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As predicted there were border clashes between India and Pakistan. Read my article on I have now outlined what is likely to happen in India based on the Scorpio Ingress chart. Ingress chart is cast on a monthly basis based on the entry of Sun into various signs. On November 16, 2014 Sun will enter Scorpio at 17:52:56 at Delhi. Similarly, we will also analyse the Lunar chart for the month. The Lunar month starts at 18:02:52 at Delhi. We will also analyse the Solar return (varshaphal) chart of India Independence chart for 2014. I must reiterate that the configuration for border clashes with neighbouring countries is seen in the month of November 2014 period i:e. November 16, 2014 to December 16, 2014.

The following is the November 16, 2014 ingress chart for New Delhi.



New Moon chart:


Solar Return (Varshaphal) Chart:


Transits during the above period are as follows;

  • Mars transits from Sagittarius to Capricorn on November 27, 2014
  • Jupiter will turn retrograde on December 8, 2014
  • In the Solar ingress chart Mars will be in close conjunction with Pluto and square Hershel in Pisces.


Analysis of the above charts

Solar ingress chart:

The lagna rising is Taurus which is same as the India Independence chart. The ingress occurs on the 7th house (of foreign affairs, wars, trade partners, etc). The Moon, Venus and Lagna all three are in Mrityu bhaga. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Saturn are in Pushkaramsa. The lord of the 7th house Mars is in conjunction with Pluto in the 8th house and also square Hershel in Pisces.


New Moon chart:

In the new moon chart also the lagna rising is Taurus and the new moon occurs in the 7th house. So all that is said in the above Ingress chart remains status quo, but for the mrityu bhaga and pushkaramsa.


Solar return (Varshaphal) chart:

The planetary effects of solar return chart stays for the full year till the next solar return. In the solar return chart the lagna rising is Cancer, which is the 3rd house of India Independence chart. The “muntha” falls 6th house (of disputes, fights, border clashes, riots, strikes, epidemics, etc). The “Munthesh”(dispositor of Muntha) which is Jupiter is in lagna in 6/8 position from the Muntha. Jupiter though exalted, is aspected by Ketu, Saturn (which is along with Mars). The 7th house is aspected by Mars, Rahu and also Sun, Jupiter and Venus. This means that there will be border clashed ver often and it will also be resolved diplomatically by India. It can also be read as…..Even if there is war like situation, India will be at upper hand in dealing with Pakistan by giving them a befitting lesson. The lunar eclipse which occurred today i:e. October 8, 2014 fell on the 3rd house. But the eclipse was partial.



As the houses 3rd , 6th  and 7th houses gets afflicted (as same as in October 2014, Libra Ingress) the relationship with neighbouring countries are bound to get spoilt, terror strikes will be on rise, communal tensions, riots, labour trouble, relationship with foreign partners will be sour, etc.


Let us wait and watch, till then good bye !!!



Sundar Balakrishnan

Date: 8th October, 2014  

Time: 8 PM, Mumbai


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