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This is my fourth article on Modi. The first article was written on December 24, 2015 The second article was written on June 10, 2016 The third article was written on August 1, 2016 Every prediction those were written in the previous articles have almost come true like reshuffling of his cabinet, threat to his life, etc.

Now let us study his horoscope especially with two major happenings like India Pakistan relationships which is worst ever after 2003 and announcement regarding the Demonetisation on November 8, 2016. The idea behind writing this article is not to analyse the effect of the past but to read what are likely in the next year 2017. This will be studied by using Vedic and Western method of secondary progressions.

Vedic Chart analysis

The Ascendant (Asc)/Lagna rising is 16 Scorpio 19. The main features of the above horoscope are…

– Moon is in neecha but attaining neechabhanga.
– Three planets namely Sun, Mercury and Mars are in rashi sandhi.
– Mercury (retrograde) and Sun are in critical/malefic degrees called “Visha Ghati”.
– Mercury is the 22nd drekkana from the Moon. This is supposed to be most malefic especially when it is afflicted. Here Mercury is with Rahu/Ketu and combust with Sun.
– Mercury is in the “Pratyak” tara which gives Obstacles.
– Mercury is the AK (Atmakaraka) representing self.

Now he is going through the dasa of Moon and Antara of retrograde Mercury from October 2016 till March 2018. Mercury is in a critical degree known as “Visha Ghati”. It is combust too being too close to Sun. When he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat in October, 2001 that time too he was going through Venus/Mercury. Though he became CM, He got embroiled in the Gujarat riots in 2002. This period till March 2018 is going to be very critical. He will face health issues as Mercury is lord of 8th house and it is also AK (Atmakaraka). Mercury signifies all sorts of communications, announcements, documentations, etc. He will get into issues with respect to past and future documentations of all sorts. Mercury represents speech. He needs to be careful while giving his speeches as it can get him into trouble. Mercury is lord of 11th. The 11th house signifies his close friends and allies. Since, Mercury is afflicted his own near and dear friends and allies will desert him.

Now let us see, how it is reflected in the western chart by using Secondary Progressions. The charts are given below.

Natal Chart

Natal V/s Progressed chart


In the above chart the Progressed Sun at 29 Scorpio 35. It is at critical degree being at the end of the sign. Soon it will progress to Sagittarius which shows that he will be more philosophical, fiery (Sagittarius being fiery element) and his travels will increase. This Sun is square (90 degrees, adverse aspect) to natal Jupiter. The progressed Sun is also square to progressed Jupiter in the Lagna lord of 11th (the 11th house signifies near and dear friends and allies). Jupiter in natal chart is lord of Lagna. Lagna represents the body and self. Since it is square (adverse aspect) his health needs care and there could be threat to his life too. Jupiter represents legal matters. He will get into legal disputes. The Jupiter represents religion, caste, communalism, etc. Since there is adverse aspect from progressed Sun to natal Jupiter, his election speeches will be more of communal and it will flare up and end up in controversies. Jupiter represents monetary matters. Since, Jupiter is in adverse aspect, he is likely to get embroiled in some bribery case too (This is especially in the case of recent allegations by some sections of opposition on the Sahara/Birla diary gate). The progressed Jupiter is also at critical degree at 29 Aquarius 00. The progressed 10th house cusp is at 25 Scorpio 35 and it is conjunct natal Mars at 24 Scorpio 08. His style of working will be more aggressive and this aggressive behaviour likely to lead him into trouble.

Based on the above, we can summarise as follows for the period till end of 2017;
– His health needs care and threat to his life continues
– He will get into legal trouble
– He needs to be extra careful in his speeches or else he will land into controversies.
– Since Jupiter is afflicted, he in his election speeches should be careful as it will turn more communal and flare up too.
– He will get into trouble with respect some bribery matters (Sahara/Birla diary gate)
– Since progressed 10th house (profession) is conjunct natal Mars, his actions will be swift and it will lead him into trouble. He needs to exercise restraint.
– His own near and dear friends and allies will desert him.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharada
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Faculty of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.
Date: 25th November, 2016
Time: 1.30 PM, Mumbai

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    विजयानंद रत्‍नाकर पाटील, अध्‍यक्ष, एस्‍ट्रोव्हिजन कोल्‍हापूर
    बहुतही सुंदर लेख ।

    Mohan Kotyankar
    Let us hope all his decisions and actions are for the benefit of common man and for the country. Let us wish him good luck in his future endeavours.

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