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  1. The Government will face severe challenges
  2. Ruling Govt leaders will face health issues
  3. China will help Pakistan financially in case, Pakistan retaliates against India
  4. The COVID cases will re-emerge again
  5. The people in general will face financial hardships
  6. The international organisation like WHO, UN, ICJ, etc will go against China
  7. The relationship with their foreign partners will suffer and thereby their trade will suffer.
  8. China will be accused of hiding their COVID figures
  9. Their economy will be badly affected due to massive outflow by way of resources to its agriculture industry, labour class, etc.


The upcoming Solar eclipse of June 21, 2020 will be visible in China. Its effect will be felt for one year till June 2021. I have written about the effect of Solar eclipses on of the past those occurred in sign Gemini since 1947 on India (you can read the article

The following is the chart of China along with the planetary positions on June 21, 2020 (the planetary position is given under the box “Gochara (Transits)”.)

The following is the path of Solar eclipse which depicts that it will be visible in China.

The Asc rising in the China chart is Capricorn at 12.44 degrees. The sign rising in the Solar eclipse chart is Libra at 5.03 degrees. It’s the 10th house which is rising. So, all the aspects of Governance, Government, Leaders of ruling Govt, etc. The Asc is aspected by Mars from the 6th house (lord of 2 and 7), Saturn Rx from the 4th house, and Rahu from the 9th house. So, the Asc is under malefic Aaspects. Saturn is also in exact square (malefic) to Asc. The Asc signifies the people in general, state of home affairs, general health of people, general environment of the country, etc. So, we can expect folloing effect due to the above aspects.

  • The lord of 10th house of Eclipse chart, Moon is under eclipse in the 9th and its under malefic aspect from Mars and quincunx (malefic) aspect from Saturn Rx.
  • Since, the 10th lord Moon is under malefic influence from Mars from 6th house of disease, some Ruling Govt leaders may face health issues.
  • There will be re-emergence of COVID as Mars is aspecting from the 6th house (diseases). Also, the eclipse is occuring in the 6th house of the China chart in Gemini. Also the 6th house of the eclipse chart is aspected by Saturn Rx.
  • The people will face economic hardships due to aspect of Mars lord of 2nd (financial indicators, economy in general, banking, etc)
  • The trade with their foreign partners will suffer, due to aspect of Mars lord of 7th (Foreign trade and relationship with foreign partners)
  • China will support Pakistan (if Pakistan decides to retaliate with India) as Mars lord of 7th (signifying wars) from the 6th house (Wars). The Pakistan chart already shows that they can be first mover when it comes to war with India. Also, the 3rd house of neighboring countries is under Rahu/Ketu axis. Read my article on this (
  • The people will generally be unsatisfied with the Governance (due to aspect of Saturn from 4th house).
  • There will be changes in their education system, entertainment industry will suffer, etc (due to aspect of Saturn lord of 5th house)
  • The WHO, other World Organisations, Internation Court of Justice (ICJ), etc will go against China (due to aspect of Rahu from the 9th house. Also, the 9th house of eclipse chart is aspected by Mars and Saturn Rx is quincunx (malefic) aspect to eclipse point. The 9th house signnifies, WHO, UN, ICJ,etc. Also additionally, the eclipse is occuring in the 9th house in the eclipse chart.
  • The 4th house cusp is afflicted by eclipse degrees due to quincunx (malefic) aspect. The 4th house has Pluto Rx. The country will experience natural calamities, the agriculture industry will suffer, etc.
  • Pluto Rx and Jupiter Rx are sextile Mars in the 6th house. The agriculture industry will be given special financial benefits (Mars lord of 2nd signifying finance). The labour class (Mars in 6th house) will be given housing benefits (Saturn Rx from 4th house of home). China will finance Pakistan for fighting war (sextile aspect of Jupiter (3rd lord, neighboring country) with  Mars (lord of 2nd finance and 7th house of war). Pluto Rx is also part lord of 2nd house Scorpio signifying finance and its conjunct Jupiter Rx (lord of 3rd).
  • The conjunction of Jupiter Rx (lord of 6th house of diseases – COVID) is conjunct Pluto Rx (hiding). China may be hiding the real figures of COVID cases. Its in the 4th house of death (a terminal house). So, deaths due to COVID could be hidden too.  
  • The lord of 2nd house (economy, finance, financial indicators, etc) Mars being aspected by Saturn Rx will result in downfall of the economy.  

Sundar Balakrishnan

B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)

2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Professor of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai

Date: May 19, 2020  

Time: 8.30 PM, Mumbai, India

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    Good analysis. For coming eclipse Slow moving planets rahu ketu saturn jupiter has major influence but Retro venus in 8 house and retro mercury in 9 house fast moving planets also have some effect.

    Sir, isn’t there a remedy to appease the planets to avoid war with India .

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