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New moon, full moon and eclipse charts play very important role in Mundane predictive astrology. I keep a close watch on all such charts on a monthly basis and when I saw the chart for the month beginning August 3, 2016, it was very revealing that India is surely in for attacks from religious fundamentalists. While I do the analysis of New moon chart, we will also at the back analyse the India Independence chart.

The following is the India Independence chart.


The below given chart is of New Moon of August 3, 2016.


The ascendant rising in the India chart is 7 deg 46 of Taurus. The 3rd house of India chart which represents the neighbouring countries has a stellium of planets which only shows that we have difficult neighbours.

Now let us see the New Moon chart. Here the ascendant rising is Gemini at 0 deg 25. The 2nd house has lunation of Sun & Moon at 16 deg 53 Cancer. The planet Neptune (planet of deceit and secrecy) is in Aquarius (an intellectual sign denoting intellectual plot) sign at 17 deg and is in Quincunx (150 deg a malefic configuration) with lunation degrees of 16.53 at Cancer. The planet Pluto is in Sagittarius (sign of religion, extremists, etc) at 21 deg which is again quincunx to lunation point of 16 deg 53 Cancer with an orb of 5 deg . The 12th house is aspected by retrograde Saturn and Mars from the 6th house (of terror attacks) in the sign of Scorpio (hidden elements, secret plots, etc.). The planet Jupiter (representing religion, fundamentalists, etc) is afflicted by Rahu and aspected by retrograde Saturn from the 6th house.

The sign Cancer is the 3rd house of India Independence chart. The 3rd house represents, neighbouring countries, transportations, communications, etc. The 7th house has dreaded Saturn and Mars.

With the recent unrest in Kashmir, the J & K Chart is a very interesting study. The chart is given below.


In the above chart the ascendant rising is Cancer 13 deg 19. The lunation occurs in the ascendant at 16 deg 53 and it is quincunx (150 deg, a malefic aspect) to Ascendant lord Moon in Aquarius. As explained earlier this lunation is afflicted in transit too. Further, the two eclipses occurring in September, 2016 is also occurring in Leo/Aquarius axis which is 2/8 axis of J & K chart. If you see the eclipse charts, the shadowy planet Rahu is exactly conjunct the natal Moon in Aquarius. So, the Ascendant lord afflicted. The ascendant in mundane chart represents the general condition of people, status of state, etc. Any affliction to Asc/Asc lord only denotes unrest in the state which will give rise to serious difficulties that State will have to witness. The effect of eclipse is normally there till next 6 months. For the eclipse charts of September, 2016 go to the link….


From the above it is clear that the eclipse charts of September, 2016 and lunation chart of August 3, 2016 to the next full Moon that September 3, 2016, India could face terror attacks. This can be in the transportation sectors like trains, buses, aeroplane, etc. Further, since the sign Sagittarius and Jupiter is also afflicted, the religious places are also the likely places of target. This configuration is very crucial to trigger war with neighbouring countries like Pakistan. The pivot for the trigger will be from J & K State.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com, MBA (NMIMS, Mumbai)
2 year Jyotirvid and 3 year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (BVB))
Faculty of Astrology at BVB, Mumbai
June 11, 2016
Mumbai, 18.00 PM

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