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There have been strong rumours on two things which are in circulation. One is about Rahul Gandhi becoming the President and the other one is possibility of Priyanka coming in the forefront to handle 2017 election campaigns. As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned, I have written about his escalation to the post of President around October, 2016. Now, let us see what are expected from Priyanka Gandhi’s side.

The birth horoscope is given below;



Analysis of D1
In the natal chart the Asc rising is Gemini 20 deg 32. The Asc lord Mercury is in the 7th house of public life along with Sun (3rd lord of courage, valor, etc) and Jupiter (lord of 7th and 10th). The 10th house is the house of profession. From Asc in D1 chart, the 10th house has Mars which is very strongly placed in the star of Mercury in the 7th house. From Moon, the 10th house lord Sun is placed in 2nd house (Sagittarius) along with Jupiter (lord of 2 and 5) and with Mercury (lord of 8 & 11). But for signification of Mercury’s 8th house, the placement of Sun is very good, which gives the combination of lord of 10,2,5 and 11. Jupiter and Venus two benefic aspects 10th house.

Analysis of D9
The asc rising is Aries with Jupiter (lord of 9 & 12) along with Rahu. The 10th house lord Saturn placed in 11th house and retrograde. The asc is apected by Saturn, Venus and Moon. Venus is strong being in Libra. The asc lord of D1 is fortified by being in its own house, Gemini.

Analysis of D10 – the chart for profession, career, status, etc.
The asc rising in D10 is Sagittarius. The asc lord of D1, Mercury is the 3rd house of courage, efforts, valour, etc is conjunct Venus lord of 11th house. The Mercury however is in the deity named “Yama”. It represents south direction and is lord of death. The placement of Mercury in this deity is not good. The placement of Mercury here denotes that she will be following rules and regulations and will be strict in her duty. Mercury in this deity makes a good administrator. In D10, the 10th house has Sun, the planet of politics and power. The 10th house lord of D1 Jupiter is placed in Sagittarius. The Sun in the D10 is placed in the deity called “Ananta”. The devils fear Ananta (i.e: Vishnu). A strong planet in 10th house in this deity spreads fame worldwide. The Jupiter in D10 in Asc (Sagittarius) is in deity named “Indra”. It represents eastern direction. Sun rules eastern direction and it is the source of energy. It gives power, peace and contentment. This is a very good placement of Jupiter in D10.

Vimshottari Dasa analysis
She is going through the dasa of Venus/Jupiter till January 2017. Venus lord of 5th is very well placed in 9th house in the star of Mars in the 10th house. Mars rules 6th and 11th house in D1. Venus is lord of 7th (public life) is placed in 4th (throne) from Moon. The antara lord Jupiter is placed in 7th (lord of 10th house, status, profession, etc.) house of public life along with Sun (the planet of politics). This Jupiter is also very strongly placed in D10 in lagna itself in own house Sagittarius, the rising sign in D10. In transit, Jupiter is in currently in Leo aspecting both the dasa and antara lord Venus and Jupiter. From January 2017 Saturn will transit Sagittarius and go over natal Jupiter (the 10th lord) and Sun (lord of 10th from Moon). It will aspect the dasa lord Venus from Sagittarius.

From January 2017, It will be dasa of Venus/Saturn. Venus the dasa lord and Saturn the anatara is in parvartana in both D1 and D9. In D1, the parivartana is between 9 and 12 houses. In D9 it is between 7 and 11 houses. Saturn in D1 is in the 12th house being lord of 8 and 9. It is in the star of Sun in 7th house lord of 3. This Saturn is in 11th house in D9 in Aquarius its own house. In D10 it is in 4th house in Pisces aspecting the 10th house. Saturn is in the deity of “Ishaan” in D10. This deity represents North East and has blessings of gods. So it is powerfully placed. In D1, transit Jupiter will also aspect natal Saturn when Jupiter transits Virgo. From Virgo transit Jupiter will also aspect the 10th house of D1. Saturn will go over the natal Sun lord of 10th house from Moon and Jupiter lord of 10th house from Ascendant. Transit Rahu also will be in Leo in 10th house in D1 from Moon.

She will be given some responsible position in the Congress working committee around August 2016 and she will also aggressively work towards the party development and also contribute in all the forthcoming elections.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com, MBA (NMIMS, Mumbai)
2 year Jyotirvid and 3 year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (BVB))
Faculty of Astrology at BVB, Mumbai
June 29, 2016
Mumbai, 2.30 PM

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