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2016 has passed quite fast. Feelings are mixed. Many had several expectations from the government and on the other hand many felt that their expectations were met in toto. Now let us see what is in store for 2017. We will also witness the yearly budget in the month of February 2017. Many of the events those have occurred from December 21, 2016 till today are very clearly explained by way of aspects in the following analysis. The analysis will be done by Ingress chart when Sun entered the sign Capricorn. In mundane astrology the Sun’s ingresses to four cardinal signs has a lot of importance. These are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. When in Aries ingress a fixed sign rises, then the effect of that Ingress chart is for full year. When a common sign rises then the effect is there for 6 months. When a cardinal sign rises the effect is for 3 months. The Aries ingress for 2016 was with Gemini rising and hence the effect of the Aries ingress chart was there only for 6 months. Now we will look at Capricorn ingress chart. The Sun entered Capricorn on December 21, 2016 at 4.06 PM at Delhi. This chart will be taken as base for prediction for next quarter up to Aries ingress i.e: up to 20/21st March, 2017. I have not used the subsidiary new moon charts as the article will be too lengthy. The Capricorn Ingress chart is given below;


The ingress falls in the 7th house. The 7th house denotes foreign affairs, relationship with them, political allies to government, etc. This theme of foreign affairs and our relationship with our allies will be in the forefront. The following are the main aspects.

Aspects to the Sun in the 7th house lord of 4th house

1. Sun is conjunct (adverse aspect) Saturn (lord of 8 and 9).

The 7th house signifies Foreign affairs; relations with other countries, whether friendly or hostile, political or commercial, war, etc.

The 4th house signifies Land, the owners of it and the workers on it. The crops and produce of the land. Mines, buildings. The opposition in Parliament. A malefic in this house may afflict the government through its opposition to the 10th House.

The 8th house signifies Public mortality, death-rate, kinds of people who die. Death duties, financial relations with foreign countries, mass deaths, obstacles of every nature, all kinds of taxes, etc.

The 9th house signifies Shipping, sea traffic, the aeroplane industry and long distance traffic generally, whether connected with passengers or commerce. Long distance or international communications. Religion, the churches, preachers. Law courts. Universities, professors, philosophical and scientific institutions and publications.

Saturn is lord of 8th an adverse house. Sun and Saturn are by nature hostile to each other. Since, Sun is conjunct with Saturn as stated above. Due to this the relations with our foreign allies and/or agreements between our allies will affect us negatively. The move by the government in appointment of people at high places in Judiciary (9th house) will be criticised.

Since Rahu is in the 4th house (opposition parties) and it is conjunct Saturn, the parliament sessions will not function properly.

2. Sun is sextile (benefic) to Mars in 10th house.

The 10th house signifies thepresident, the government, people in authority. Eminent and famous persons. Power and status of government.

Since, Sun is in sextile (an benefic aspect) there will be some opportunity for the government to sign some agreements related to nuclear, defence, etc with our foreign allies. Mars signifies nuclear, defence, army, military, navy, etc.

Aspects to Mercury in the 8th house, lord of Asc and 5th house.
(In the case of Mercury above all the above aspects are of adverse nature.)

1. Mercury lord of Asc and lord of 5th house (Mercury is the planet of all forms of communications) is in the 8th house and is conjunct (adverse) Pluto (lord of 6).

The Asc signifies the country and its inhabitants as a whole; its general condition of prosperity and health or the reverse.

The 5th house signifies theatres, public houses, all places of amusement, entertainment and pleasure, children, Sports, speculation, gambling. Stock exchanges, etc.

The 6th house signifies Public health or sickness. Epidemics. The health service. The national services: army, navy and Civil Service as servants of the country. Workers and employees generally. Trade unions.

Since the lord of Asc and 5th house is in the adverse 8th house, the people will be subjected to additional taxes (8th house). There will be deaths due to terror strikes, bomb blasts, riots. Since it is conjunct with Pluto its impact will be huge. The stock exchanges will see a huge volatility and could see a decline. There will be fear of epidemics (6th house). Appointments to high offices of army, military, navy will face criticism. There will be scams in the sports and entertainment industry. Some famous people from entertainment, sports industry, etc will expire.

Since, planet Mercury represents all forms of communication and transportation, the adverse aspect to Pluto will result in accidents in the transportation industry. Transportation covers all forms of communication through air, sea and land.

2. Mercury is square (adverse) Uranus (in 11th, lord 10th);

Mercury is lord of Asc and 5th house. The significations for these houses are given above.

The 11th house signifies Parliament, town and County Councils and similar bodies. Friends of the nation. Legislations.

The government will bring in legislations (11th house) which will affect adversely the lives of common people (Asc). These can be in the form of higher tax burden too. It will also bring in legislations which will negatively impact the sports, entertainment and stock exchanges.

Mercury is a planet of communications, agreements, treaties, etc. The government move to enter into agreements with its friendly nations will be viewed negatively. These agreements can be with respect to high end technology like nuclear and defence deals.

3. Mercury is square (adverse) to Jupiter (in 5, lord of 7).

The effect will be same as mentioned in point no 2 above under Mercury and also point no 1 above under the Sun.

Aspects to Venus is in the 9th house, lord of 12th house.
(In the case of Venus out of 5 aspects, 4 aspects are of benefic nature. So overall Venus will deliver positive results).

1. Venus is conjunct MC,

The 12th house signifies Prisons, reformatories, criminals, spies, secret enemies of the country at home or abroad. Hospitals, asylums, institutions for those who are weak, infirm, or in need of charity.

There will be secret plot against the government and people at high places by some elements like foreign spies (12th house).

2. Venus trine (benefic) to Asc and sextile to Uranus (in 11th, lord of 10th)
The government’s initiatives on Judiciary, transportation, airlines, etc (9th house) will benefit the common man (Asc).

The government will get the opportunity (sextile aspect) to enter into agreements with its foreign allies regarding sectors connected with transportation sectors like airlines, shipping, etc.

3. Venus is sextile (benefic) to Saturn (lord of 8 and 9),

The government will look at opportunities for taxing transportation, airlines, etc. It could also amend the tax treaties with other nations.

4. Venus is trine (benefic) to Jupiter (in the 5th, lord of 7th).
The effect will be same as mentioned in point no 2 above under Mercury and also the stock market (5th house) will also be performing well at times.

Aspects to Mars is in the 10th house.
(All the aspects to Mars are of malefic nature. Hence negative effects will be there).

1. Mars in the 10th house is in conjunction with 10th house,
The government will be stubborn in its policies and leave no stone unturned to get acts passed without the consent of parliament. Many of its enactments will be by ordinance route.

2. Mars is opposition (adverse) to Rahu in 4th house
The government and opposition (4th house) will be at loggerheads resulting in stoppage of important bills. There will be frequent disruptions in parliament. The Rahu in the 4th signifies secret move by the opposition against the government.

3. Mars is conjunct Neptune (lord of 11th)
Same as mentioned above in point no 1 under Mars.

Aspects to Jupiter in the 5th house lord of 7th house.

1. Jupiter is trine (benefic) to MC,
The dealings with our foreign allies will benefit the nation. The stock exchanges will welcome moves of the government’s initiatives.

2. Jupiter is square (adverse) to Pluto (lord of 6),
The effect will be same as mentioned in point no 2 above under Mercury and also point no 1 above under the Sun.

3. Jupiter is opposition (adverse) to Uranus (in 11th, lord 10th),
The effect will be same as mentioned in point no 2 above under Mercury and also point no 1 above under the Sun.

4. Jupiter is sextile (benefic) to Saturn (lord of 8 and 9).
The government will mull taxing (8th house) the stock exchanges (5th house), amend double taxation treaties (7th house) so as to get additional taxes.

Aspects to Saturn in 7th house lord of 8 and 9.

1. Saturn is sextile (benefic) to MC,
Same as mentioned above in point no 4 under Jupiter.

2. Saturn is opposition (adverse) to Asc,
There will be some additional taxes those will adversely affect the common people. People will be critical of the agreements with our foreign allies.
3. Saturn is trine (benefic) to Uranus (in 11th, lord 10th).
The government’s move of taxing (8th house) and amend double taxation treaties (7th house) so as to get additional taxes and income (11th house).

Aspects to Uranus in the 11th house lord of 10th house.

1. Uranus in the 11th lord of 10th house, is sextile (benefic) to MC,
The legislations (11th house) in the high technology areas (Uranus) will be looked at by the government.

2. Uranus is square (adverse) to Pluto (lord of 6).
The legislations (11th house) by the government (10th house) will prove to be adverse. This move will be in the area of nuclear, defence, etc (Pluto and 6th house).

Aspects to Neptune in 10th house lord of 11th house.

1. Neptune in the 10th, lord of 11th house is square (adverse) to Asc,
The legislations of the government will affect adversely the common people (Asc).

2. Neptune is in opposition (adverse) to Rahu in the 4th house.
The government and opposition will be at loggerheads and will not allow the parliament function.

1. The first quarter of 2017 will centre around agreements and relations with the our allies as the Sun ingress falls in the 7th house. Some of these agreements will be viewed critically by the people. This will be especially in the light of new relationship brewing between USA and USSR. India will be at loss with China and Pakistan getting together on many of the issues. The relationship with China/Pakistan will turn more worse. These agreements will be with respect to defence, nuclear deals, etc as the 7th lord Jupiter is forming square to Pluto.
2. Since there is adverse aspect formed by Pluto and Uranus to Asc lord Mercury, one cannot rule out terror attacks resulting in huge loss of lives.
3. The stock exchanges will be very volatile as the 5th lord Mercury is forming adverse aspect with Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter.
4. Mercury forming adverse aspect to Pluto will result in accidents in the transportation sectors (air, land and sea).
5. In the ensuing Finacial budget, common man will have to bear the burden of additional taxes.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com, MBA (NMIMS, Mumbai)
2 year Jyotirvid and 3 year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (BVB))
December 31, 2016
Mumbai, 1.00 PM

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    Ahmad Bakhsh Awan
    Most comprehensive interpretations in respect to the mundane Astrology and predictions for a biggest county! I'm thankful to Respected Sundar Balakrishnan Ji ... ? I have been once guided by His Excellency and that was a great privilege actually!

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