Sundar Balakrishnan


Rahu and mars are in exact conjunction in Libra. The effect will remain for a few days and will affect seriously. Its happening in 6th house of india independence chart. Events like blasts, border tensions, epidemics, accidents, mass destructions, are possible. God bless all of us with long life.


A Malaysian airlines flight crashed. 295 passengers on board.

102 ppl die of encephalitis in Kolkata.

Flash floods in Moradabad.

Suicide bomb attack in Kabul. 15 dead and some 4 foreign advisors also killed.

Naxals blow up rail tracks at Gaya. Rajdhani train stranded for hours.

Just heard IED blast in Assam 1 dead.

50 die in Taiwan plane crash.

One more plan crashed today over Africa. 116 ppl dead. See the effect of Saturn and mars afflicting airy sign libra.

Another air accident just now. IAF chopper crashed and 7 dead.

Protests over Gaza at Srinagar. See how Pakistan is provocating India.

2 landslides in Pune; many feared dead and injured.

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