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Let’s see what is in store for Sonia Gandhi. The date IF IT IS CORRECT there is all possibility that Sonia Gandhi is in for a great trouble. These data is taken from Astrodientist with Rodden rating AA.

The chart will be analysed from Vimshottari dasa, Kalachakra Dasa and Jaimini Chara dasa.

Sonia Gandhi: The birth data is as per the chart attached.

She is Cancer asc and Gemini rashi. The asc lord moon is in the 12th house. Moon is in papakartari yoga and aspected by mars from the 6th house. Jupiter also aspects moon which is a saving grace.

Vimshotari dasa………She is now going through the dasa of Ketu/Moon from July 2014 till Feb 2015. Moon is in the 8th house from the dasa nath and dasa nath is also under sade sathi. Moon is in the 12th house and heavily afflicted.

Kalachakra dasa……….The deha sign is cancer and jiva sign is Pisces. This is as per the S. M. Singh method and the dasa calculation is as per JHora 7.66. She is now going through Leo / Virgo from March 2014 to Sept 2014. The Sun lord of Leo is in the sign scorpio in the clutches of rahu/ketu and in papakartari yoga between ketu and mars. The bukhti is virgo which is heavily afflicted by aspect of Saturn and rahu. Saturn is the lord of 8th and rahu is also the part lord of 8th aspecting from 11th house (a badhaka). The sign lord mercury is with lord of 12th house sun and also in rahu/ketu axis. These configurations show bad period and she will have lot of trouble with respect to court cases, health issues, confinement, etc. The court case is likely to go against her.

Jaimini Chara dasa……….She is going through Virgo/Aries dasa from dec 2013 to Oct 2014. From Aries, the AK Sun is in 8th house alongwith GK Mercury afflicted by ketu and Saturn. Here Saturn is MK which is representative of real estate (National Herald case). Karakamsha lagna is Aquarius from where AK is placed with GK and aspected by MK from 6th house.

The recent eclipse occurred in 4/10 axis. To conclude Sonia Gandhi is in for a very big trouble. Let’s see how the planetary positions play their role.


Sundar Balakrishnan

Mumbai, August 7, 2014

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