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Astro-Carto-Graphy (ACG) is an excellent tool to find out which is the best place for a person to Re-locate. I have been doing research on this for a long time and wanted to write article for the benefit of the Astrology community. I have done this analysis on many of my known family members and friends and let me tell you it works wonderfully well. This is the additional and very important service which I have recently launched in my website. If anyone needs this specialised service one can refer my website.

I will demonstrate through the chart of Donald Trump who is born in Jamiaca, NY. He relocated himself to Washington DC after he took over as the President of USA. We all know his dynamism with which he operates after assuming office. We have noticed how he has been dealing with his own people and speed with which he has been taking decisions. His actions have been so swift that even the Courts have objected to his various rulings on immigrations. He has been getting into dispute with his own establishment often. People have been often commenting that his various decisions are not well thought off.

In ACG the planets very close to Ascendant (ASC), Descendant (DSC), IC (4th house) and MC (10th house) have a far reaching impact. Any malefic/benefic planet that is close to the ASC will impact the behaviour of the person and the native will take the qualities of that planet. Similarly, the planet close to DSC will affect the relationships and his public image. The planet close to IC will affect the home environment. The planet close to MC will affect the profession and status.

In ACG, a map is drawn for the relocated place and study is done as to which are the planets that are close to these points mentioned above. This ACG is analysed to find out which can be most suitable place for the person to relocate. Today many youngsters educated and employed professionals take a major decision to relocate themselves from their regular/birth place to a totally unknown place. After a brief period they lament as to why they relocated. By using ACG one can predict clearly which part of the world will be beneficial for him.

While analysing the above, we will analyse two charts and two maps. The two charts are Natal chart and Relocated chart. The two maps are map for the birth place and the other is map for relocated place.

The following are the two charts of birth and relocated place.

In the above chart you will find the fiery planet Mars is 3 degrees away in the 12th house. The ASC being at 29 Leo 58 and Mars at 26 Leo 47. In the Relocated chart above you will see Mars is though in the 12th house is very close to ASC almost degrecally same. Here the effect of Mars is going to be more severe in the Relocated chart and that is why we see his swiftness and not well thought of various decisions. This is going to be serious impediment for his future performance. He will get into unnecessary arguments with his people. His swift actions will cost him dearly and will be cause of his impeachment next year. I have written a detailed article on his Oath taking chart and available on my website.

Another planet Sun has reached the sextile to the ASC in the Relocated chart which was not in the natal chart. This aspect of Sun sextile to ASC in the Relocated chart is benefic for him.

Another planet Moon is making a trine (beneficial aspect) to the ASC, whereas, in the birth chart this trine aspect to ASC is not there. Additionally, Moon is forming close quincunx (malefic aspect) to the MC in the relocated chart. This will certainly be an impediment for him and some female member will be a cause for his downfall. His decisions on foreign policies (12th house lorded by Moon) will cost him very dearly.

The planet Saturn was very close sextile to the MC, whereas in the relocated chart it has moved away by more than 2 degrees.

Similarly, the planet Venus is forming semi-sextile to ASC in the relocated chart, whereas in the birth chart it is not there. Venus in the relocated chart is the lord of MC. Here again the aspect to the relocated chart is improved over the natal chart.

Now, let us see how wonderfully the above aspects are depicted in both the maps.

The following is the map for the birth place Jamaica, NY.

If you closely see the above map, Jamaica is placed just below New York. A yellow line which consists of mid-point between Saturn and Neptune is going over the ASC. These two planet’s malefic mid-point conjunction with the ASC is not good. Similarly, you can see a RED line from the top is forming semi-square to the MC. This is also not good as Mercury (planet of communications, lord of 11th house of legislations and lord of 4th house of Opposition) is forming a malefic semi-square.

Now we will see the map of relocation to Washington DC.

In the above relocated chart, Mars is going over Washington (in the Yellow line) and forming exact conjunction to the ASC. This was even noticed clearly in the above relocation chart. Similarly, Moon which is going through the Washington (See the Red line) is forming a quincunx (a malefic aspect) to the MC. This point is again reiterated in the above relocated chart.


The above analysis is only reiterating my earlier article wherein I have stated that he will be impeached in 2018. Refer my article

The above analysis is one of the excellent method by which one can know which is the best place in the globe to relocate.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com, MBA (NMIMS, Mumbai)
2 year Jyotirvid and 3 year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (BVB))
Faculty of Astrology at BVB, Mumbai
July 1, 2017
Mumbai, 1.30 AM

public comments
    Asha Kathrecha
    Thank you very much sir for sharing this technique of analysis.

    Very innovative and a new version if natal cum location chart.It is research oriented article.

    Sir, Can you also share your views on the standoff between India and China. Will India ever be able to thwart the challenge posed by China?

    Albert Phoenix
    Dear Sir, you have mentioned ... "The above analysis is one of the excellent method by which one can know which is the best place in the globe to relocate. .." My question to you Sir is that .... . Can this method be used to accurately help someone to relocate to another country for a great career ? Also what do you feel about India and the future of the collapsing Indian Economy ?

      Sundar Balakrishnan
      Yes. This method can be used to find out the best place to work and relocate. If the choices are given by the person, one can find out the place with this method. About India and its future, I have written one article on what will be the effect post demonetisation.

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