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There are two eclipses occurring in the month of October 2014. There is Lunar eclipse on October 8, 2014 and it is a total eclipse. Apart from this there is also a Partial Solar eclipse on 24th October, 2014. But this is not visible in some places. In some places both these eclipses are visible. Hence, all those places where both lunar and solar eclipses are visible these countries are vulnerable to some notable negative events.

Let us understand conceptually what is an eclipse and how they affect the countries.

What is Eclipse

In Lunar eclipse the earth comes in between the Sun and Moon, whereas in the solar eclipse the moon comes in between the sun and the earth. The eclipse charts are given below.



Partial Solar Eclipse


In eclipse it is important to find out which are the points in the horoscope that are impacted. The eclipse falling in the following points have impact on the country or individuals.


–          On the ascendant/Lagna


–          On the 4th house


–          On the 10th House


–          Over the Sun


–          Over the Moon


–          On other houses and planets


The effect of lunar eclipse remains for number of month equivalent to the duration of eclipse. Similarly, the solar eclipse will be equivalent number of years. In the eclipse the degree of Rahu / Ketu is of prime importance as well as the Moon and Sun.


Apart from the above, the transit of external planets like Mars, Saturn and Jupiter over the eclipse points after the occurrence of eclipse is also of prime importance. For example say if Mars transits over the eclipse point within the effective period after the eclipse over the 7th house, then there is all possibility of war with neighbouring countries.


Out of the above eclipse falling on Lagna, 4th, 10th, sun and moon are of importance. However, the other points cannot be ignored.


We have been witnessing the recent visit of President of China to India and also the simultaneous incursions at the Indian borders. These incidents made me think for a while and wanted to see whether there is any effect of eclipse that is occurring in the month of October on China’s chart.


There are two charts for China which are relevant for the astrological analysis. These horoscopes are from the Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, 1988 edition.


–          China Republic, January 1, 1912, at 12.05, at Nanking China.


–          China Nationalist, December 25, 1947, at 00.00, at Taipeh






As said earlier both the Lunar and Partial Solar both are visible in China. Hence the impact is going to be severe as far as China is concerned.

In both the above charts the eclipse falls on the Lagna / 7th house axis. The lagna rising in the case of China republic is Pisces 21 deg and in China Nationalist it is Virgo 10 degrees.

The Lunar eclipse falling on 8th October, 2014 begins at 16:13 and ends at 21:35. The duration is almost for 4.50 hours. So the effect will be there for 4.50 months beginning from the date of eclipse. The effect also starts from a few months before as well.

Similarly the Partial Solar eclipse occurring on October 24, 2104 begins at 3:37 and ends at 7:51. So the duration is almost 4 hours. So the effect of this will be there for 4 years.

Apart from this whenever, Mars transit after the transit points of eclipse after the above dates but within the above period then also important events occur.

If there are two eclipses one Lunar and the other Solar occur in the same month then there will be revolt in the army of the ruler resulting in great bloodshed and death of ruler. So CHINA is susceptible to all these. Oh gosh!!!

Now in the case of both the charts since the eclipse is falling on the Lagna / 7th house, there are whole lot of events that are likely to occur as follows.

Effect of Lunar eclipse on China

Moon is at Pisces 19 degrees and Rahu in Virgo 25 degrees. The eclipse falls in Pisces, which is a watery, mutable sign and in the 2nd decante. The effects of this will be death of renowned and famous persons, misfortune to religion, misfortune on high seas, robberies, rapes, etc. The axis being in the Lagna / 7th house axis, there will severe issues like revolt among the people, revolt, death of ruler or some famous persons, deaths, dissatisfaction amongst the people, etc. The 7th house among many other things represents foreign affairs, relations with neighbouring countries, war, etc. So in this case China is in for a BIG TROUBLE. After the eclipse, the fiery Mars is going to transit Pisces (which happens to be the 7th house of China Nationalist chart) in the month of February, 2015. This month needs a careful watch for any untoward event with respect to relationships with neighbouring countries. This could also throw up war like conditions which could be instigated by China.

Effect of Partial Solar eclipse on China

The Sun is in Libra a cardinal and Airy sign. Sun is at Libra 6 degrees and Rahu at Virgo 24 degrees. The degree of Rahu and Sun both play important role. Since Sun is in Libra and 1st decante, the effect will be like famine conditions, death of ruler, affliction to nobility, pestilence, falling of crops, changes in weather, etc. As, Rahu still remains in the Lagna / 7th house axis all the above effects will manifest forcefully.


Sundar Balakrishnan

Date: September 23, 2014





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