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Nawaz Sharif Oath taking chart and impending danger of army take over

Nawaz Sharif took oath as the prime minister of Pakistan on 5th June, 2013 at 17.33.50 at Islamabad, Pakistan. The ayamansha adopted is Lahiri Chitra Paksha. Software used is Jagannatha Hora 7.66 version.

The above chart will be analysed on a compressed dasa for a period of 5 years. The chart will be analysed from all the various dasas like vimshottari dasa, kalachakra dasa, and chara dasa.

The lagna rising is Scorpio and rasi is Mesha. The lagna lord is in the 7th house and thus aspects the lagna which makes lagna stronger. However, Mars is placed in the marana karak sthana being in the 7th house.

Vimshottrai Dasa

The dasa operating is Moon from April, 2014 to September, 2014. Moon is placed in the 6th house and heavily afflicted being in the Rahu/Ketu axis and aspected by retrograde Saturn from the 12th house. Moon is also a badhaka for Scorpio lagna. 6th house represents fights, terrorist activities, wars, army, etc. Since it is afflicted there is every possibility that Pakistan military/terrorist activist groups may create problems and take over control Pakistan.

After September, 2014 till January, 2015 it is the period of Mars placed in the 7th house in marana karaka sthana. Mars is in exact square (Kendra) to Neptune in Aquarius. Though mars aspects lagna and making it strong, the affliction of Mars will not benefit the lagna. Hence this period is also very vulnerable for takeover by military and terrorist groups. Further, as the lagna lord is marana karak sthana there is likely hood of attack on Nawaz Sharif during this period.

From January 2015 to October 2015 it will be period of Rahu in the 12th house which is in conjunction with retrograde Saturn. This Rahu also afflicts the Moon, the badhaka lord. The aspect of Jupiter is a saving grace but to a limited extent as it is in the 8th house. This period again is vulnerable for all the above activities.

Kalachakra Dasa (As per Shakti Mohan Singh method) – Deha rasi is Scorpio and Jiva is Pisces.

The present dasa is of Libra from February, 2014 to November, 2015. Libra is the 12th house from the lagna and afflicted by presence of Rahu and Saturn. Libra is also the 12th house from the deha rasi Scorpio. The lord of Libra Venus is in the 8th house from lagna and 9th house from Libra. Venus is the lord of the 7th house in the 8th house aspected by Rahu from the 12th house. Venus is conjunct Jupiter and Mercury is a welcome feature. From Libra the 10th house lord Moon is afflicted in the 7th house. Again from Libra the 2nd house (maraka sthana) is heavily afflicted by aspect of retrograde Saturn from the 12th house, Mars from the 8th house and Ketu from the 7th house. The aspect of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will protect the malefic aspect of Saturn, Ketu and Mars. As the 2nd house is equally aspected by 3 malefics and 3 benefics both the malefic and benefic effects will manifest. Since Libra 12th house is in operating with two malefic Rahu and Saturn there, the above events are seen happening during the period.

Jaimini Chara Dasa

From May 2014 to November 2014 it is the period of Gemini, the 8th house. Gemini has Jupiter (DK), Mercury (BK) and also Venus (GK). So conjunction of Venus (GK) will create problems for him. There is no aspect of any other planets. The arudha of 8, i:e. A8 aspects Gemini and Gemini also has A6. In the dasamsha (D10) chart Gemini is the 12th house (as Cancer is rising) with Jupiter (DK) aspected by Moon (AmK).  In Dasamsa though it is not all that disturbing except that 12th house is operating.  


Saturn just crossed over natal rahu and Mars just crossed over natal Saturn. Transit Retrograde Herschel in Pisces is exactly quincunx natal rahu in the 12th; transit retrograde Neptune in Aquarius is square natal mars in the 7th. Transit retrograde Pluto in Sagittarius is quincunx natal sun in 7th house. Sun is lord of 10th house and mars lord of lagna and 6th house.


Conclusion: From all the above dasas it shows a very disturbing situation for Nawaz Sharif till November, 2015.  The transit patterns are also not very encouraging. 

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