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Today Mohanlal Khattar “began” taking oath on October 26, 2014 at 11.20 am at Panchkula, Haryana. Swearing in chart is a very important chart which tells a lot about the functioning of government, relationship with allies, longevity of government, etc.

Come let us see what the chart says. The below given is the chart of the swearing in Panchkula, Haryana at October 26, 2014 at 11.20 am at Haryana.



Positives in muhurtha:


1…The lagna rising is Sagittarius at 9:45:36 is a prishtodaya sign which is rising from the back. It is in dual sign and being in 9:45:36 degrees is to be taken as “Sthira” rasi.


2…The oath was taken when Anuradha nakshatra was rising. It is a delicate nakshatra. This is good for swearing in ceremony.


3…The tithi is shukla trithiya, a jaya tithi which is victorious.


4…The yoga is “saubhagya”, which is again good.






Negatives in muhurtha:


1…No benefics in Kendra and trikona. No malefic in 3, 6 or 11. Except that a debilitated sun and Saturn in 11th. Sun is debilitated and attains neechabanga being in conjunction with Venus. Venus is very close to Sun and thus combust. So his ministry is not likely to have any women ministers or we can say the participation of women ministers will be very nominal



2…In Simhasan chakra, Moon is in “Narapati” section. Moon is in Anuradha nakshatra which is ‘Aasan”. Moon in aasan and aspected by melefics destroys the king. Here Moon though not aspected by malefic is debilitated. Moon is aspected by Jupiter from 8th house. Moon has gone to 12th house. It is said that Moon when afflicted and in “aasan” destroys the king.


3…Lord of the 8th house of longevity Moon is debilitated. The lagna lord is in the 8th house in cancer is exalted. The dispositor Moon is debilitated. Moon though debilitated has attained “neecha bhanga” as the dispositor of Moon, Mars is in Lagna. But In the Navamsa Moon is heavily afflicted being aspected by Saturn, Mars and in Rahu/Ketu axis.



4…The Moon is “Ksheena” as it just came out of Amavasya. Moon will be stronger only from 6th tithi. Moon is very close to visha gati in Scorpio at 6:34:47. The visha gati in Scorpio is from 05:33:20 to 06:26:40. In “Pancha vargiya” bala Moon is of ordinary strength who has attained 7.59 ponits.


5…The lagna lord is in the 8th house and aspected by Ketu and Saturn. Jupiter’s dispositor Moon is debilitated and close to highest debilitation point.


6…The lord of the 7th house (which represents alliance partners) is Mercury and its is in the star of Moon which is debilitated. Mercury is also in also in Rahu/Ketu axis. Mercury also owns the 10th house which represents the government.


7…The lord of 8th house (represents longevity) is in the12th house.


8…The Saturn, which is planet of masses is in rashi sandhi, though exalted. Saturn is in vishaka nakshatra owned by Jupiter which is in the 8th house.


9…The Sun, which represents politics is debilitated (though attaining neecha bhanga being in conjunction with dispositor Venus). In Navamsa it is heavily afflicted aspected by Saturn, Rahu and Mars. Sun is very weak in “Pancha vargiya” bala which has attained just 4.10 points.



Since the “negatives” are more than “positives”, it will be a very big challenge for the Chief Minister to manage the affairs of the state. Managing the allies will be a big task. Since the 6th lord is combust, the CM will be troubled with Jat and non-Jat politics. The lord of 9th house (represents religion) ) Sun being weak, we can expect communal issues on rise in the  tenure of CM.







Sundar Balakrishnan

October 26, 2014

Mumbai, 12.00 noon


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