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The assembly elections are to be held in Maharashtra in the month of October 2014. While all of us are stake holders in the elections, the two major parties are in fierce fights over the seat sharing. I just thought will Krishnamuti Paddhati (KP) system of astrology will help in finding out what is likely to happen. It was a bright afternoon on 21st September, 2014 when I thought let me apply the KP prashna principles and see what is likely to happen on the 25 year old alliance. I have a small pocket book consisting of 249 pages in which i just opened the booklet and found for BJP the prashna no came as 134. This was analysed by me on 21st September, 2014 at 16:48:59 at Mumbai.

Let us see whether, the query is genuine. The Moon is the significator of query. Here Moon is in the 10th house and lord of 10th house. The 10th house is government in Mundane astrology. Moon is in the star of Ketu. Ketu being in Pisces represents Jupiter in 10th and Ketu in the star of Mercury in 12th (change) lord of 9 and 12 (9 also represents change being 12th to 10th).

Come let us see what it says for Bharatiya Janata Party




In such analysis the lagna always represents the main party (which in this case is BJP) and the 7th house being the alliance which is Shiv Sena and others.


The lagna sub lord is Ketu (in 6th house, in Pisces) in the star of Mercury (in 12th, lord of 9 & 12) and in the sub of Jupiter (in 10th, lord of 3 and 6).


Now, let us logically analyse the above configuration. Ketu in the 6nd house denotes advantage for BJP and loss for Shiv Sena (6th house being 12th to 7th house). There are other planets in the star of Ketu. Ketu is aspected by Sun, but the orb is too wide, hence I am not taking this aspect into account. Ketu being in Pisces will represent Jupiter. Jupiter is in the 10th house lord of 3 and 6. However, Jupiter is aspected by Saturn (in 1, lord of 4 & 5), the orb within 4 degrees approximately. I am not taking Saturn’s conjunction and its impact on Mercury as the orb is too wide. This shows that BJP will have to give way to Shi Sena else the alliance will break. This is based on the following logic and aspects and houses.


Ketu being in the star of Mercury in the 12th (giving to Shiv Sena), lord of 9 (its 3rd house from the 7th being house of negotiation for gain to Shiv Sena) and 12th house (loss to BJP). Jupiter in the 10th house is aspected by Saturn. Here Saturn in the 1st (being 12th to 2nd), lord of 4th and lord of 5th (being the 11th house from 7th house of Shiv Sena).


In all this it is clear that BJP has to listen to Shiv Sena and give way, else the alliance will surely break. So it is advised that BJP should lower their expectation.


Shiv Sena – taking 7th house as Lagna


Now let us, take 7th house as Shiv Sena and see what it shows. Here we should rotate the chart and take 7th house as Lagna. The 7th house sub lord is Venus in the star of itself and sub of Mercury. Venus is in the 5th house (being 11th house from lagna of BJP) in conjunction with Moon but with a wide orb. So I am ignoring the conjunction. Venus is in the sub of Mercury in 6th lord of 3 and 6.


In the above analysis both BJP and Shiv Sena have give and take policy.


In the case of BJP since the negative houses from 7th house operatesmore, it is clear that BJP has to come down on its share or else the break is inevitable.




Sundar Balakrishnan


Date: 21st September, 2014


Time : 6.49 pm at Mumbai


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