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This is my second article after my recent article on Punjab Polls. The 17th Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly election will be held from February 11 to March 8 2017 in 7 phases. There are in all 403 seats and to win a clear majority the winning party should get 202 seats. We will study all the following charts with respect to transits as on February 11, 2017 as the first phase of poll begins on this date. This article is written from western astrology “Secondary Progressions”. The reason being my fellow friends have already written from Vedic astrology point of view. Uttar Pradesh has been witnessing turmoil even before elections. That’s politics all about. The elections will be in the month of Feb/March 2017. There are basically four political parties which are going to contest in the polls. These are Samajwadi Party (SP), BSP, Congress and BJP. Currently, SP is in power. Before elections there have been cracks within the party claiming supremacy. There is a dynasty war on who will be the President of the party and this war is between none other than between Father and the Son. While we discuss the about each of these main stream parties, we will also discuss on the possible finality on the tug of war between father and the son in SP. First we will see logically whether, there is a change of guard in UP by looking at the UP state chart and then look at each political party’s chart and the CM candidate charts.

Following is the UP state chart.UttarPradeshStateUttarPradesh

Uttar Pradesh chart – Progressed v/s Natal

To see whether the existing government will change, it will be seen by the aspect to the 10th house (MC), 10th lord, planets in the 10th house and position of progressed MC in the natal wrt progressed. We will analyse this from the progressed aspects to natal and also see which of these aspects are triggered by transits.
– The 10th house is Cancer 29 degrees 45. The Moon lord of MC itself is making a sextile aspect (benefic, denoting opportunity) to MC. This signifies that the existing government will also be called upon to claim the stake to form the government or it can even dictate terms in forming the future government. This can happen when the verdict of people is a hung one.
– The 10th lord is not aspected by any progressed planets within 1 degree orb.
– The planets in the 10th house is only Pluto at Leo 15 degrees 56. No aspects are formed to Pluto.
– The progressed MC is in the 12th house of natal chart, indicating a clear change.
It can be concluded that the existing government is in for change. Now we will see who is like to stake their claim.

First we will look at Samajwadi Party horoscope.

Samajwadi Party – Progressed v/s Natal

First let us see whether the current turmoil in the above horoscope of SP is getting explained. I know it is a “Post-mortem” analysis. Nevertheless understanding the principles behind is always welcome. The instability of the existing government is seen from the 10th house of the chart, planets in the tenth house and planets aspecting the 10th house. Let us study the aspects between the progressed planets and natal.

In the above chart following are the aspects;
– To the 10th house are;
o The progressed Moon is sextile (benefic aspect) to the 10th house (MC). Though it is a separating one with 3.34 degrees (3 months approx.). In the month of February or before the fight will be sorted out as the transit Mercury at Aquarius 5 degrees 25 (in the 10th house, lord of 6, 7 and 9 of the natal chart) is forming trine to natal MC which is Libra 7 degrees 11. The transit Venus and Mars are forming opposition (adverse aspect) from Aries. Transit Neptune and South node are forming quincunx (adverse aspect) from the sign Pisces (from the natal 3rd house). The progressed Moon at Sagittarius 10 degrees 46 is forming “T” square (adverse) with transit North/South nodes and square (adverse) with transit Neptune. Progressed Moon is also forming trine with transit Venus and Mars. In the above, the natal 10th house is having one benefic aspect v/s 4 adverse aspect. In the case of Progressed Moon, having 2 adverse and 2 benefic aspects. So, overall it’s a predominance of malefic aspects.
– Lord of 10th house Venus.
o Progressed Saturn is forming square (adverse) aspect to natal Venus. Natal Venus is quincunx (adverse) to transit Venus and Mars from Aries. Natal Venus is also trine (benefic) to transit Neptune and south node from Pisces. It is square (adverse) to transit Mercury from Aquarius. The progressed Saturn in Aquarius is conjunct (benefic) transit Mercury. Similarly, it is sextile (benefic) to transit Venus and Mars from sign Aries. Here there is predominance of benefic aspects over the malefic.
– Planets in the natal 10th house are Sun and Mercury.
o There are no progressed aspects to natal Mercury. However, the natal Sun has all benefic aspects such as progressed Moon sextile to Sun, progressed Venus sextile to Sun and progressed Saturn trine to Sun. Now, let us look at transit to natal Sun. Here, transit Venus and Mars are sextile to Sun. Transit Mercury in Aquarius is trine to natal Sun. Similarly, progressed Saturn in Aquarius is conjunct (benefic) transit Mercury. Similarly, it is sextile (benefic) to transit Venus and Mars from sign Aries. Therefore, here again there is predominance of benefic aspects.
– So overall between the natal 10th house, lord of 10th house and planets in the 10th house, are having predominance of benefic aspects. This shows that before the elections the dispute between the father and the Son will get settled. This also shows that Samajwadi Party will be a serious contender in the upcoming UP state elections and it cannot be written off for sure.

Now let us look at Akhilesh Yadav’s horoscope.

Akhilesh Yadav – Progressed V/s Natal

In the above chart progressed v/s natal let us see the aspects to 10th house, lord of 10th house and planets in the 10th house. The progressed Moon is forming following aspects with 1 to 2 degrees (1 to 2 months).
– Progressed Moon is making quincunx (adverse) to natal moon in the 10th house. The transit Sun in Aquarius at 22 degrees 27 is activating the quincunx.
– The 10th house lord is Mercury. It is in the 11th house in Leo at 2 degrees 12. The progressed Mercury is conjunct natal Mercury. The progressed Pluto (surprise) is sextile (benefic) to Mercury. The transit Venus in Aries is trine (benefic) to natal Mercury and transit Mercury is in opposition to natal Mercury too. The transit Mercury in Aquarius in is trine to progressed Pluto in Libra. Pluto gives surprise and it will give a fresh start after destroying the old.

So the 10th house is very strong. So, Akhilesh is certainly strong and he will surely replace his father Mulayam Singh in the near future. There is no doubt about it. This also reiterates that Akhilesh will certainly be a serious contender on behalf of Samajwadi Party. Since progressed Pluto is making a trine aspect Akhilesh will get opportunity (sextile) to make a fresh beginning.

Now let us look at Bahujan Samaj Party led by Mayawati.

Bahujan Samaj Party – Progressed V/s Natal


In the above progressed v/s natal chart, let us look at the 10th house, lord of 10th and planets in the 10th house.
– The 10th house is Aries 22 degrees 45. The progressed Moon is making a trine (benefic) aspect to the 10th house with 1 degree 45 mn applying aspect. This translates to approx 1.45 months from February 11, 2017. This is no doubt a good aspect. The transit Uranus in Aries at 21 degrees 21 is closely conjunct the natal 10th house and activates it. This shows a picture that can emerge which will surprise every one. Uranus is something that happens sudden and gives surprise.
– The 10th lord is Mercury at Taurus 6 degrees 24. The progressed Moon is making a sesquiquadrate (adverse) aspect to natal Mercury. The transit Mercury in Aquarius at 5 degrees 25 is making a square (adverse) aspect to natal Mercury. This is not good. The progressed Moon is at Sagittarius 20 degrees 56. There are several planets like transit Moon (from Leo), Uranus (from Aries) and Sun (from Aquarius) are making benefic aspects to progressed Moon. But, the malefic aspect to natal Mercury will prevail.
– So as a political party, the Bahujan Samaj Party is also some what a contender but not a serious one.

Now let us look at the chart of Mayawati.

Mayawati – Progressed V/s Natal


Let us look at the 10th house parameters as usual.
– The 10th house is at Sagittarius 2 degrees 50. The progressed Saturn is closely conjunct (adverse) to the natal 10th house. The transit Rahu/Ketu are making “T” square (adverse) to natal 10th house. The transit Mercury in Aquarius is making a sextile (benefic) aspect. Transit Venus in Aries is making a trine (benefic) aspect. So over all benefic and malefic aspects get nullified. The “T” square is of very high malefic nature and long lasting because of slow moving nodes. Mercury and Venus are fast moving planets and stays for only few days of 2 to 3 days. So overall malefic aspect prevails.
– The 10th lord is Jupiter in Virgo at 0 degrees 16. The progressed Neptune is making a sextile (benefic) to natal Jupiter. The transit Rahu/Ketu (both malefic) are in conjunction/opposition to natal Jupiter. The transit Mercury in Aquarius is making quincunx (adverse) to natal Jupiter. Similarly, the progressed Neptune in Libra 29 degrees 25 is at the critical degree. The transit Jupiter is conjunct at Libra and transit Saturn is sextile. Since, the transit to natal will prevail, the overall aspect to the 10th lord Jupiter is malecfic.
– Based on the above analysis, it is clear that Mayawati is not a serious contender and will not be able to create a significant mark in the final tally.

Now let us look at Bharatiya Janata Party.

In the case of BJP, they have not announced any CM candidate and hence, their analysis will be limited to the extent of analysing the party chart.


Bharatiya Janata Party – Progressed v/s Natal


Here again let us look at the 10th house parameters.
– The 10th house is at Aries 6 degrees 10. There is no progressed aspect to the 10th house. However, there are aspects from transiting planets to the 10th house. These are Venus is conjunct (benefic), Mars is conjunct (benefic and its own house), Mercury in Aquarius is sextile (benefic), and Rahu is quincunx (adverse). So there is a predominance of benefic aspects. So it’s a good sign.
– The lord of 10th house is Mars in Leo at 25 degrees 52. Progressed Rahu is conjunct natal Mars. This is activated by conjunction of transit Moon conjunct Mars, Uranus in Aries is trine (benfic) aspect, Sun is in opposition (malefic), Jupiter in Libra is sextile (benefic) and Saturn is trine (benefic) aspect. Here again the transiting planets are making predominantly benefic aspects.
– There is Sun in the 10th house. The progressed Jupiter (representing communal and religion) in Virgo (in crtical degree) is sesquiquadrate (adverse). This signifies that BJP’s indulgence in communalism and religion sops will be very evident and will back fire them. This aspect is getting excited by transit Uranus in Aries is conjunct (adverse, denoting surprises too), Mars is conjunct (benefic, as its in own house with diginity and Sun is too exalted in Aries), Sun in Aquarius is sextile (benefic) aspect, Pluto in Capricorn is square (adverse, may affect negatively, Pluto is lord of 5th house). The 5th house signifies the followers. Hence few of its members will deflect and go against the top leadership of UP. The overall excitement by transit planets to progressed aspects is getting nullified. Though the individual effects will certainly have some impact.
– So overall the 10th house is getting fortified.
– This means that BJP is one of the front runner along with SP, so far and BJP stands in the 3rd place.

Now let us look at Congress Party.

In the case of Congress, they have announced Sheila Dixit as their CM candidate. We should be aware that there is likely to be alliance with SP in the near future. In this respect we will also look at the 7th house (as it signifies allies) in addition to the 10th house. Let us look at the party chart first.


Congress – Progressed V/s Natal

Let us look at the 10th house parameters.
– The 10th house is at Capricorn 05 degrees 45. The progressed Rahu is square (adverse) to the 10th house. The transit Rahu from Virgo is forming trine (benefic) aspect, Venus and Mars in Aries forming square (adverse) asoect, Neptune is forming sextile (benefic) aspect, Here the square aspect of Mars is very strong with its square aspect. Venus the lord of 7th house (allies, in this case SP) is firming square. This denotes that the alliance will not work for the objective for which it is being done. There will be cracks within their alliance because of the square aspect. So, overall the 10th house is not all that strong with mixed aspects and predominance of malefic aspects. The planet Neptune giving its sextile (opportunity) aspect from the progressed 7th house will give them the opportunity to even tie up with other political parties.
– The progressed Moon at Pisces 27 degrees 51 is also getting afflicted by square (adverse) aspect of Saturn from Sagittarius. Transit Jupiter from Libra is forming sesquiquadrate (adverse) aspect.
– The lord of 10th house is Saturn. Progressed Moon is forming quincunx (adverse) aspect to natal Saturn. The natal Saturn is afflicted by transit Rahu in Virgo is conjunct (malefic), by transit Venus in Aries is quincunx (adverse), and transit Mercury in Aquarius is quincunx (adverse). So the 10th lord is also heavily afflicted.
– Planets Venus in Capricorn at 06 degrees 44 and Sun in Capricorn at 11 degrees 30 are there in the 10th house. The progressed Rahu is forming square to natal Venus. The transit Rahu/Ketu are forming trine/sextile (adverse) aspect to natal Venus. Similarly, transit Neptune is making sextile, transit Venus and Mars in Aries are forming square (adverse) aspects. So here the square aspect of Venus and Mars (in own house) are very strong. Since Sun is also in Capricorn, the aspects from transit planets as mentioned for Venus is the same. So overall the Sun and Venus in natal 10th house are afflicted by transit planets as mentioned above.
– So overall not a promising chart for Congress. This will take Congress to the last position in terms of final tally among the main contenders. Actually, looking at Sheila Dixit chart has no relevance as the party chart is showing a dismal picture. However, let us look at it from academic point of view.

Now let us look at the chart of Sheila Dixit.

Sheila Dixit – Progressed V/s Natal.


The 10th house analysis are as follows;
– The natal 10th house is at Aries 17 degrees 15. Progressed Saturn is conjunct (adverse) aspect. Moreover, the progressed Saturn is debilitated in Aries. Giving a negative effect. Transit Uranus is conjunct (adverse, will work negatively as Saturn is also afflicted there). Transit Sun in Aquarius is sextile (benefic) and transit Pluto in Capricorn is square (adverse and very damaging negatively). So the 10th house is afflicted very heavily.
– The 10th lord is Mars is in Taurus at 13 degrees 35. There are no progressed aspects to natal Mars. However, transit Pluto in Capricorn is forming trine (benefic) and transit Neptune in Pisces is forming sextile (benefic). These transit beneficial aspects will have benefic effect. There can be surprises.
– The planets in the 10th house are Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Mars. We have already discussed about natal Mars above. In the case of natal Venus, progressed Moon is forming sextile (adverse) aspect. The transit Uranus is conjunct (benefic and is activating the sextile aspect. Here the Uranus is lord of 8th house, which signifies that Congress will have to be generous in terms of its seat sharing as far as its alliance partners are concerned. The 8th house is the wealth giving house of allies. Transit Sun in Aquarius is sextile to natal Venus. Transit Saturn in Sagittarius is trine to natal Venus. So Venus here gets fortified. The natal Mercury is in Aries 28 degrees 33. The progressed Pluto and Venus are forming squares, rendering Mercury weak. Transit Uranus is conjunct (adverse), transit Saturn is trine (benefic), and transit Jupiter is in opposition (adverse). So two adverse aspect v/s one benefic. So Mercury is not having strength. The Uranus is in Taurus at 11 degrees 46. There are no progressed aspects to natal Uranus. Transit Neptune is forming sextile (benefic) to natal Uranus and transit Mercury is forming square (adverse).
– So overall all the parameters generally are afflicted except for natal Venus.

This brings to the end of my so far lengthy article on Uttar Pradesh polls 2017. Now let us get to conclude the above analysis based on the above.


1. In the order of tally of final number of seats BJP stands first, then, comes SP, BSP and Congress.
2. In all likelyhood the dispute within the Samajwadi Party will be settled. When that happens, then SP will be a more serious contender along with BJP.
3. It is quite likely that in case BJP is short of majority then it will have to form a coalition government along with SP. So SP cannot be written off for sure.
4. The alliance between SP and Congress will not be beneficial as is been seen in Congress Party chart.
5. Congress will cut a sorry figure and relegated to the 4th position after BSP.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharada
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Faculty of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.
Date: 6th January, 2017
Time: 12.00 noon, Mumbai

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    Dinesh R Tiwari
    Good learning

    K G Chari
    A good analysis. Would like to wait and watch the final results on March 11th.

      Sundar Balakrishnan
      Already few have already few events have already occurred like death of Om Puri, Accidents in rail sector, scam in sports (IOA appointments), etc.

    will there be any change in the predictions after 16th due to decisions by EC

      Sundar Balakrishnan
      My predictions never change. My predictions are always done in advance.

    Jani Mehul
    learn many thing

    deepak jain
    .. What if Your Predictions go wrong..

    Dear Sundar. Your prediction of BJP "s level of success did not exactly work had said BJP will have to form a coalition but they won with absolute come you missed such a massive win of B zJ P ?

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