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Today Devendra Fadnavis “began” taking oath on October 31, 2014 at 4:26 pm at Mumbai, Maharashtra. Swearing in chart is a very important chart which tells a lot about the functioning of government, relationship with allies, longevity of government, etc.

Come let us see what the chart says. The below given is the chart of the swearing in at Mumbai, Maharashtra on October 31, 2014 at 4:26 pm.





  1. The lagna being at Pisces 14 deg 15 is tilted more towards “Fixed” lagna which is good for oath taking.
  2. Friday coupled with nakshatras like Ashwini, Punarvasu, Anuradha, Shravana and Revati is a “sarva siddhi yoga”.
  3. Vaara is Friday is good.



  1. The Lagna rising is Ubhayodaya which is of average standard.
  2. The day is Friday ruled by Venus is good, which is the 3rd and 8th lord in the chart which is combust.
  3. The tithi is Shukla ashtami, tithi not good for oath taking.
  4. Nakshatra is “Shravan” a “moveable” nakshatra and also “Urdhvamukh” one.
  5. Yoga is “Ganda” which is not good. Of the 27 yogas, the yogas like Vishkumbha, Atiganda, Shula, Ganda, Vyaghatha, Vajra, Vyatipatha, Parigha and Vaidhriti are inauspicious).



Planetary positions:

Now let us see the planetary position of the chart.



  1. The lagna lord is Jupiter exalted in the 5th house.
  2. Jupiter is also lord of 10th (government). So all those analysis which stands for Lagna lord Jupiter also holds good for 10th house.
  3. Moon the 5th lord (education, entertainment, sports etc) is in itthasala with Jupiter (the 1 and 10). So this government will give priority to education, entertainment, sports, etc.
  4. Jupiter is aspected by Mars (lord of 2 and 9) from the 10th house forming and excellent dharma karmadhi pati yoga.
  5. Venus is in “amruta ghati” degrees.
  6. Moon is in “amruta ghati” degrees.



  1. The lagna falls in the nakshatra of Saturn which is in the 8th house in rashi sandhi.
  2. Jupiter is in “Mrityu Bhaga” degrees and within trimsamsha degrees.
  3. Jupiter is in the nakshatra of Mercury. This Mercury is in Rahu/Ketu axis. Mercury is in “Marana Karak Sthana” being in 7th house. This Mercury being with Rahu adds fuel to the fire. 7th house represents opposition. So the CM will have severe problems managing the opposition and will back stab him as well.
  4. The planet of politics and government is in deep debilitation point in Libra (though attaining neecha bhanga).
  5. Jupiter is aspected by Saturn from the 8th house (lord of 11 and 12). This shows that secret enemies from opposition will be a big problem. He will also face many hurdles and obstacles (since aspected from 8th house) and Saturn is in rashi sandhi as well. For Pisces lagna Saturn is a malefic.
  6. Mercury which is marana karaka sthana along with Rahu is forming an almost itthasala with Jupiter (lord of 1 and 10). So here again opposition will pose a major issue and may pull out the support any time.
  7. The planet of politics and Government Sun is in its inimical nakshatra Rahu, who is along with Mercury in MKS.
  8. Saturn, the planet of masses and people is placed in the 8th house (though exalted) in the rashi sandhi.
  9. Saturn is afflicting Sun, lagna lord Jupiter and 10th house.
  10. Sun the 6th lord in the 8th house is in Ishraff yoga with Venus lord of 3 and 8. So here again Sun is afflicted by the 8th house lord.
  11. Sun is in Itthasala with the 12th lord Saturn in the 8th house.


Simhasan Chakra

In the “Simhasan’ Chakra Moon is in Sharavana nakshatra which falls in “Simha” group. This indicates that the CM will act in great authority and will be like terror for which he may face opposition from within and outside. This may also turn good for him as it gives him authority. Saturn is in Vishaka nakshatra which falls is “Patta” is not good.


Kota chakra

In the Kota chakra, the Kota swami Saturn falls in Bhahya sector (i.e: outside the fort) and Kota pala (protector) has fallen in the Sthamba sector. These placements are not good. Ideally the Kota swami should be in Sthambha and Kota pala should be in Bhahya.


Tri-pataki chakra

In the Tri-pataki chakra, lagna is aspected by Rahu, Mars and Mercury and Lagna being with Ketu. So lagna is afflicted.


Longevity of the government

Longevity of the government is seen from the 8th house and its lord. The lord of the 8th house Venus is in 8th but being close to Sun becomes combust. The lord of 8th Venus is very close to lord of 6th Sun. So there will be disputes, disagreements and fights always.


Previous Eclipse

October 8, 2014 lunar eclipse (was not seen in India) fell on Moon in Pisces at 19 deg 26 and Rahu at Virgo 25 deg 10. The eclipse on April 15, 2014, where Moon was in Virgo at 29 deg 39. The lagna of the oath taking chart also falls in Pisces/Virgo axis. So Pisces lagna is not good for the oath taking.



I leave the educated astrologers to figure out the result of the above configurations.


Sundar Balakrishnan

October 31, 2014

Mumbai, 4.30 pm



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