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We all know yesterday the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mr. John Key surprisingly resigned. Everybody were taken by surprise. In astrology, every aspect of life, whether animate or inanimate all can be predicted. What is important is one should have knowledge of planets, signs, houses and aspects. Then ofcourse a great amount of common sense (which is not “Common” !!!) and logic. We will analyse the chart of New Zealand from the western astrology’s progressed horoscope. While, we do the post-mortem analysis, we will also analyse the future probable events till the next one year up to 2017.

In Mundane and Political astrology what is more important is to know the background of nations and upto date knowledge on political developments in various countries.
Let us see the background of New Zealand. The Maori colonisation of New Zealand began in the 14th century. The first person who reached the island was Abel Tasman on December 12, 1642 and he was a European. Then on October 6, 1769 Captain Cook entered. There was no British colonisation until Janury 1840. On February 6, 1840 The Treaty of Waitangi was signed under which the Maori chiefs gave away sovereignty to Britain in return for guarantees of their lands. This is regarded as foundation chart by many. On May 21, 1840 British sovereignty was proclaimed and Auckland was established as capital of New Zealand, which was founded on September 18, 1840. But the real self-governance in New Zealand began with Constitution Act on January 17, 1853 at 00.00 hours. This chart is set for Wellington, the Capital. This constitutional plan was sent to UK for approval by the Governor on August 30, 1851 and the constitutional act was passed in 1852 and the first assembly met on May 24, 1854. Subsequently, the first government was elected on May 1, 1856. The transition to Dominion status within the British Empire took place 00.00 hours on September 26, 1907.

Following is the horoscope of New Zealand.


Chart no. 2 – Progressed chart for September 26, 2016


Chart no 3 – Progressed to Natal chart


Chart no. 4 – Natal, Progressed and Transit charts


First let us analyse the resignation of Prime Minister. The PM is the head of government and it is governed by the 10th house. Any malefic aspects to Natal/Progressed 10th house will give the event of instability of the government. Simultaneously, we will also see the probable events in 2017. In the above Progressed horoscope of September 26, 2016, the following aspects are seen;

1. The progressed Sun (separating aspect, indicating event that has happened prior to September 2016) in the cusp of the 4th house (natural calamities, opposition parties, weather, agriculture, etc.) is conjunct natal Mars (accidents, fires, disputes, secret plots, etc.) in the natal 8th house (destruction, secret plots, additional taxes, scams, deception, etc.) is lord of natal 10th house (government). The progressed Sun is getting activated (by adverse square aspect) by transit retrograde Uranus at Aries 23 degrees 15. This progressed Sun is also conjunct transit retrograde Pluto (reformation, transformation, secret plots, scams, etc.) at Capricorn 14 degrees 56. Since, the natal Mars is also at the Capricorn 20 degrees 15, the transit aspect of Uranus and Pluto is thrown to Mars as well. Hence, progressed Sun and natal Mars are afflicted by the same transit Uranus and Pluto.

2. The progressed Sun (separating aspect, indicating event that has already happened before September 2016) is in opposition (adverse aspect) to natal North node (Rahu) at Cancer 19 degrees 38 on the cusp of the natal 2nd house (wealth, treasury, all other financial resources, etc.). As mentioned in point no 1, the progressed Sun as well as natal north node both are afflicted by transit Uranus and Pluto.

3. The progressed Moon (at Taurus 14 degrees 11, in the 11th house of natal chart, lord of 2nd house of natal chart and in the 7th house of progress chart) is sesquiquadrate (adverse 135 degrees aspect) to natal Sun in the 3rd lord of 3rd. Sun denotes people at high places and heads of government. The aspect is applying one with 2.06 (translates to approx above 2 months) degree orb. So, from September 26, 2016 it falls in end November/December 2016. The progressed Moon is afflicted by adverse quincunx aspect of transit Saturn in Sagittarius 11 degrees 18. It is also in benefic trine aspect from transit Pluto at Capricorn 14 degrees 56. We all know the PM resigned on December 5, 2016 and government is at stake now. The trine aspect though giving a sudden change will be smooth transition.

4. The progressed Moon is sesquiquadrate (adverse aspect) to natal Mercury (at Libra 15 degrees 21) in 4th house (natural calamities) lord of Ascendant (represents general state of people and status of nation). The natal Mercury is afflicted by square aspect from transit Pluto at Capricorn 14 degrees 56. Similarly, natal Mercury is also afflicted by adverse quincunx aspect of transit south node (Ketu at Pisces 11 degrees 20) and Neptune (at Pisces 10 degrees 00). We have heard there were natural calamities like earthquakes and forest fires in November 2016.

5. Progressed Moon is in adverse sesquiquadrate aspect to natal Venus at Libra 04 degrees 05, lord of 4th (natural calamities, opposition, etc) and 12th house (losses). The natal Venus will be afflicted by adverse quincunx aspect from transit south node (Rahu in Pisces) in during January to March 2017. This period too the country will face severe natural calamities (4th house) involving huge damage and losses (12th house).

6. The progressed Moon is making benefic trine aspect to natal Mars at Capricorn 20 degrees 15. Mars is lord of 10th (government) in the 8th house in the natal chart. So, around March/April 2017, an able administrator will emerge who will rule the nation from the next elections due in September 2017. The office of current PM expires in September 2017.


On the basis of above analysis, following events are expected.

1. The recent event of Prime minister resigning is clearly depicted in the above chart.

2. The natural calamities during the month of November 2016, is also depicted.

3. The months between January to March 2017 will see more of severe natural calamities involving huge losses to the country.

4. The months of March/April 2017 will see emerging of a new leader.

5. Finally, the country will see a smooth transition of government in the months of September/October, 2017.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharada
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Faculty of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.
Date: December 6, 2016
Time: 11.30 PM, Mumbai

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