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Gandhi family is in the lime light for various reasons. Be it Robert Vadra, Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi. The latest is the case of National Herald where if you see the gist of the case it involves some transfer of property for some consideration. What is relevant for us is the dispute with respect to the property. We all know astrologically the 4th house and Mars/Saturn represents properties in a horoscope. Let us analyse the chart of Sonia Gandhi and see whether what she is now witnessing is really depicted in her chart. Later we will see what is likely to be the impact on her. We will analyse this from tropical or sayana chart. We will use the western placidus chart and analyse through the progressed and transit charts.

The below given chart of Sonia Gandhi.


To give you a brief background, any geometrical aspect formed between the planets and houses will determine the malefic or benefic effect. As per western astrology geometrical formation like Conjunction (0 deg), semi-square (45 deg), Square (90 deg), Sesququadrate (135 deg), Quincunx (150 deg) and Opposition (180 deg) are supposed to give malefic effects. The geometrical formation like semi-sextile (30 deg), sextile (60 deg) and trine (120 deg) are supposed to give benefic effect. Out of the above conjunction with a malefic planet will give malefic effect and vice a versa.

Beginning from this background let us now look at the progressed horoscope of the birth date of December 9, 2015.

In the horoscope below the inner wheel is natal chart and outer is the progressed chart. We will analyse from secondary progression of “one year is equal to day”. The chart for December 9, 2015 is given below.


We all know a house is impacted by the house itself, the lord of house, the planets in the house and planets aspecting that house. So in this case when we see property related matters we need to see the 4th house. The 4th house is lorded by Mars and partly by Pluto as well. The 4th house has Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Ketu. Now we need to analyse which are the progressed and transit planets that throws malefic/benefic aspects to the above planets, namely, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Ketu.

The progressed Moon gives the present status as to what the native is going through. Here the progressed Moon in 5th house (speculation) is square to natal Neptune (deceit, secret) in 3rd house (documentation) of natal chart. The square aspect which is malefic shows the current situation where the speculative secret deals with respect to properties.

In the above chart, progressed Chiron in Scorpio (natural lord of 8th house denoting secret deals) on the cusp of 4th house (properties) is semi-square to natal Mars (significator of properties).

Natal Mercury has several malefic aspect from progressed planets as follows;
– Progressed Sun in 7th in Aquarius (intelligently designed) by square aspect.
– Progressed Venus in 5th house (speculation) in Capricorn, lord of natal 6th house (disputes) by semi-square
– Progressed Jupiter (for money) in 4th house in progressed chart (property), lord of 5th in natal (speculation) and 8th in natal (ancestral from the time of Nehru, secrecy) is by conjunction.
– Progressed Neptune (deceitful nature) in 12th house in progressed chart (loss), part lord of natal 8th house (secret deals) is semi-square.
– Lastly from progressed Asc (self) is semi-square.

Natal Venus also has malefic aspects from progressed planets as follows;
– Progressed Mars in 6th house (disputes) in Aquarius is square.
– Progressed Uranus in 11th house (for gains) in Gemini is Quincunx.

So out of 6 planets which signify property matters three namely Mars, Mercury and Venus are all afflicted and particularly Mercury.

Now to have full impact of progressions the transit planets should also simultaneously have malefic aspect to either of the natal planets namely, Mercury or Mars or Venus.

For this we need to analyse the transit chart of December 9, 2015 and see what aspect the transit planets throws to the natal planets.


In the above, the below given chart is transit chart for December 9, 2015.

The aspects to natal Mercury at Scorpio 26 deg from transit planets are as follows;
– Transit Moon in semi-sextile a benefic aspect.
– Transit Uranus in sesququadrate and malefic aspect. This could land her in trouble.
– Transit Rahu in sextile a benefic aspect.
– Transit Jupiter in sextile a benefic aspect.
– Out of the above 4 aspects, 1 is malefic.

The aspects to natal Venus at Scorpio 17 degrees from transit planets are as follows;
– Transit Sun (government) in semi-sextile in Sagittarius (judiciary). Here Judiciary may take contrary view and some understanding could be reached with the ruling government.
– Transit Mercury (documentation) in semi-square. Here judiciary could object to faulty documentation.
– Transit Pluto (unexpected) in sextile. This is a benefic aspect. Some unexpected development which can help her coming out of the case.
– Transit Uranus in Quincunx. This is malefic aspect and will have serious repercussions for her.
– Out of the above 4 aspects, 2 are malefic.

The aspects to natal Mars at 24 Sagittarius from transit planets are as follows;
– Transit Moon in conjunction. A benefic aspect.
– Transit Venus (Scorpio, secret deals) in semi-square. A malefic aspect.
– Transit Rahu (Virgo) in Square. A malefic aspect.
– Transit Jupiter (judiciary) in Square. A malefic aspect.
– Out of the above 4 aspects, 3 are malefic.


The above analysis shows that she will land up in problems in National Herald case. It is likely that Congress will be directed to reverse the transaction as natal Mercury, Venus and Mars (all signifying 4th house of properties) are heavily afflicted both by progressed and transit planets. The next hearing is scheduled on December 19, 2015 where Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have been directed to appear in person to give their explanation on the transaction.

Sundar Balakrishnan
2-Year Jyotirvid & 3-Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Date: 12th December, 2015
Mumbai, at 11.00 PM

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    I am newly commerce to learning this program but please guide to me time t o time so that may be improved my knowledge thanks

    S Jayaraman
    Wonderful analysis and explained in layman's language too!

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