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In the last article we studied the chart of France after a gruesome attack in Paris by suicide bombers. Following this attack France opened attack on Syria at ISIS hideouts. It has called for open war against ISIS. In the last article we saw how the ascendant lord was afflicted in natal, progressed and transit. All these were seen from tropical chart using the progressed and transit chart. Similarly, we will now study the chart of Syria.


The area covered by modern Syria has been dominated by powerful neighbours from ancient times until the twentieth century. In four thousand years it has formed part of the Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian, Macedonian, Roman, Arabian, Turkish and French Empires. Following the defeat of Turkey in the First World War, a Syrian State was proclaimed in Damascus by the Emir Feisal, son of the King of the Hijaz. However, the region was occupied by the British and true independence was never gained. On July 2, 1919 and March 8, 1920 requests were made for independence and on March 11, 1920 Feisal was proclaimed King of Syria. However, on April 25, 1920 the mandate over Syria was assigned to France (and confirmed by the League of Nations on July 24, 1922), the French occupied Damascus, Feisal fled and was later appointed King of Iraq by British. These two dates represent failed attempts to gain independence and yet are worthy of astrological investigation.

Throughout the 1930s the French offered various degrees of self-government to the Syrians including spurious independence yet always intervened to assert their authority if any local politicians actually started to act independently. It was only the pressure of war that prompted a declaration of independence by France in order to gain Arab support. On September 16, 1944 the Free French leader in Syria, General Georges Catroux, proclaimed Syrian independence in Damascus. It was according to French-Syrian Treaty of September 9, 1936 and represented complete DE JURE independence. In spite of all this the French continued to exercise all the mandate powers, depriving the Syrian government of any real authority.

Under British and American pressure the French finally agreed on December 27, 1944 to transfer all the mandate powers to the Syrian Government on January 1, 1944. It is set for the capital Damascus. The chart is given below.




We are witnessing heavy shelling by France on Syria after the suicide attack by ISIS. Now the question remains is if in the chart of France when the event is seen, then should not the same event be seen in the chart of Syria too. The answer is YES!

In the above natal chart the ascendant rising is 13 deg 15 of Libra. The ascendant lord being Venus is placed in Scorpio at 28 deg in 2nd house. Venus is extremely afflicted being opposition (180 deg) to Mars (lord of 2 & 7, in 8), Square (90 deg) to Jupiter (lord of 3 & 6, in 11) and opposition to Uranus (lord of 5, in 8). All these are negative parameters. The 7th house (of foreign relations) lord Mars is square to Jupiter (lord of 3 & 6, in 11) and Mars ic conjunct Uranus in the 8th. So Syria as such does not share good relationship with its neighbours as can be seen from so many afflictions to Venus and Mars.

The progressed chart of Syria with the reference date of March 13, 1944 is given below.




In the above chart also the ascendant lord of natal chart, Venus is forming opposition (180 deg) to Mars, square (90 deg) to Jupiter and opposition to Uranus. Similarly, Mars is square (90 deg) to Jupiter and conjunct Uranus. So, the natal configurations are repeated in progressed.

Similarly, come to the transits as on November 18, 2015 (when the raids by France took place at Syria) which is given below.




In the above chart too natal Venus is opposition (180 deg) to transit Mars, Square (90 deg) to transit Jupiter and also opposition (180 deg) to transit Uranus. Similarly, Mars is also square to Jupiter and conjunct Uranus.

To sum it up, if you had read my article on Paris Attack, there too, the ascendant lord was extremely afflicted in Natal, Progressed and Transit. The same configuration repeats here.


Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Date: 19th November, 2015
Time: 6.00 PM, Mumbai, India


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    Ahmad Bakhsh Awan
    Very Strange coincidence & both the countries are under attack...! A great reading & interpretation of aspects of planets through all charts ...! Astonishing really Best Regards A.B.Awan

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