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All of sudden he is in the lime light. His recent connect with his fans and selfie, has made media speculate whether he will enter into politics. Added to this, his recent meeting with Narendra Modi coupled with total vacuum in Tamil Nadu politics has even made media and people speculate his entry into politics. Now the moot point is whether will he really join politics or stay in the film world? Let us analyse his chart.

His chart is given below.




His Lagna rising D1 chart is 21 Leo 29. The lagna lord Sun, is placed in Scorpio. Scorpio is a natural 8th sign which signifies secrecy. Such people will never be open and very difficult to read them. It is aspected by Rahu from the 8th house and Saturn (lord of 6th and 7th). In D1 chart, the Lagna lord Sun is aspecting the 10th house. So there is certainly good prospects for him to get into politics. In the D10 chart also the 10th house is very strong as it is aspected by its own lord Jupiter.

He is currently going through Saturn/Jupiter from June 2015 to January 2018. The dasa lord Saturn is in the 2nd house (lord of 6th and 7th). It is with Ketu. The 7th house denotes Public life and image. This Saturn aspects the lagna lord Sun. Saturn is in the nakshatra of Sun. In the navamsa Saturn is in amsha ruled by “Manushya”. Saturn is a planet of masses and its strength is important for people interested in entering politics. In the navamsa, Saturn is in the 6th house conjunct Sun (lord of 11th house of gains) and aspected by Mercury (from the 12th house, lord of 9 and 12) and Rahu. In navamsa, Saturn is yoga karaka and aspected by 9th lord Mercury and 11th lord Sun. So Saturn is strong in navamsa. In the D10 chart, Saturn is in 5th house Cancer (lagna rising is Pisces). It is aspecting its own house Capricorn (the 11th house of gains). In the Dasamsa, Saturn is in the amsha of “Ishaana” which ruled by benefic Jupiter. Saturn in dasamsa is aspected by Venus and Moon, two benefics. Saturn and Moon have exchanged signs.

The antara lord lord Jupiter in D1 chart is in the 7th house of public image. Jupiter is lord of 5th and 8th house. It is in the star of Rahu in the 8th house. There is exchange of house between Jupiter and Rahu (Rahu’s own house is Aquarius). So dejections and obstacles are not ruled out as it is the 8th house in operation by way of exchange. In the navamsa, Jupiter is in the own house Sagittarius aspected by Saturn. In navamsa, Jupiter is in the amsa of “Deva”. Jupiter aspects the 11th house of gains. In the dasamsa, Jupiter is the lagna and 10th lord is in the 2nd house conjunct the Sun (planet of politics) and aspected by 9th lord Mars and 11th lord Saturn. Jupiter in dasamsa is aspecting its own house the 10th. So, the 10th house is strong. In both the navamsa and dasamsa, Saturn and Jupiter are connected. So Jupiter is quite strong by placement and aspects.

From January 2018, he will have his Mercury/Mercury till June 2020. In the D1 chart Mercury is in the 5th house (lord of 2 and 11) with Venus (3rd and 10th lord). This Venus is in the star of Ketu in the 2nd house. The 10th house can be taken as signifying politics. In the navamsa, Mercury lord of 9th and 12th house is in the 12th house but exalted. It is aspected by yoga karak Saturn (lord of 4th and 5th) and Sun lord of 11th. In the navamsa, Mercury is in amsha of “Manushya”. In the D10 chart, Mercury (lord of 4th and 7th house (Public life)) is aspected by Mars (lord of 9th house). Mercury is conjunct Ketu, which is in debilitation. But Ketu attains neechabanga by the aspect of Mars. So there is connection between Kendra and trikona lord, i.e: Mercury and Mars. Mercury in the 3rd house (house of negotiations) denotes that he will get into negotiations with some party. In the dasamsa, Mercury is in the amsa of “Vaayu” ruled by Moon. This Moon is in the 11th house. So the overall period of Mercury will be “Excellent”. In the “Shad Bala”, Mercury has highest score.

Let us see, whether the upcoming dasa of Mercury is conducive for him to enter into politics. The dasa lord Mercury in navamsa is in Virgo. So, the dispositor Mercury is in the 5th house and conjunct Venus the 10th lord (Politics). The 5th house is house of his “Followers”. He will have his fans increasing many folds and his entering into politics is not ruled out.

By another method, the star lord of 10th house cusp is Moon. This Moon is in the 6th house (of service to people) and in conjunction with exalted Mars. Mars is yoga karaka being lord of 4 and 9.

As per current transits, Jupiter which is retrograde is aspecting his natal 10th house. Similarly, Saturn had also aspected his 10th house and again from Scorpio (in the month of June 2017) it will aspect the 10th house. However, both Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde now. Jupiter will turn direct from June 10th and Saturn will enter Scorpio on June 21st. It will turn direct from August 26th, 2017. So by the last quarter of 2017, he should announce his entry into politics.

Yogini dasa…..

He is going through Rahu/Jupiter. The nakshatra lord is Hasta ruled by Moon. The Progress Lagna (PL) is Virgo. From Virgo, the dasa lord is in 7th house of public image and it will behave like Jupiter. Jupiter is aspecting the 10th house Gemini. Jupiter is lord of 5th house of natal chart. The nakshatra lord Moon is in the 5th house Capricorn and its aspecting its own house Cancer the 11th house. The 10th lord from Virgo (which is Gemini) is aspected by its own lord Mercury. The 10th house is aspected by Venus the lord of 9th from Virgo and 10th from lagna. So, from Yogini dasa also its very promising for him to enter into politics.


Based on the above analysis;
1. Rajnikanth will enter into politics by the last quarter of 2017.
2. He will get into negotiations when the Mercury dasa begins in January 2018.
3. His upcoming Mercury dasa beginning January 2018 is will be very fruitful in politics.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com, MBA (NMIMS, Mumbai)
2 year Jyotirvid and 3 year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (BVB))
May 17, 2017
Mumbai, 10.30 PM

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    Dinesh R Tiwari

    In Rajnikanth's biography the birth time given is diferent, whats your source ??

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