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Doddalahalli Kempegowda Shivakumar is a politician from the Indian state of Karnataka. A member of the Indian National Congress, he is currently serving as the Minister of Energy in the government of Karnataka. He is a member of the Legislative Assembly from Kanakapura constituency.

We have seen how he is now in the limelight for hoarding huge unaccounted cash. The Income Tax department conducted raids across 39 locations and found huge cash and other documents. The other day when I appeared on the The Republic TV on the above issue one of my astrologer friend from Bangalore Shri Shankar Hegde shared his birth details with me. I am writing this article after taking permission from him to write this article on DKS. We will analyse his horoscope and see why he landed into this major problem. I am told that DKS himself knows astrology very well. This article though a “Post-mortem” analysis is a wonderful case study and hence I am parking this article in my website under “Learner’s Corner”. Come on let us now get going and start analysing the chart.

The following is the chart of DKS.

The Asc rising is Aries with 18 deg 48 in the nakshatra of Bharani. The lagna and Moon nakshatra lords are very important and should never be ignored. The birth nakshatra is Krittika. The dasa going on is Saturn/Saturn/Rahu till August 2017. Saturn in the natal chart is in Capricorn and its retrograde. It is conjunct Jupiter. This Jupiter is the dispositor of Gulika and hence a dire malefic. It is aspected by debilitated Mars. He is born on Pratipada and hence the Rashi Tula and Makara becomes Shoonya. Due to this the lord of these Tula and Makara, namely Venus and Saturn also becomes dire malefic.

The 5th lord Sun and the planet of Politics is at 0 deg 36 in Taurus. It is in Visha Navamsa. The Lagna 18 deg 48 Aries is in Visha Ghati. Simularly, Moon in 4 deg 03 Taurus is also in Visha Ghati. The planet Saturn is in Amrut Ghati. Planet Mercury is in Amrit Ghati.

Now let us analyse the above with respect to transit planets.

In the above transit chart, Moon is in 03 deg 52 Scorpio (in star of Anuradha), Sun in 15 deg 10 Cancer (in the star of Pushya), Mars is in the star of Pushya, Mercury in Magha, Jupiter in Hasta, Venus in Ardra, Saturn in Jyeshta, Rahu in Magha, and Ketu in Dhanishta.

Taking the above in the Sarvoto Bhadra Chakra (SBC), his 16th star (Sanhgtika) is afflicted by transit Saturn and retrograde. Similarly, his 18th star (Samudayika) is also afflicted by transit Pluto (Retro). Ketu is going over the Vipat star, Dhanista. Neptune (retro) over the 23rd star (Vinaash, destroyer). Uranus in 27th star (Abhisheka – malefic on this star denotes fall from position).
Now we will take the other aspects. Saturn will soon go it 64th Navamsa from Moon in 4 deg 03 Sagittarius. This will be in the month of December 2017. This period is going to be dire malefic period for him.

We will see the “Tara Chakra”. In this chakra, Vipat (3rd from natal Moon star), Pratyak (5th from natal Moon star) and Vadha (7th from natal Moon star) are supposed to be malefic. Any malefic transiting this star will give malefic results. Saturn is going over the Jyeshta star (Vadha tara). Rahu will go into Ashlesha from September 2017 which is his Vadha tara. Ketu is in Dhanishta his Vipat tara. Mars in August 2017 will get into Ashlesha a Vadha tara.

Latta of Planets. Currently, Rahu is in Magha which is giving Prishta Latta (Backward Kick) on Bharani. Bharani is the Lagna star lord.

He is going thru Saturn/Saturn till January 2018. Thereafter, Saturn/Mercury will begin and be there till October 2020. Currently, Saturn is going is Visha navamsa. Saturn will haunt him till such time he is in Scorpio. Further, it is the 10th lord of status and power and it is transiting in the 8th house from Lagna. When Saturn goes to Sagittarius, he will get into Ashtam Shani and it will be in 64th navamsa as stated earlier. This period of Saturn in Sagittarius will be tormenting too. In the SAV chart, the sign Sagittarius has only 21 points. SO this period of 2.5 year in Sagittarius will be taxing. Though the period of Saturn/Mercury looks promising because of Mercury is in the Amrit ghati, the transit of Saturn in the 8th house is going to make his life difficult. Saturn will also while transiting between 0 deg of to 3 deg 20 of Sagittarius will be in the Visha navamsa. Then as stated earlier it will be in the 64th navamsa. Saturn for Aries lagna is a Bhadaka. Currently, his natal lagna lord Mars is transiting in Cancer a debilitation sign.

Overall a very difficult period for another 2.5 years till Saturn stays in Sagittarius. This period is liable for imprisonment too.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Faculty of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.
Date: 3rd August, 2017
Time: 6.00 PM, Mumbai

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    For D K Shivakumar i consider lagna as taurus , in taurus planets sun ,moon, mercury are there and aspected by jupiter and both jupiter and Saturn aspected by mars and inturn mars aspected by jupiter and saturn and also venus aspected by saturn indicates outstanding planets aspect each other, two planets venus and moon are in exalted position ,saturn is in his own house , two planets jupiter and mars are created neecha banga rajayogas , these yoga's and planets aspect ion each other he will definatetly become chief minister during Saturn transits in Capricorn rasi now he may be troubled because his SAV is week 21 points Sagittarius this ,i have predicted before demonetization to his friend T M GOWDA of SOUNDARYA ARTS jayanagar

      Look into d-9 and d-10 also before concluding.

    The best detailed analysis of the horoscope. Every new student of astrology should have to learn from these types of articles. Thanks

    Currently he is going through saturn period and ashtama Shani is afflict the native mentally, physically and status also. Moreover saturn is badhakadhipati. One has to settle the karma issues during this time. No one is exception only the effect differs from person to person.

    Munish Arjuna
    Sir birth date is 15.5.1962 but as per your chart you have mentioned date is 15.5.1961 which is correct and what is birth timings

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