoga. The 4th house among other things signify the weather and climate conditions, land and landed properties, opposition parties, etc. Similarly, the lord of 4th house Venus is in the 7th house aspected by two malefic namely Saturn and Rahu. It is also with the lord of the 3rd and 12th house. The 3rd house is 12th to the 4th house. So, the lord of 4th house is also afflicted. Hence, the recent land acquisition bill will be opposed by the people and opposition. The weather and climate conditions also will be at the extreme.


Fifth house

The 5th house has Saturn which lord of 7th and 8th. Similarly, the lord of the 5th house Mars is gone to the 8th house. This shows that the stock markets will be volatile and touch new lows. The 5th house denotes education and schools. So there will be some drastic changes in the education sector which will be opposed by the people.


Sixth house

The lord of 6th house Jupiter is in lagna. The Jupiter is aspected by Venus lord of 11th and Sun lord of 2nd. It is also aspected by Mercury lord of 3 and 12. So this is a wonderful combination, which will give some relief to the labour class in the private and public sector. There will be some announcements towards the labour sector.


Seventh House

The 7th house has Sun lord of 2nd, Mercury lord of 3 and 12, Venus lord of 4 and 11. It is aspected by Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter. The lord of 7th is in the 5th house. There is exchange between 7th and 5th lords. This will give some mixed effects as far as our foreign affairs dealings are concerned. Some of the moves will be appreciated and welcomed by people, whereas some will be opposed as well.


Eighth house

There is exchange between 8 and 5/10 lords. This again repeats events as listed in the 5th house. So again all those mentioned for 5th house will get repeated.


Ninth house

The lord of 9th house Jupiter is in the lagna and retrograde and aspected Sun (lord of 2), Mercury (lord of 3 & 12) and Venus (lord of 4 & 11). There will be some positive developments like appointment of officials in the judiciary sector. There will be some move towards passing of anti-conversion law, etc.


Tenth house

The lord of 10th house Mars is in the 8th house. The 10th house is aspected by Moon lord of lagna. Some senior member of government will face some health issues or expire. Some senior member of the ruling party/government may face some corruption charges.



Eleventh house

The lord of 11th house Venus is in the 7th house along with Sun (lord of 2nd), Mercury (lord 3 & 12). It is aspected by Jupiter lord of 6 & 9. The 11th house is also aspected by Mars from the 8th house being lord of 5 and 10. So there will be many positive developments in the income generation of the government, Some agreements with foreign countries will be entered with which will boost the income of the government. We can expect legislations on FDIs.


Twelfth house

The 12th house signifies foreign connections. The lord of 12th house Mercury is in the 7th house along with Venus (lord of 4 & 11), Sun (lord of 2) and aspected by retro Jupiter (lord of 6 & 9). Similarly, Saturn and Rahu aspects Mercury. There will be some inflow of funds from foreign sources. Similarly, there will secret ploy by the foreign spies as well as the Mercury is aspected by Rahu from the 3rd house.


Sundar Balakrishnan

2-Year Jyotirvid & 3-Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Date: 14th January, 2015  

Mumbai, at 11 pm


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