Sundar Balakrishnan


Todays Moradabad‘s sunrise chart is very disturbing. The asc rising is cancer. The asc lord moon in 12th house nearing the visha gati degrees. Jupiter a significator of religion is exactly combust and aspected by ketu and saturn (who is with rahu). The asc similarly is also affliected. In the navamsa the moon is again afflicted by the debilitated saturn and mars lord of 3 and 8. Jupiter is also lord of 9th house which repesents religion. Jupiter (lord of 6th house) being afflicted will bring lots of tension and riots with the fanatics taking charge of the situation. Jupiter is afflicted in navamsa also. Let us see what happens.



Just came to know a place near Moradabad called saharanpur there were some clashed and 2 people dead and 17 injured and curfew has been imposed. Centre has offered all possible help to diffuse any communal tensions.

Infact till 28th July the situation in and around Moradabad will be tense and more such instances are bound to occur. Just see the effect of planets.

Saharanpur is so tense and several vehicles were set on fire. Clashes between Sikh and Muslims looks like.

Rampur which is about 30 kms from moradabad had firing today. 3 killed and 4 injured.

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