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Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) has been in news off late and added to this there is a great dissent in Congress over his leadership. The acceptance level of RaGa is at stake. In spite of all this Sonia Gandhi is trying vehemently to project him as the next leader. However, all in the Congress is crying for Sonia Gandhi. All this only shows that crisis is deepening in Congress over its leadership. Alternatively, there is no any other person who is equally capable to lead Congress. Since the days of Nehru it has been the practice of Nehru family to promote their family members. There are only three family members left out who could take the Congress ahead. Out of these, in the first part, we discussed the possibility of Sonia Gandhi taking stage. Read my article…

Now is the time for us to discuss about RaGa and see whether what are the likely chances of him getting the leadership role in Congress. Will Sonia Gandhi handover the charge to RaGa? I know, you all must be thinking of Priyanka Gandhi. But let us for this article discuss about RaGa and leave Priyanka Gandhi to be discussed in the part III. Further, When I wrote the first article on Sonia Gandhi under “Is it End of Nehru Dynasty”, I had just predicted about the general happenings with period wise analysis and special emphasis in the next general elections. But as far as RaGa is concerned we are now saddled with twin issues like will he be made President of Congress and also what will be trend in the next general elections. I have mentioned the likely periods during which RaGa may be made as the chief of Congress.

So, let us get back to analysing the horoscope of RaGa.






The Asc rising in D1 is Libra. The lagna lord is in the 10th house shows that person is career minded. The lord of 10th house Moon is in the 3rd house of efforts. So things are not going to be easy at it looks like for him. Moon is also aspected by Sun lord of 11th (denotes gains, friends, well wishers, etc). So efforts will pay off for him. But this depends upon the dasa in operation. Similarly, if you link the D10 chart, we will know the magnification of profession. Here the lord of 10th house is in the 3rd house of efforts.  The asc rising in D10 is also Libra and lord of 10th house Moon in the 3rd house (efforts) is aspected by Venus (lord of 8th, denotes obstacles, defamation, etc) and Mercury lord of 12th (house of loss, foreign connections, etc). Now very interesting point to be noted is the lord of 8th house in natal chart is in the 10th house. The 8th house denotes legacy. From this we can infer that his profession is connected from his legacy. So it is clear that as regards profession things are not going to be hunky dory.

Many of us are still perplexed as to why he is unmarried yet. If you see the 7th house (denotes marriage) lord Mars is placed in the 9th house. Further, it is aspected by debilitated Saturn and Rahu from the 5th house (love affairs). Mars is also aspected by Moon lord of 10th and is conjunct Sun lord of 11th (denotes friends). The 7th house has debilitated Saturn as well. In the D9 chart (which magnifies the marriage related matters) the lord of 7th house Mars though in own house in Pisces (the asc rising is Libra) in the 6th house. All these shows that there are possibilities of non-traditional marriage resulting from love affairs (as Rahu aspects 7th house Mars from the 5th house). But such marriage is unlikely to stay for long and will result into separation.

Now let us come to the main point of analysis is whether the charge of heading the India National Congress will be handed over to him or not. We have seen above that his profession is related to his legacy. But for this to happen, the dasa in operation should also be conducive. Dasa is taken into account for timing of event. Along with this the transit of planets also are important.

The main dasa is of Mars which began in April 2014 and will end in April 2019. The period of Mars overall looks promising for him for reasons mentioned below. The next general elections are expected to be held in the years 2019 after April.

  1. Mars (lord of 2 & 7) in the D1 chart is in the 9th house along with the Sun lord of 11th house (denotes gains). The 2nd house is house of wealth and 7th house is the house of public image.
  2. Since, Mars as stated above is afflicted by the aspect of debilitated Saturn and also Rahu from the 5th
  3. Mars in D1 chart is in suba-kartari yoga
  4. In D2 chart (Labha mandooka hora), Mars is in the 7th It can be read as wealth through public image.
  5. In the D10 chart (which denotes profession) Mars is in the 2nd house of wealth and in Rahu/Ketu axis.
  6. In D11 chart (Labhamsa, which is seen for sudden gains), Mars is in the 11th house, along with the lord of 10th and 9th house, Moon and Mercury, respectively. It can be deciphered as gains through profession and luck.

Within the main period of Mars, there will be many sub-periods (Antara) which will modify the effects of the main period (dasa).

The immediate period that passed was of Mars/Jupiter. This period was October, 2013 to September, 2014. This sub period of Jupiter is retrograde and lord of 3rd (efforts) and 6th house (defeat, struggles, enemies, etc) is retrograde placed in the lagna. Jupiter is aspected by debilitated Saturn and Rahu. So naturally he has to face humiliation. In the D10 chart, Jupiter is again the lord of 3 and 6 is in lagna. In D11 chart, Jupiter is in lagna (Libra rising) in Rahu/ketu axis and aspected by the 8th lord Venus. Venus though lord of lagna, it being in axis of Rahu/ketu is of no good.

So let us now see how the period of Mars along with the other sub periods will be.

Mars/Saturn – From September, 2014 to October, 2015

Mars is the lord of 7th house (denotes marriage, public image, etc). Mars as discussed above is heavily afflicted. The antara lord (sub period lord) Saturn is in the 7th house and is debilitated. In D10 chart the Mars is there in the 2nd house and in Rahu/Ketu axis. The Saturn is in the 3rd house (denotes efforts). Saturn in D10 is along with Moon (lord of 10th house) and is aspected by Venus (lord of 8th) and Mercury (lord 12th). So, the dasa in operation shows that his public image (7th house ) is at stake and there will be good amount of resistance from the fellow congressmen for handing over the baton to him.

In transit the antara lord Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio, i.e: the 2nd house of natal chart. Saturn will be retrograde till August 1, 2015. So the antara lord Saturn in transit is also aspected by Mars. Saturn though in transit is having beneficial aspect from Venus and Jupiter, its aspect by Ketu and Mars nullifies. Added to it Saturn is retrograde till 31st July, 2015. However, till be sub period of Saturn is in operation, his mother or neither his fellow congressmen will agree to handover the responsibility to him

Mars/Mercury – From October, 2015 to October, 2016

Mercury is in the 8th house (obstacles, resistance, humiliation, etc) being lord of 9th house (fortune). It is vargotama. But being in the 8th does not give benefit. In D10, Mercury is in the 9th house along with lord of 8th Venus. It is also in papa kartari yoga being hemmed between two malefic. It is also aspected by Saturn and Mars. The sub period lord Mercury is in the 12th house to the main period Mars, which is not good. In D9, also Mercury is aspected by Saturn, Sun (badhaka) and Rahu. In D11, Mercury is in the 11th house along with lord of 10th Moon and lord of 2 & 7 Mars. Here there is improvement. But the affliction in D1, D9 and D10 will prove the Mercury sub period to be disastrous.

Mars/Ketu – From October, 2016 to March, 2017

Ketu the sub period is in the 11th house. Ketu here represents Sun is in the 9th house and in suba-kartari yoga. In the D9 chart Ketu is in the 10th house. Ketu representing Moon is in the 7th house of public image. In the D10 chart, Ketu is in the 2nd house along with Mars. In D2, Ketu is in the 11th house. Ketu representing Sun is in the 9th house of fortune. In D11, Ketu is in the 7th house along with Venus. This period is bit promising for handover to RaGa. In the Sonia Gandhi’s chart this period is also is good.

Mars/Venus – From March, 2017 to May, 2018

Venus the sub period planet is in the 10th house being the lord of 8th house and Lagna. The 8th house is legacies. In D1, Mars/Venus is in 2/12 position. In D9, Venus is debilitated in the 12th house. In D10, Venus is in the 9th house and in papa-kartari yoga aspected by Mars and Saturn. So this period is not good for RaGa where he will not get support from his fellow congressmen.

Mars/Sun – From May, 2018 to September, 2018

In D1 chart, Sun is in the 9th house along with Mars (lord of 2 & 7). Sun is aspected by debilitated Saturn, Rahu and Moon. Sun for Libra lagna is bhadak and it being aspected by debilitated Saturn and Rahu is not good. Sun represents position, status, etc. In D9, Sun is in the 2nd house being lord of 11th house (badhak) and it is conjunct Saturn. Here though Sun being badhak in marak house, its conjunction with yoga karaka Saturn is slight improvement. But Saturn and Sun being enemies the effect of it will very minimal. In the D10, Sun is in the 10th house, being lord of 11th house. Here it is a good position as far as the profession is related. So we can conclude that though professionally he will do well, there will be physical strains and setbacks also.

Mars/Moon – From September, 2018 to April, 2019

In D1 chart, Moon is in the 3rd house of efforts aspected by 11th and 2nd lord Sun and Mars, respectively. IN D9 chart, Moon lord of 10th house is in the 7th house of public image. In D10, Moon is in 3rd house of efforts in conjunction with Saturn a yogakaraka and also aspected by 9th lord (fortune, luck) and Venus (lord of 1 & 8). In D11, Moon is in the 11th house being lord of 10th and in conjunction with Mars lord of 7th (public image) and Mercury lord of 9th (fortune). So, overall this period is going to be excellent and he will become hyper-active to manage the affairs of Congress. There will be sudden upsurge.

Rahu dasa starts from April, 2019.

This is a crucial period when general elections will be at its peak and also the period when results are expected to be announced. Rahu in D1, is in its own house in 5th house. Rahu is part lord of Aquarius also. Rahu is aspected by Jupiter (lord of 3 & 6). In D9, Rahu is in 4th house aspected by Saturn lord of 5th house from the 2nd house. In D10, Rahu unfortunately has gone to 8th house aspected by Mars. In D11, Rahu is in lagna in conjunction with Jupiter (lord of 3 & 6). In transit, Rahu during this period it will transit Gemini an exaltation house of Rahu. So we can conclude, that though there will be all efforts put in by RaGa during election, there will be marked improvement from the last lok sabha elections but will again have to sit in opposition. We can say that it will be a government that will be formed by coalition along with BJP.


There seems to be unlikely that RaGa will be given full handover of Congress at the present. For the time being it will be kept in the hands of Sonia Gandhi. The likely period when it will be handed over is during Mars/Ketu – From October, 2016 to March, 2017.



Sundar Balakrishnan

2-Year Jyotirvid & 3-Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Date: 20th April, 2015 

Mumbai, at 01.10 am

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