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Today is an important day for Jayalalitha. The Bangalore Special Court is going to issue the verdict on the DA case today. The case has been lingering over 18 years !!!!.

I have managed to find out what could be the outcome based on the KP prashna chart. I have a small pocket book with 249 pages and today in the morning at 8:39:21 at Mumbai sat to analyse what is likely to be the result. The prashna number is 100. The chart for the prashna moment is given below.




For finding out the outcome of court case / litigation, we need to take the primary house as 6th house. Here the 6th house sub lord should be seen whether there is any connection to 1, 9 or 11.


The 6th house sub lord is Rahu. Rahu is in the 2nd house. Rahu represents Mercury (lord of 2 and 11). Rahu is with Sun and Venus. But, I am not taking the effect of conjunction as the orb is too wide. Rahu is in the star if Mars (lord of 4 and 9) and in the sub of Rahu itself. Mars is in its own house hence strong.


Conclusion: As the 6th house sub lord shows connection with 2, 11 and 9, the judgement will be passed in her favour by the Special Court today.


Let us wait and watch, till then good bye !!!




Sundar Balakrishnan

Date: 27th September, 2014

Time : 09.04 AM, Mumbai

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