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We have recently witnessed the massive earthquake in Nepal and the lives lost have crossed beyond 2000 nos. Let god give them strength to overcome this situation.

Nepal is an ancient kingdom and no historical “foundation” has been established. In the case of Nepal when you want to predict any mundane events you need to take into account the independence or republic chart. But in this case neither is true for Nepal. There is however, King Birendra’s (King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Deva) chart who was crowned in Katmandu on February 24, 1968 at 8.52 am. The horoscope of coronation is given below.


Now before we venture into how the earthquake occurred and what are its astrological reasons, we need to understand some basic facts.

Earthquake normally happens when;

  1. There are two or more eclipses in a month. Be it combination of solar or lunar
  2. Many planets are posited in one sign or maximum planets with/near the Sun
  3. The sign in which the eclipse occurs denotes the place in the globe
  4. The house in which the eclipse occurs in horoscope of independence, coronation affects the significance of that house. For example, eclipse occurring in 1/7 axis o4 4/10 axis will cause earthquakes.
  5. Saturn/Mars/Rahu together in Kendra or in 2/12 or 6/8 from each other.
  6. Eclipse occurring in dual signs have maximum impact
  7. The sign in which the eclipse falls becomes the “Ecliptical point”.
  8. When Saturn or mars transits over that point or aspects the point there is another earthquake or natural disaster.
  9. Placement of Moon and Mercury in the same nakshatra.
  10. Taurus and Scorpio are very dangerous signs for occurrence of earthquakes. Especially when Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Rahu are in these signs.
  11. Jupiter in Taurus or Scorpio and in conjunction/aspect of Mercury causes earthquakes.
  12. The 1st, 4th 7th, 8th, 12th or the 10th house from the “Ecliptical point” indicate the place of occurrence.
  13. Earthquake appears during the time of eclipse or near eclipse or lunation (full moon or new moon).
  14. Earthquake takes place near or on Purnima (Full moon)/Amavasya (New moon)
  15. When there is earthquake of a magnitude of near about 8 or more there can be tidal waves.


Types of Earthquakes are as follows;

Day Day Night Night
Parts of Day/Night 1st Part 2nd Part 1st Part 2nd Part
Names of Mandal Vayavya Agni Indra Varun
Area of effect from ecliptical point 1000 kms 550 kms 800 kms 900 kms
Nakshatras in which eclipse occurs (Moon in which constellation) U. Phalguni, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, P. Vasu, Mrigashira and Ashwini Pushya, Krithika, Vishaka, Bharani, Magha, P. Ashada and P. Phalguni Abhijit, Sravana, Dhanishta, Rohini, Jyeshta, U. Ashada and Anuradha Rewati, P. Ashada, Ardra, Ashlesha, Mula, U. Bhadra and Satbhisha

The earthquake occurred in Nepal at around 11.45 am on 25th April, 2015. As per the timing the type of earthquake is “Vayavya” and in 1st part of day. The Moon at the time was at “Punarvasu” nakshatra, which is in Vayavya mandal.

Saturn/Mars/rahu are in 6/8 positions from each other in the Ingress chart.

So from the above it can seen that the effect of the earthquake will be felt near about 1000 kms from the ecliptical point.

Now let us analyse the chart of coronation given above. The asc rising is Pisces at 28 deg 09. The global solar eclipse  of 20th March, 2015 occurred in Pisces 05 deg and Rahu was at Pisces 15 deg. The recent lunar eclipse of 4th April, 2015 occurred also in Pisces where Moon was at Virgo 18 deg and Rahu at Pisces 15 deg. So the axis was 1/7 axis of the coronation chart of King Birendra.

The dasa in operation was Venus/Jupiter. Here Jupiter is the lord of 3 and 8 for Pisces asc. Jupiter is in the lagna but being close to Venus (lord of 3 & 8), aspected by retrograde Saturn and Rahu (debilitated) it is heavily afflicted. Jupiter is lord of lagna (general condition of people, the king himself) and 10th house (the government) will be negatively impacted.


At the time of Aries ingress the asc rising was 6th house Leo from the Pisces lagna of coronation chart and in rashi sandhi (between watery/firy sign). For the earthquakes, the 4th and 8th houses in the ingress charts should be afflicted. The 8th house shows mass tragedies. The 4th houses shows weather and climatic conditions.

In the Sanghata chakra (used mainly for earthquake predictions) the 4th / 8th houses is heavily afflicted by the presence of retrograde Saturn in 4th and also due to aspect of Mars/Sun/Ketu. The 8th house is also similarly afflicted by these planets.

Saptna Nadi Chakra:

Prachand Pawan Dahan Soumya Neera Jala Amrit
Saturn Sun Mars Jupiter Venus Mercury Moon
Fierce Windy Hot Wheather Changes Good Rain Better Rain Best Rain
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Krittika Rohini Mrigashira Ardra Punarvasu Pushya Ashlesha
16 15 14 13 12 11 10
Vishaka Swati Chitra Hasta U. Phalguni P. Phalguni Magha
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Anuradha Jyeshta Mula Purvashada Uttarashada Abhijit Sravan
2 1 28 27 26 25 24
Bharani Ashwini Revati U. Bhadra P. Bhadra Shatbhisha Dhanista


In the Sapta Nadi chakra (for Aries ingress) planet’s position are as follows;

  • Sun is in Ashwini – Pawan (Windy)
  • Moon is in Dhanishta – Amrit (Best rain)
  • Mars is in Bharani – Prachand (fierce)
  • Mercury is in Ashwini – Pawan (Windy)
  • Jupiter is in Ashlesha – Amrit (Best rain)
  • Venus is in Krittika – Prachand (fierce)
  • Saturn is in Anuradha – Prachand (fierce)
  • Rahu is in Hasta – Soumya (weather changes)
  • Ketu is in U. Bhadra – Soumya (weather changes)

If you see the above configuration 2 planets in Pawan, 3 in Prachand, 2 in Amrit and 2 in Soumya. So 5 planets in Pawan and Prachand. So the effect of above eclipse is going to severe followed by sever rains also.

Further, as the earthquake fell in Vayavya mandal (Windy circle), the after effect of it is going to be within 1000 kms from Nepal.

As regards the places where the earthquakes are expected to occur are judged from the signs falling in the houses 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 and 10 from Pisces (the ecliptical point). The signs are as follows;

  1. Pisces – Himachal Pradesh
  2. Gemini  – Not falling in India or nearby places. Hence not mentioning here the names of places.
  3. Virgo – All India (as Virgo is treated as rashi of India by ancient astrologers/rishis)
  4. Libra – Kashmir and Marwar
  5. Sagittarius – Uttar Pradesh
  6. Aquarius – Not falling in India or nearby places. Hence not mentioning here the names of places.

So the above places are very vulnerable for earthquakes in the next 6 months as the duration of lunar eclipse was for approx 6 hours.



Sundar Balakrishnan

2-Year Jyotirvid & 3-Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Date: 27th April, 2015 

Mumbai, at 01.45 pm



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