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As predicted by me earlier Uddhav’s becoming a Chief Minister has remained as a dream. Now let us analyse why Uddhav Thackeray is so adamant in giving support to BJP in Maharashtra.


In the above chart the lagna is Virgo 5 deg. The lord of the 7th house (alliance and partnership) Jupiter is in the 4th house is retrograde. This Jupiter is with Saturn (which is also retrograde) being lord of 6th house (disputes). This Jupiter is also aspected by Rahu from the 12th house and also Mars (lord of 3 & 8). So Jupiter is afflicted.

In transit Mars (lord of 3 & 8) is transiting over the natal Jupiter. Mars will not allow Uddhav to take decision. Further, transit Saturn is also aspecting natal Jupiter.



In the Varsha Kundali given below, The lagna rising is Cancer. The lord of the year is Moon in Cancer. It is in inimical aspect with Mars and Saturn. Moon is also aspected by Rahu and Ketu. As per the Patyayini dasha, the dasa is of Mars till October 27, 2014. Mars is in inimical aspect with the lord of the year Moon. The Muntha falls is Pisces and its lord Jupiter is with Sun and is combust. Muntha is in Rahu/Ketu axis and is 6/8 position with Saturn and Mars. So both Muntha and Munthesh is afflicted. The next dasa is of Jupiter (the Munthesh) which is also afflicted.

In the Tri-pathaki chakra, the lagna and Moon both are afflicted by Mars and Saturn.


It is very clear that Shiv Sena will not make a first move. This will cost him very dearly politically and his career will be at stake.


Sundar Balakrishnan

October 21, 2014

6.30 pm

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