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Following are the eclipses those are occurring in 2016. Let us see what effect it has on India by taking India Independence chart. We all know we go independence on 15th August, 1947 at midnight.

Solar eclipse
March 9, 2016 from 4.49 am to 10.04 am

Lunar eclipse
March 23, 2016 from 15.06 to 19.27
August 18, 2016 from 14.52 to 15.32
September 16, 2016 from 22.22 to 2.26

Though, I have given above the details of all the eclipses occurring during 2016, I will for the present in this article only about the immediate global solar eclipse that is occurring on March 9, 2016.

Following is the India Independence chart.


The Lagna rising in our India Independence chart is Taurus 7 deg 46. As per the above eclipse chart the global solar eclipse occurs in the 4/10 axis of the India Independence chart.

In the above eclipse chart you will see that Rahu/Ketu, Sun and Moon are very close degrees. More important is Jupiter which is retrograde is also very close degrees in opposition.

The 4th house signifies natural calamities in addition to other significations such as agriculture, farming, climate, weather conditions, opposition parties, etc. The March 9, 2016 happens to be “Amavasya” or “new moon”. The effect of eclipse on the “New moon” day is supposed to be very strong.

The 10th house signifies, the ruling government and its functioning.

In addition to the above eclipse chart the Lunar new month chart for the month of March 2016 also falls on 9th March, 2016. This also falls on the 4/10 axis. The chart for the lunar new month is given below.


Koorma Chakra


The above is the Koorma chakra which distributes India according to the various zones based on nakshatra. If you see the above eclipse chart the eclipse forms in Poorvabhadra/Uttaaraphalguni axis. These two nakshatras represent area in North and South zone of India. North represents Central Asia, North west India, Pakistan, Part of Kashmir, Some parts of Punjab, Haryana, Uttaranchal, parts of northern UP, Delhi, Jaipur Agra and Sikkim. The south parts represents, Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, Konkan, Kerala, Parts of Karnataka, Nasik and Kanchi.

Since the Global Solar eclipse falls on 4/10 axis and combined with the “New Moon” day, the effect of eclipse is going to be strong. Based on the above, we can expect…
1. Natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunami, etc in the above areas as described above.
2. In addition to the above, since 10th house is also impacted, we can expect the government functioning to be messy, some high level persons placed in the government may pass away too.
3. The relationship between the opposition and ruling government will become worse and opposition will not allow the government to function. This will result in non-passing of important bills in parliament.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS, Mumbai)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB), Mumbai)
Faculty of Astrology at BVB, Mumbai
Date: 3rd March, 2016
Time: 12 noon, Mumbai, India

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