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There are enough rumours floating around that Kiran Bedi will be a CM candidate from Bharatiya Janata Party. KIran Bedi, as we all know was one of the active members of India Against Corruption. She was closely associated with Anna Hazare. We all know her career as IPS women officer and her credentials.

Kiran Bedi was born in Amritsar at 2:10 pm on 9th June, 1949. The horoscope is given below.


The lagna is Virgo a dual, earthy and natural 6th house of the kalapurush kundali. The person will be intellectual, down to earth, practical and of dual nature. The lagna lord Mercury is retrograde in 9th house along with Sun (lord of 12) and Mars (lord of 3 and 8). Mercury is also aspected by retrograde debilitated Jupiter from the 5th house, being lord of 4 and 7. The Sun is a planet of politics. Its association with Mars lord of 3 and 8 and aspect of debilitated Jupiter spoils the significations of Sun. The Sun in navamsa is in its own sign Leo thus adding strength. But here again its aspected by Rahu, Mars and Saturn. In the rashi-tulya navamsa Sun relegates to 12th house. Further, Sun is also aspected by debilitated Moon, lord of 11th house of ambitions. Sun is also aspected by Saturn from the 12th house, which is in “visha gati”. This Sun is highly afflicted. In dasamsha D-10 chart, Sun goes to the 12th house along with neecha Venus. Sun in the 12th house is in Marana Karak Sthana (MKS). The lagna falls in the star Moon, which is debilitated. Mercury is in “Mriga” (animal) drekana, which gives boldness to the person. Mercury is in the star of Moon. Sun is in the star of Mars (lord of 3 and 8).

Vimshottari Dasa

The dasa is of Sun, which began in August 2010. This was the period from when she got associated with IAC and Anna Hazare. She has been going through lot of ups downs in her career. The Sun, as we have seen is weak. The antara is of Mercury. Mercury is also afflicted. The antara of Mercury began in May 2014 and will end March 2015. This period is not all that conducive for her to become Chief Minister nor that she will be invited by BJP.

Kalachakra dasa

The dasa is of Cancer which began in July, 2010. Cancer is a “deha” rashi. The lord of Cancer, Moon is debilitated. The antara is of Sagittarius, the lord of which is again debilitated and retrograde. Sagittarius is aspected by Rahu and Mars. So, here again the dasa/antara are afflicted. The same condition prevails as in vimshottari dasa.

Jaimini Chara dasa

The dasa is of Libra began in June, 2009. From here the lord of 10th house Moon (DK) is debilitated. Moon is aspected by Rahu and debilitated Jupiter. The antara is of Cancer whose lord we discussed above. From Cancer the 10th house has Rahu aspected by debilitated Moon. However, the 11th house has Mars (10th lord, GK) along with Mercury (AMK) and Sun (AK). Mars is also aspected by debilitated Jupiter (MK). Here there is a slight promise.

Krishnamurti Paddathi

The dasa is of Sun. Sun is the CSL of 10th. Sun (in 9, lord of 12) is in the star of Mars (in 8, Lord of 3 and 8) and in the sub of Rahu in 7. Rahu being in Aries, represents Mars. The antara is of Mercury. Mercury is in 9th, lord of 1 and 10. It is in the star of Moon in 2, lord of 11 and Sub of Saturn (in 11, lord of 5 and 6). But Moon is debilitated. Mercury is conjunct Mars (lord of 3 and 8) and Sun (lord of 12). So here again from the dasa/anata is weak.

Sade sati

She is going through the period of sade sati. Moon is in Scorpio. In the SAV Scorpio has 31 points. In the BAV of Saturn it has 4 points in Scorpio. In transit from January 8, 2015 till March 30, 2015 Saturn is transiting in the kaksha of Mars, which has not contributed in BAV of Saturn. So, the sade sati will act negatively for her.


From the above analysis it is clear that the period is not conducive for Kiran Bedi to become Chief Minister.


Sundar Balakrishnan

2-year Jyotirvid and 3-year Jyotirvisharad

From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai

Date: November 21, 2014

Mumbai, at 2:00 pm


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