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We are all going to witness the most talked about Presidential election in the USA on November 8, 2016. Donald Trump a most controversial nominee of Republican party is now in the limelight due to his various promises made by him. His speech on July 21, 2016 was most liked by everyone. I was tempted to write about his horoscope when I saw his speech of July 21, 2016. The birth data has been gathered from,_Donald. It is supposed be most authentic and all my analysis will be based on this data. My analysis is going to be unique in the sense that, It will consider all the major fixed stars which play a major role in the analysis of any horoscope. I will use the progressed and transit charts as of November 8, 2016 as it is the date for election as stated in,_2016.

The following is the birth chart of Donald Trump with all the fixed stars.



Fixed stars analysis
The luminary Sun at Gemini 22:56 is conjunct Alnilam (Gemini 22:43). Alnilam is of the nature Jupiter and Saturn. Vivian Robson a noted astrologer says this star gives fleeting public honours. Since, Sun is the planet of politics its conjunction with Alnilam is supposed to be a boon for Donald.

Moon another luminary at Sagittarius 21:12 is conjunct Ras Alhaque (at Sagittarius 21:42). According to Ptolemy it takes the nature of Saturn with a resemblance of Venus too. According to Vivian Robson this conjunction of Moon with Ras Alhaque can bring misfortune through women and perverted tastes. According to Ebertin it can get the native to drug addiction or overindulgence in druglike substances and also danger of bites and rabies. But according to Rigor a noted astrologer, it gives broad-mindedness, humanitarianism, and tremendous visualisation. But, if one goes by the earlier negative aspect, Donald can be in for misfortune through Hilary Clinton !!!!

The planet Mercury at Cancer 08:52 is conjunct Alhena (at Cancer 08:21). Ptolemy this star is at the feet of Gemini and have the nature of Mercury and some of Venus. According to Robson, these people are artistically inclined, but danger of injuries to feet. According to Ebertin, this star has spiritual, with artistic or scientific influence. No wonder his speech (which is signified by Mercury) is crowd pulling.

The planet Venus at Cancer 25:44 is conjunct the fixed star Procyon (at Cancer 25:03). This star is like Mercury and with the nature of Mars too. Vivian Robson states this gives violent actions, disasters, danger of dog bites, and misfortunes in general. The person also has hot temper being hasty, jealous and pig-headed. But with all these the native will be able to achieve his plans. According to Rigor, this star links to fortune and fame, with a warning that one can fall from high position too. So Venus in the 11th house with all wishes can crumble and bring him to ground. Venus here representing Hilary Clinton !!!!!

The planet Mars at Leo 26:47 is conjunct fixed star Alphard (at Cancer 26:32). This fixed star carries the nature of Saturn and Venus. According to Vivian Robson, it relates to poisoning, drug abuse and hatred by women. It also gives wisdom and musical, artistic appreciation. Hatred by women (here who? Is it Hilary Clinton !!!!)

The shadowy planet Rahu (Dragon head) is at Gemini 20:48. It is conjunct three fixed stars namely Bellatrix (at Gemini 20:12), Capella (at Gemini 21:07) and Phact (at Gemini 21:25). The fixed star Bellatrix is of the nature Mars and Mercury. This denotes “Quickly coming or swiftly destroying his country”. This star gives fighting spirit, courage, ability to organise but recklessly. The Rahu in the 10th house of his status, position, etc is conjunct this dangerous star !!!!. He has vowed to fight against and eradicate ISIS !!!!

The next star Capella, resembles of Mars and Mercury and connects to honors and wealth, renowned public position and ambition. This person make a person “Odd” and unique. No wonder his speeches are very different from that of Hilary Clinton !!!!
The next star Phact has the nature of Jupiter and Saturn. It gives artistic talents and is very harmonious with a touch of genius.

Analysis of planets and its aspects.
The sign rising is Leo at 29:58. Leo is a sign of person who has artistic talents, of fixed nature and fiery in temperament. Such people will not listen to others and does not care for others opinions. These people are bosses in their environment. The degree rising is at critical degree at 29:58 !!!. The ascendant lord Sun, is in 10th house in Gemini (and intellectual ad communicative sign) showing his ambition through literary activities. Such people are very communicative and has flair for communication. Their ideas are lofty in nature. This Sun is trine (120 degrees, a fortune configuration) Jupiter in the 2nd house of wealth through status and position. The luminary Sun is a planet of Politics and has the potential for him to gain recognition. This Sun is sextile to Mars in the 12th house lord of 9th. This sextile will give him opportunity through travels from distant places. He will be dynamic and his speeches will be fiery in nature.

The 2nd house has Neptune at Libra 5:51 and Jupiter at Libra 17:27. The second house denotes wealth, speech, family, etc. Jupiter being there is no wonder made him rich and as said its trine to Sun, the planet of politics in the 10th house. This Jupiter is trine to Uranus (at Gemini 17:54) in 10th house. His wealth creation must have been all of sudden and his friends would have given him lot of support too. Such people are said to fanatics of their own religion or atheist. No wonder, he has vowed to eradicate ISIS !!! The lord of 2nd house, Mercury is in the 11th house. This has made him filthy rich.

The lord of 3rd house, Venus is also in the 11th house of gains. An excellent placement.

The lord of 4th house, Pluto in 12th house shows investment in real estates and also shows losses.

The lord of 7th house of public image, partnerships, marriage, etc is in the 11th house in Cancer. A fine placement. The 7th house has also has Pars of Fortune in the cusp of 7th house. This will give him name and fame.

The luminary Moon at Sagittarius 21:12 is heavily afflicted by being in conjunction with Dragon tail (ketu) and in opposition with Dragon head and Sun. It is also quincunx with Saturn in the 11th house. He would have lost in his real estate deals and such people are unpredictable and erratic in nature. They are moody too.

The 10th house has Uranus and Sun which has brought him into politics. His sudden and meteoric rise is seen by the presence of Uranus in the 10th house. The lord of 10th house signifying status, profession, etc Venus is superbly placed in the 11th house. This has given him riches through his profession. Such people rise high in any profession they are in.

The 11th house has three planets Venus, Mercury and Saturn. Venus and Mercury has made him filthy rich. His source of income is from business enterprises as Saturn (which rules 7th house of partnerships and business) is in the 11th house.

The 12th house has Pluto and Mars. Pluto in the 12th house gives sudden losses. Pluto in Leo is highly creative to the extent that they will create all new. In love matters, they get setbacks.

Progressed versus Natal chart as November 8, 2016



In progressed horoscope, the placement of progressed Sun, Moon, Ascendant and MC are very important. The Progressed Sun has just come to Asc and it is at critical degree at Virgo 00:15. This Sun is placed in the 10th house and lord of 12th house of natal chart. This placement will give him hunger to come to lime light but due to its placement in critical degree it will give him dejection. It has come from a long stay in Leo a fixed and fiery sig to Virgo a dual and earthy sign. This will need lot of adjustments in the beginning. The progressed Moon is a new moon which gives a new beginning and starting afresh. So his venture into Politics is showing. Progressed Moon is in the 11th house of gains, making new friends and fulfilment of wishes. The progressed MC is also in the 11th house of gains and but at critical degree at Cancer 29:14. The progressed Asc is in the 3rd house will give him many short travels, courage and communicative abilities.

Progressed planets and its conjunctions to fixed stars
Progressed Moon is at Cancer 22:53 and is conjunct Pollux. Pollux is like Mercury and similar to nature of Mars. It is prone to violence, crafty, rash, etc. It is known as “wicked brother”, brutish and cruel. This progressed Moon is quincunx natal Moon. Not at all a good aspect.

Progressed Mercury at Leo 12:15 is conjunct Acubens. It is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury and is said to be connected to liars and criminals. So his fiery and tall promises cannot be taken at face value.

Progressed Mars at Libra 9:10 is in conjunction with Vindemiatrix. Vindemiatrix is like Saturn and Mercury. It is the most evil star causing disgrace, stealing, etc. This progressed Mars is sesquiqudrate to MC. It is not good.

Progressed Jupiter at Libra 23:56 is conjunct Arcturus and Spica. Arcturus is like Mars and Jupiter. It brings prosperity through journeys. It gives riches and honors. The star Spica is another benovalent star with nature of Venus and Mars. This also gives honor and fame. But in terms of aspect this Jupiter is squaring natal Saturn in the 11th house. This Jupiter is sextile to Moon, which will opportunities in real estate to make money. So as far as Jupiter’s aspect to natal Saturn, it will give him setbacks in his profession due to malefic square aspect.

Now let us see the aspects of Progressed planets with natal.

The progressed Moon (conjunct fixed star Pollux) is quincunx to natal Moon showing dejection and not in the right frame of mind. This also shows losses in real estates. His plans will go topsy turvy. This progressed Moon is also quincunx the Dragon tail. Progressed Moon is conjunct Saturn which is again malefic in nature. Mars (conjunct Vindemiatrix) is also sesquiquadrate to MC which will give him dejection. His ambitions will not be achieved. Progressed Mars at Libra 9:10 is square to natal Mercury in the 11th house. His own friends and well wishers are likely to withdraw support. He needs to take extra care while executing documents. His speeches will be fiery and he will come into controversies. He needs to careful while travel as he may give him accidents.

Now let us see transit planets aspects to natal planets



The transit Moon at Aquarius 24:37 is conjunct with Deneb Algedi. This fixed star is of the nature Saturn and Jupiter. It causes sorrows and happiness, life and death, and beneficence and destructiveness. This transit Moon is also conjunct fixed star Sadalsuud. This star is like Saturn and Mercury and it gives troubles and disgrace. Transit Moon aspects are – sextile to natal Moon, sesquiquadrate to natal Mercury, trine to natal Sun, quincunx to natal Venus, opposition to natal Mars, quincunx to natal Saturn and square to MC. Here there are many malefic aspects than benefic aspects. Since transit Moon is in a malefic fixed star its benefic aspect will not give any positive result.

Transit Mercury at Scorpio 23:38 is conjunct Agena. This star is of the nature Venus and Jupiter. This star relates friendships and good health.

Transit Venus at Sagittarius 25:34 is conjunct Aculeus. This star is of the nature Mars and Moon. It gives blindness when in conjunction with luminaries (like sun and Moon). This also gives leadership ability. Transit Venus aspects are – quincunx to natal Venus and sesquiquadrate to natal Pluto. These aspects are also malefic in nature. Venus quincunx aspect will give fall from high position and to Pluto will give him obstacles and setbacks and scandals. Hilary Clinton (signified by Venus) can play scandalous role in bringing him position down.

Transit Mars at Sagittarius 15:11 is quincunx to Asc. This will bring him fall and his actions will be rash. He himself will be a cause for his downfall. His fiery speeches will backfire him.

Transit Uranus at Aries 21:34 is trine to natal and sextile to natal Dragon head (Rahu) in 10th. This will give him profits from real estate. The aspect of transit Uranus to natal Rahu can give him surprises and at last minute matters may turn into his favour. All those whos are against ISIS (Rahu represents ISIS) will give him support. Non radical groups will favour his candidature.

Transit Neptune at Pisces 9:17 aspects are – trine to natal Mercury in 11th house, sesquiquadrate to natal Saturn in 11th and sesquiquadrate to Pluto in 12th. Since malefic aspects are more here it is not going to give Donald any advantage.

Transit Pluto at Capricorn 15:23 is conjunct Vega. This star is of the nature Venus and Mercury. It gives hopefulness and makes the native grave, sober, outwardly pretentious, and usually lascivious. This transit Pluto is sesquiquadrate to natal Asc. This will give him disgrace and fall sudden fall from high position.


From the above since there are no major benefic aspects between progressed/transit planets to natal, I don’t see Donald Trump getting election to highest office of President of USA. Moreover, many of the progressed/transit planets are in malefic fixed stars and even if few are in benefic fixed stars, their aspects to natal planets are malefic in nature.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com, MBA (NMIMS, Mumbai)
2 year Jyotirvid and 3 year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (BVB))
Faculty of Astrology at BVB, Mumbai
July 23, 2016
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India at 11.00 AM

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    Usha kishor pamale
    Superb sir.

    Impressive and detailed analysis. Is there a similar analysis for Hillary Clinton and does it see favourable chances of her presidential election given concerns about her health. Will be interesting to see if her election is predicted as it seems likely from the above analysis on Trump where his chances do not seem favourable.

      Sundar Balakrishnan
      Dear Sir....In the absence of authentic birth details of Hilary, I cannot post my prediction. Thx for kind words

    Hillary will not win

    Follow on analysis to be done on how Trump won the US Presidential election of 2016 when his stars did not look bright astrologically. Are his birth details correct ?

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