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I have written about Narendra Modi in my website earlier. Now this is in addition to what I have written earlier.

The following is chart of Narendra Modi….


The ascendant is Scorpio at 16 deg 19, with Moon at 9 deg 30 and Mars at 0 deg 58. Now, he is going through dasa of Moon and antara of Saturn from March 2015 which will be there till October 2016. As per the current transits, retrograde Saturn is approaching very close to his natal ascendant at 16 deg 19 in Scorpio. It will be exact in first week of July 2016. Transit retrograde Mars will go exactly on natal Mars at 0 deg 58 in Scorpio on June 12, 2016.


These configurations show the he needs extra care with respect to health and he should be provided extra security. About extra security, I had mentioned about it in my earlier article and after my write up within few days few terrorists were arrested who were planning an attack on him. So the above period is also very vulnerable for such kind of attempts.

Now about Arvind Kejriwal……his birth chart is given below. Let me tell you the chart is authentic as I have got from Arvind Kejriwal himself when I met him in Delhi in 2014. The chart is as follows;


His Ascendant rising is Leo 19 deg 10. In Leo there is Jupiter at 17 deg 50, Mercury at 8 deg 34 and Venus at 15 deg 26. As per current transits in Leo, Rahu is at 22 deg 46 and Jupiter is at 20 deg 35. Jupiter a benefic planet just crossed over his natal degree of 19 deg 10. The effect of conjunction will normally remain till it is within 5 degree orb. But, Rahu which is also in Leo currently at 22 deg 46 will get conjunct his ascendant around second week of July, 2016. Currently, retrograde transit Saturn at 18 deg 32 Scorpio is already aspecting his natal ascendant. Around, July 2016 second week, both Saturn and Rahu will be afflicting his natal degree very closely. Saturn with 3 deg orb and Rahu exact. Jupiter will also be exact with around 2 deg orb. Here two malefics Saturn and Rahu versus a benefic Jupiter.
Further, his natal Venus (which is lord of 3rd house and 10th house of profession) is being closely aspected by retrograde transit Saturn around July 2016 end. Rahu will also closely conjunct natal Venus with a few degrees orb.


The effect of this will be…..His health needs care. There could be attempt on his life, so he too needs extra security. His could face some difficult times with respect to his image (as Rahu and Saturn aspects his natal ascendant).His own people in government may face some corruption charges. But in all these, Jupiter’s aspect will be a saving grace.

For India as a whole…

Further for India as a whole, would like to point out that transit Jupiter will be closely conjunct Rahu and aspected by transit Saturn too around June, 2016 second week. This is not good configuration as far as whole of India is concerned. Since, Jupiter represents money and monetary indices, there could be negative impact on monetary matters. Jupiter represents religious places of worship, spiritual leaders, caste, religion and children. Because of this there are likely to be attacks on religious places, schools or colleges, spiritual leaders could spread hatered against other religions, stir/riots could arise due to reservation/caste issues, which could go out hand.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com, MBA (NMIMS, Mumbai)
2 year Jyotirvid and 3 year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai)
June 10, 2016
Mumbai, 0.30 AM

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    G Rajaraman
    Good and candid anslysis on bith the leaders. Would like to receive the outcone of Jaya's case in SC. Also through some light on stock market. Thanks

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