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Further to my article on the month of November 2014, I am now giving you my analysis on what is likely to happen in India between the above two dates. As stated in my article earlier, we will take two main charts namely the Ingress chart when Sun enters the sign Sagittarius and also the new moon chart that is occurring between the two dates. We will also state the major and minor transits those are expected within the above two dates. These three occurrences will tell a lot on what is likely to happen.

So let us get cracking !!!. The Sun will enter Sagittarius on December 16, 2014 at 8:34:20 at Delhi. The following is the ingress chart for the above period.



Transits during the above period are as follows;

  • Venus transits from Sagittarius to Capricorn on December 30, 2014
  • Mercury transits from Sagittarius to Capricorn on January 1, 2015
  • Mars transits from Capricorn to Aquarius on January 5, 2015
  • Pluto is in exact conjunction with Ascendant at 18 deg in Sagittarius


Analysis of the above chart

The Lagna rising is Sagittarius. The lagna lord Jupiter is retrograde and in the 8th house. Further the lagna is also in papa-kartari yoga. The first house represents people in general, and general health of the nation. Jupiter in addition to its first house signification also signifies wealth, religion, children, judiciary, spiritual leaders, etc. The Jupiter is also aspected by Mars which is in mrityu bhaga (MB). Now, taking the Taurus ascendant as the base which is the lagna for India, the lagna lord Venus is in the 9th house and in papa-kartari yoga. The conjunction of 9th and 10th lord, Sun and Mercury in the lagna is good, but that being in papa-kartari yoga is not good. So the net result of this will be there will be general discontentment among the people of the country, there will be communal tensions, spiritual leaders will come under scanner and will be exposed, atrocities against the children will be on the rise. Jupiter also represents wealth, so the general indices will also be affected.

The 2nd lord of the chart Saturn has gone to the 12th house. It has aspect of retrograde Jupiter which is of no help. The 2nd house represents wealth, treasury and all the financial/ economic indices including the stock exchanges. The 2nd house has Mars which though exalted it is weak in ashtakvarga. In the SAV it has only 22 points and has 1 point in its BAV. Further, Mars is in mrithyu bhaga (MB). There is exchange of 2 and 12 lord Saturn and Mars. So the above signification of Jupiter is reiterated. Again taking Taurus lagna, the 2nd lord Mercury is in the 8th house and is combust.

The 3rd house represents the neighbouring countries and its relationship, all forms of communication sectors, etc. The lord of 3rd house Saturn is in the 12th house and after January 5, 2015 Mars will transit from Capricorn to Aquarius. So there will be exchange between the 3rd and 12th lord, i:e. Saturn and Mars. There will be border clashes and terror strikes at the border. There will be accidents in the communications sector.


The 4th house signifies weather conditions, agriculture, natural calamity, opposition, etc. The lord of the 4th house is Jupiter which is retrograde and in the 8th house. Jupiter is aspeted by Mars in MB. There will be unusual weather conditions which can even go to extreme conditions. On the weather conditions we will have to see the sapta nadi chakra.


Sapta Nadi Chakra


Planets              Nakshatra                  Type                               Denotes

Lagna              = Purvasahada            =          Saumya           = Weather changes

Sun                  = Moola                         =          Hot                    = Dahan

Moon               = Hasta                        =          Saumya            = Weather changes

Mars                = Shravan                    =          Amrit                = Best rain

Mercury          = Moola                       =          Hot                    = Dahan

Jupiter             = Ashlesha                 =          Amrit                = Best rain

Venus              = Moola                       =          Hot                     = Dahan

Saturn              = Anuradha               =          Prachand         = Fierce

Rahu                = Hasta                        =          Saumya            = Weather changes

Ketu                 = Revati                       =          Hot                     = Dahan



Weather Changes       Dahan              Best Rain         Fierce

Lagna                              Sun                    Mars                  Saturn

Moon                              Mercury          Jupiter

Rahu                               Venus



There are 3 planets in watery sign (Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu), 4 planets in fiery sign (Lagna, Sun, Mercury and Venus) and 3 planets in earthy sign (Rahu, Moon and Mars).

So the climatic conditions will be very unusual in many parts of the country. You could even find winter going to the extreme in some parts.

The lord of the 5th house Mars is exalted but in MB and weak in ashtakavarga. Similarly, taking Taurus asc, the lord of 5th house Mercury goes to the 8th house, combust and in papa-kartari yoga. The 5th house represents, children, stock markets, etc. So the stock markets will be very volatile and will touch new lows. The significator for children, Jupiter is weak in ingress chart. This will give rise to atrocities in children.

The lord of 6th house Venus is in the lagna and is combust. Similarly, taking Taurus as the asc, the lord of 6th house Venus is in 8th house, combust and in papa-kartari yoga.So the border clashes and terrorist attacks will continue. The 6th house signifies, labour, terror strikes, riots, strikes, etc. Further, Jupiter the significator of religion is also in the 8th house in the ingress chart. So, you can expect communal tensions and more of polarisation by certain selfish motive leaders. Some religious leaders will also be under scanner and be exposed.

The lord of 7th house Mercury (which represents opposition, foreign affairs, etc) is also weak in the ingress chart for reasons mentioned above. Similarly, taking Taurus as asc, the lord of 7th house Mars is also weak for reasons mentioned above. So, the opposition will not co-operate in the affairs of the government and will not allow the government to function properly.

The lord of 10th house Mercury is weak. The 10th house has Rahu which is in MB and also has Moon, the lord of 8th house. So, the government functioning will not be cordial. Some prominent ministers of government will be dragged into controversy.

In the previous article on , the following were predicted.

………As the houses 3rd , 6th  and 7th houses gets afflicted (as same as in October 2014, Libra Ingress) the relationship with neighbouring countries are bound to get spoilt, terror strikes will be on rise, communal tensions, riots, labour trouble, relationship with foreign partners will be sour, etc.

In the next article, I will write on the Capricorn ingress chart, which will be for the period from January 15th, 2015 onwards.

Long live INDIA …..


Sundar Balakrishnan

Date: 12th December, 2014  

Time: 12.00 noon, Mumbai

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