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Today i:e. 28th December, 2014 at around 7.24 am the Air Asia plane went missing while enroute to Singapore. Any such event provokes me to check the correlation with the astrology. I before taking up study of astrology was a total non-believer in astrology. Over a period of time after an in-depth study, I came to conclusion that all of us whether living or non-living are controlled by planets.

Now the event in question is being studied from a tropical analysis point of view and applying all western aspects. The analysis will be done based on the progressed chart combined with the transit chart for that day. In progressed chart analysis the progressed Moon having inimical/friendly aspect with other planets with the natal planets is of importance. In astrology Moon is taken for timing the event. So, progressed Moon is the trigger. The following events are triggered as follows;

  1. The house from where the progressed Moon makes a aspect to natal planets/house cusps
  2. The house occupied by the planet that is aspected by the progressed Moon in the natal chart
  3. The house owned by the planet that is aspected by the progressed Moon in the natal chart.
  4. The aspects of progressed moon to progressed planets/cusps.
  5. That event will come into forefront that is triggered by transit.

An event is either good or bad depending upon the nature of aspect like conjunction (0*), semisextile (30*), sextile (60*), semi-square (45*), square (90*), trine (120*), sesquiquadrate (135*), quincunx (150*) and opposition (180*). All these are with varying orbs of less than 8* can be taken. The friendly aspects are conjunction (if with benefic), semisextile, sextile and trine. The rest are inimical. For more details on these you can refer to any standard book on Progression.

Now the event is taken for study based on the Indonesia Independence chart. Indonesia got their independence on December 27, 1949 at 4.22 pm at Jakarta, Indonesia. The chart is given below.




The below chart is the placidus chart with the inner circle being the natal chart, the 2nd circle is the progressed chart and the 3rd is the transit as on 28th December, 2014.





As per the above chart the progressed Moon is in 3rd house at Leo 14* 12’ (represents all forms of communications). The progressed Moon is in opposition with natal Venus (in 9, lord of 5 & 12). The 9th house is also higher forms of transportation. Progressed Moon is in Semi-square to natal Mars (accidents) in 4th (terminal house) lord of 6th (accidents). Progressed Moon is in conjunction with natal Chiron in 3rd house (communication). So in this case the lord of 3rd house, Sun and planets in the 3rd house in the natal chart should also be afflicted by transiting planets for the 3rd house matter to come in light. The lord of 3rd house is Sun. Natal Sun at Cap 05* 18’ is conjunct transit Sun at Cap 6* 33’. Natal Sun is semi-square to transit Mars at Aqu 18* 14’. Natal Sun is conjunct transit Chiron at Cap 13* 02’.  Natal Sun is square to transit Moon at Ari 01* 37”. Natal Sun is Square to transit Uranus at Ari 12* 35”. Natal Sun is sesquiquadrite to transit Jupiter at Leo 22* 00’. The progressed Moon is conjunct Progressed Chiron at Leo 16* 27’. Progressed Sun at Pis 11* 14’ is Square to natal asc at Gem 11* 49 and conjunct the meridian cusp at Pis 11* 23. The aspects of progressed planets to natal planets is given in the figure.

You can see from the above how beautifully the event gets explained. You can very well say that it is a post-mortem analysis. I agree with you. But you should take it as an area of further research of application of tropical analysis to mundane events. I am in the process of writing an article with various events that have happened in India and correlate with such tropical analysis.


Sundar Balakrishnan

2 year – Jyotirvid, 3 year-Jyotirvisharada

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Mumbai, December 28, 2014

Time: 1.30 pm



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