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Beginning December 2015, we have seen NDA government headed by Narendra Modi has been going through tough times be it running parliament session, expulsion of Kirti Azad, DDCA corruption charges on Arun Jaitely, rewind of Ayodhya temple, etc.

I had mentioned briefly in my facebook post about increasing security to Narendra Modi as his ascendant is getting afflicted in his progressed horoscope. When we refer to the ascendant, it is not only that there is threat to life, bad health, etc. but also disappointment in every aspect of life in every area be it personal or government functioning. I had clearly mentioned in my brief note in my facebook post that Narendra Modi will have tough times during the period December 2015 and January 2016 as well.

So, I will now discuss the reasons “WHY” through tropical analysis of progressed horoscope of Narendra Modi. The following chart is the combined chart of natal and progressed as on December 17, 2015. In the table of aspects, I adopt an orb of +(-) 1%. Whereas in the case of transits I adopt and orb of +(-) 5%. Also, to get a pinpointed answer, I first consider the aspect formed by all progressed planets to natal. Then to confirm the event, consider aspect of transit to natal/progressed planets. In the case of progression, especially, Moon is given great importance as it acts as a “minute” hand of the clock. The transit being the “second” hand of the clock. Then it is obvious that Sun, becomes the “hour” hand of the clock.


In the above chart, the chart in the centre is natal, the next is progressed and the outermost is transits. The table above gives the aspect of progressed planets to natal planets. Out of the above as said earlier progressed Moon’s aspect to natal planets gives the clue to the probable event and to confirm it we need to synchronise the transits to natal/progressed planets.

So in the above table, we see that progressed Moon is throwing its malefic aspect (refer the 2nd row from the top in RED). The following are the malefic aspects and no benefic aspects are seen.

– Moon forming quincunx (150 deg) to Sun (in 10) representing government
– Moon forming quincunx (150 deg) to Mercury (in 10, lord of 10th too) representing government
– Moon forming sesquiquadrate (135 deg) to Venus (in 9) represents legal, change in government and party functioning, etc
– Moon forming quincunx (150 deg) to Mars (in 12) foreign travel. May be his foreign travel may be not all that fruitful and could be looked at negatively by other nations. This is especially the recent visit to Russia which could be negatively viewed by the USA.
– Finally Moon forming sesquiquadrate (135 deg) to Ascendant. The significance of ascendant is given in the beginning of the article in the 2nd paragraph above.

Now to see out of the above which are certain to happen, we need to see the aspect of transit to natal/progressed planets. Let us see this.

– The natal ascendant is at 9 deg 30 Sagittarius. The transit is exactly going over the ascendant. So it is clear that there will be huge disappointments till end January 2016 where the orb of aspect will be complete taking +(-) 5 deg. Some also take orb for conjunction to +(-) 8 deg. Then in that case the disappointments will continue till end February 2016.
– Natal Sun at 23 deg 48 Virgo is afflicted by transit Rahu (north node) which is at 25 deg Virgo in conjunction. This will have a more long term impact as Rahu is just going to go over natal sun degree wise. As Rahu always retrograde. The malefic effect will go on till end of June/July 2016.
– Natal Mercury too at 23 deg 54 Virgo. So all that is mentioned for Sun above is applicable to Mercury as well. So need to repeat here.
– Natal Venus at 8 deg 55 Virgo has multiple afflictions from transit Neptune (in opposition 180 deg) in Pisces, transit Uranus (sesquiquadrate 135 deg) in Aries, transit Pluto (sesquiquadrate 135 deg) in Capricorn, and finally transit Saturn (square 90 deg) in Sagittarius. The transit effect will be long term till end of 2016 as out of these Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are slow moving planets.
– Finally, natal Mars at 24 deg 08 Scorpio is afflicted by quincunx from transit Uranus in Aries. It is also conjunct transit Venus in Scorpio. Since, Venus is fast moving its benefic effect will be short lived. However, the malefic effect of transit Uranus will be long term till the end of 2016. Transit Uranus will be exact degree wise in June 2016.

So to conclude all the areas encompassing his health, disappointments from his fellow members, governance, reshuffling in BJP as well as ministry, legal issues, etc are all likely to haunt him till end of 2016 as far as transits are concerned. But for an event to take place both progressed and transits effects have to be simultaneous. Taking cue from this period of January, February and March 2016 will be troublesome if one takes the orb for progression to be +(-) 3 deg. So overall the effect as mentioned above will stay on till first quarter of 2016.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Date: 24th December, 2015
Time: 11.00 PM, Mumbai, India

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    Mohan Kotyankar
    Sunder, Good analysis based on progressive chart and aspects of relevant planet concerned. Presently Saturn is transiting in Scorpio and will take many months to move to Sagittarius. Saturn square 90 D aspect will take place much later after the present adverse period for Mode Govt Enjoyed reading and is educative for Astrology students.

      Sundar Balakrishnan
      The article is on sayana and not niryana. In niryana Saturn is in scorpio.

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