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Just switched on TV and came to know the unrest in Libiya. I immediately scanned through the book of world horoscopes and found the chart of Libiya Independence. It was on Dec 24,1951 at 00.00 hrs at Tripoli, Libiya, Lat 32N54 and Long 13E11.

The chart attached is a sayana chart. The sayana chart always gives you the real picture and it is read with respect to the transit of planets v/s the natal planets.

The asc rising is virgo 17-05 with two malefics mars and saturn in 2nd house. Mars is at 16-26 Libra and saturn at 14-05 Libra. In transit Herschel is exactly in opposition in Aries at 16-29. Herschel is in 8th house of death and afflicting the 2nd house of death. Since Herschel is a slow moving planet the effect is going to remain for a long time. Herschel is also form a quncunx aspect to the asc. Heerschel is also forming quncunx to natal venus in scorpio. Further, Pluto is also squaring with a orb of 6 deg from capricorn. Pluto is at 11-41 in capricorn and retrograde. Pluto is also squaring jupiter (planet of religion) in aries. Rahu in transit is also nearing the natal mars and saturn in 2nd house. The transit pluto is also in exact opposition to natal herschel (part lord of 6th house, aquarius). So all transit malefic planets forming deadly configuration to natal planets. 

So western aspects to natal aspect also works wonders in predicting the mundane events. More write up will follow on this as and when i discover.

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