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The Jharkhand State election results will be declared on December 23, 2019. There are 81 seats in total. In the year 2014, BJP won 43 seats. Based on the analysis below, it is expected that his party BJP will get lesser number of seats as compared to previous results. The results could be fractured one.

Its been quite a long time since I have written article for my website. Though, I do not write detailed article for my website, I tweet quite often on important events. You can follow me on my twitter @jupiter_astro or send me request to add to my FB astrology group “Jupiter Astro”. I have been busy with MA Sanskrit exams. Now that my 3rd semester is over, I am comparatively free. My detailed articles will start appearing from June 2020, when I will complete the whole MA Sanskrit course. As I had some free time, I was thinking of writing some article one of my astro friend sent me birth details of Raghubar Das. I decided to write on him as he is the current CM of Jharkhand. The Jharkhand State election results will be declared on December 23, 2019. He has been holding on to his position for many years. Let us analyse his birth chart.

The Asc rising is Leo. There are many Raja yogas in his chart.
– The aspect of 5th lord Jupiter from 11th house on 7th lord Saturn (retro) in the 3rd house. Saturn is exalted. The lord of 6th and 7th lord Saturn retro is slightly weak.
– The 10th lord Venus is exalted in the 8th house.
– The conjunction of 2nd and 11th lord Mercury and yoga karak Mars in the 10th house is too good. Mars is debilitated in D9, but exalted in D3.
– Asc lord Sun exalted in the 9th house. Sun is in own house in D3

The dasa is of Saturn/Mars/ Saturn from December 17, 2019 to February 19, 2020. The dasa lord Saturn (retro) is in the 3rd house in the birth chart. Its transiting in the 5th house in Sagittarius along with Jupiter, Sun and Ketu. Saturn in transit is having good placement. The conjunction of 5th lord Jupiter, Asc lord Sun and 7th lord Saturn in the 5th house in transit in Sagittarius is good.

The antara lord Mars in the birth chart is in the 10th house having directional strength along with Mercury lord of 2nd and 11th. Mars is debilitated in the D9, but exalted in D3. In transit, Mars is in the 3rd house Libra along with Moon the 12th lord and aspected by Rahu. The transit of antara lord Mars in benefic upachaya 3rd house and afflicted is slightly weak.

In Ashtakavarga, the dasa lords Saturn in Sagittarius is having 22 points in SAV. The BAV of Saturn has only 2 points contributed by Saturn and Mercury. Saturn in transit is at 26 deg 15 in the Kakshya of Lagna, which has not contributed any points in the BAV. Similarly, Mars is transiting in Libra having 30 points in its SAV. Mars has 4 points in BAV. The 4 points are contributed by Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Lagna. Mars in Libra at 28 deg 26 is transiting in the kakshya of Lagna. Mars transit in Libra is good. As said earlier its transit in Libra in 3rd is of middling nature.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com, MBA (NMIMS, Mumbai)
2 year Jyotirvid and 3 year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (BVB))
Faculty of Astrology at BVB, Mumbai
December 15, 2019
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India at 6.30 AM

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    Sir BJP actually got 37 and engineered defection of 6 MLA's from JVM to make it 43. So will they get below 37 this time ?

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