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From the analysis given below, it is clear that Donald Trump will not stage a full-fledged war with Pakistan (Though he may announce various sanctions). However, he will stage a full-fledged war (like Iran and Syria in the past) with North Korea.


Astro Carto Graphy (ACG) is a technique applied to find out which place is suitable to a person to relocate. It is our experience when we go on holidays to various places, we feel homely in a certain place and in a certain place we feel mentally down, agitated and frustrated. This has a lot to do with the planets at the time of birth and how a planet in the birth chart behaves in a totally different manner when we relocate ourselves to another location. In ACG the planets in angles have a maximum bearing on the behaviour of the person. The planet in the angle (Ascendant, 4th house, 7th house and 10th house) makes the person to behave in certain manner depending upon the nature of planet. Say for example, Mars in the Asc will make a person more aggressive. The same Mars in the 7th house will have tough marital life. The same Mars in the 10th house will make the person aggressive at work. Similarly, depending upon the nature of planet in the angles the behaviour of the person will differ. The planet which was dormant at birth place in cadent houses, or debilitated or weak, is placed in the angle at the relocated place, then the nature of planet will overtake the person. In the normal horoscope the longitude of planet plays a very important role. Whereas, in the ACG the latitude plays a very important role. I have been doing research on this topic for the last 5 years and found to be very effective in deciding which place is suitable for relocation. I provide specialised service on this for person who would like to know which place is suitable for him. For details on my consultation charges, refer my website.

Now let is first begin with Barack Obama birth chart.

In the above chart, at place of birth, Moon is near the 4th house shows that he is a homely person, attached to the family and emotional. Moon is square to Pluto makes gives him mood swings and emotional outbursts. Moon is trine to Jupiter makes him a wealthy person as Jupiter is lord of 11th house. The planet Sun is on the 7th house gives him superb public image and he is seen as person with leadership skills. The planet Uranus is also close to 7th house above horizon. This gives him innovative nature. These planets get re-oriented depending upon the place he relocates.

After he became the President, he as usual got relocated to White House. See the chart and map for White house.

In the above chart you will see the planet Mars is far away. As you read further, you will see this planet Mars how it is placed in the relocated chart of Donald Trump for White House.

We all know America has been in the forefront when it comes to fighting wars. During the term of Obama, under his leadership massive Syria and Iran war began.

Let us look at the relocated chart of Obama for Syria.

Let us look at his relocated map for Damascus, Syria. You will see that the planet of war, Mars gets re-oriented near the Asc and thus makes him aggressive and giving him that fighting spirit. This same Mars in his birth chart was near the 7th house but far away. In the relocated chart for White house, this Mars was in the 5th house and thus dormant. We know the result of Syria War.

Now Let us look at Iran, where a huge war began under the leadership of Obama.

In the above chart/Map, you will see the planet Mars is very near the Asc as compared to his birth chart where it was in the 7th house but far way. If you compare the relocated charts of Syria and Iran, the planet Mars is more closer to Asc at Iran than Syria. We all know how the Iran war was fought.

Now let us look at Donald Trump the current President of USA.

In the above chart, planet Mars is near the Asc. It is 3 degrees away from the Asc. This makes him very aggressive as person though. The same Mars aspects the 7th house and we all know how his marital life has been. Mars disturbs the marital life and creates immense sexual urge in the person. We also know his interest in wrestling as a sport too.

After becoming the President, as usual all of these people get relocated to White house. The following are the relocated chart and map for white house.

Now, see for yourself the planet Mars. It is exactly on the Asc and very close degree-wise too. It goes over White house location. You compare this relocated map of Trump with the relocated map of Obama for White House. The planet Mars is on the 5th house in the case of Obama, whereas in the case of Trump it is on the cusp of Asc. Now you people can judge the behavioural differences between Obama and Trump. You will then surely come to conclusion that the behaviour of Trump is more aggressive AT THE WHITE HOUSE more than Obama.

Now we will see how will Donald Trump behave with Pakistan and North Korea. Following is the relocated chart of Trump for Pakistan.

In the above chart, the planet Mars is dormant and goes to the 8th house and very far away from Asc/7th house. So, in the case of Pakistan, though he may announce various sanctions against Pakistan, he will not stage a full-fledged war with them.

Now let us see the relocated chart of Trump for North Korea.

In the above chart you will see the planet Mars is exactly on the 7th house. If you compare the white house relocated chart and the North Korea, you will find the planet Mars shifts to the 7th house in North Korea vis-à-vis the Asc in the White house.

Hope you enjoyed reading my article. Stay connected with me on twitter @BSundar61 and @Jupiter_astro

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Faculty of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.
Date: 10th January, 2018
Time: 3.00 PM, Mumbai
Twitter: @BSundar61 and @Jupiter_astro

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    Sharad C Joshi
    Here you have explained in details why Trump is so aggressive by nature as well as with his policies for different countries. You have used ACG in a different way is good one. Also taken comparison with Obama is giving clear idea. Wishing you all the best. Sharad C Jodhi.

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