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1. The objective of the analysis is not to predict how many seats each party will be able to bag. The limited objective is to analyse the horoscope and see who is stronger, who can reach the goal post, who is game-changer and who is weak. This will give the reader an idea as to who is likely to emerge as a “Winner”.
2. From the analysis below, it is clearly seen that Congress has the upper hand.
3. In the case of Congress v/s Siddharamaiha, its Siddharamaiha’s chart which is stronger.
4. Whereas in the case of BJP, both the party chart as well as Yedurappa chart are weak.


The Karnataka State assembly elections are due in the month of May 12 2018. The results will be declared on May 15, 2018. There are basically two parties which are in the fray. These are Congress and BJP. The third party, being JD(S).

Let us first take up the analysis of Karnataka State chart.

The Asc is 13 Cancer 53. The dasa is of Saturn/Jupiter/Rahu from April 2018 to Sept 2018. In the above chart, the dasa lord Rahu is in Scorpio. Rahu is part lord of Aquarius. Mars is in Aquarius. Saturn is in Scorpio. Based on this, Rahu and Saturn in Scorpio exchanges with Mars in Aquarius. The transit Saturn is in Sagittarius. There is Ketu in the 2nd and Rahu in the 8th. There is Sun in trine in Aries (Saturn’s staunch enemy). So transit is afflicted. The antara lord Jupiter is in the 3rd house (it is in Marana Karaka Sthana) and aspected by Mars from the 8th house. It is in rasi sandhi. It is also in Visha Navamsa. Jupiter is with Venus (which is debilitated) and Moon. In the D9 chart, Jupiter is debilitated. In transit Jupiter is retrograde and in Libra. Jupiter since it is in Libra it is afflicted. Transit Jupiter is in kendra to transit Rahu/Ketu. The prati-antara lord Rahu, as said earlier has exchanged with natal Mars. In transit Rahu is in Cancer moving over Lagna and in D9 transit Rahu is debilitated in Sagittarius. Rahu is in the arc of Visha Ghati. So it is clear that the existing Government is in for major change. We need to analyse as to who is going to stake the claim in the order of political parties and what will be the degree of change. For this we need to analyse the chart of the political party together with the respective local leader’s charts.

Let us first look at Congress as they are in power as at present in the State.

The Dasa will be of Jupiter/Venus/Rahu. The dasa lord Jupiter is in Gemini. It is aspecting its own 10th house, Sagittarius. Natal Jupiter is also aspected by transit retro Jupiter and Saturn in Sagittarius. There is transit Rahu in Cancer next to natal Jupiter. Antara lord Venus is in the 10th house along with Sun. The transit Venus is in Taurus in its own house. There is Saturn and Mars in the 8th house, Ketu in the 9th house and Sun in the 12th house. Venus though in its own house is slightly weak. Venus is in the arc of Visha Ghati.It is in Mrityu Bhaga also. Rahu is in the 7th house along with Moon. When Rahu/Ketu is in Kendra and conjunct/aspected by trikona lord, then it is good combination. In transit too, Rahu is in Cancer and therefore connected with Moon. The dasa and prati-antara lord is well placed. So, overall it is a good period for Congress. Let us now see, the chart of the CM candidate and also chart of BJP and its CM candidate. This will make us arrive at final conclusion.

The CM candidate of Congress is Siddharamaih, who is also the existing CM of the State. His chart is given below.

The Asc/Lagna rising is 05 Scorpio 45. The dasa is of Sun/Venus/Jupiter. The dasa lord Sun is lord of 10th house in the 9th house along with Mercury which is lord of 8 & 11. Transit Sun is in Aries and is exalted. However, transit Sun is in square to Rahu/Ketu, thereby reducing its strength. The antara lord Venus is in 8th house. It is in the arc of Mrityu Bhaga. Transit Venus is in own house in Taurus. Transit Venus has Saturn in the 8th house and Mars/Ketu in the 9th house. Thereby making Venus slightly weak. Prati-antara lord Jupiter is in Scorpio along with debilitated Moon (lord of 9th house). Jupiter lord of 2 and 5 combining with Moon lord of 9 is good combination. This is a wealth producing combination. Jupiter is also in the arc of Amrit Ghati. Out of the three, dasa-Antara-Prati, Dasa and Prati antara is stronger. Prati antara being the strongest.

Now, let us take up analysis of Bharatiya Janta Party. The chart is given below.

The Lagna rising is 23 Gemini 37. Sun is in Mrityu Bhaga. The dasa is of Moon/Moon from April 2018. Moon is in Scorpio and is debilitated. Transit Saturn is now in Sagittarius and retrogrtade. Being retrograde it is casting its aspect on Moon. So overall Moon period is not at all going to be good for the reasons stated above.

Now let us look at, the CM candidate. Yedurrappa’s chart.

The Lagna rising is 19 Scorpio 43. The dasa is of Moon/Mercury/Venus from March 2018 to June 2018. The dasa lord Moon is in Scorpio and debilitated. Moon is also in kendra to Rahu/Ketu. Moon is with Gulika too. So dasa lord Moon is afflicted. The antara lord Mercury is in Capricorn. In the D9 chart, Mercury is in own house Gemini, but afflicted by the aspect of debilitated Saturn, Mars and Ketu. In the D10 chart, Mercury is in Pisces and is debilitated. So, Mercury is also weak. The prati-antara lord Venus is exalted in Pisces but debilitated in D9. Any planet which is exalted in D1 and debilitated in D9 it becomes weak. Moreover, Venus is in arc of Visha Ghati. So, Venus is also afflicted. Over all, if we see both the BJP and the CM candidate chart are heavily afflicted.

About JD (S), I don’t have the data of formation date. However, I will analyse the CM candidate H D Kumaraswamy’s horoscope.

The Lagna rising is 2 Gemini 54. Mercury is in Mriyu Bhaga. The dasa is of Mercury/Saturn/Rahu from Dec 2017 to May 2018. Mercury is in Scorpio and afflicted. It is also in MB. The antara lord Saturn is in Sagittarius and is kendra to Rahu/Ketu. The transit Saturn is retrograde too. Saturn is in the 7th house along with its staunch enemy Sun. The prati-antara lord Rahu is in Virgo and is in arc of Amrit Ghati. Its dispositor Mercury is afflicted being in Scorpio. The transit Rahu is in Cancer aspected by Mars. So, JD (S) nominee’s chart is also not promising.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Faculty of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.
Date: 2nd May, 2018
Time: 1.00 PM, Mumbai

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    Murali Ratnam
    Murali Sir Very good analysis How do we find sub dasa of a andhar dasa For instance moon dasa ,rahu andhar dasa & ??? Is it available ready made

    Dear Sir, - Though astrologically you seem to do good analysis, still predictions are getting off the mark. I have studied astrology. Your remark stating that jupiter/venus period running for congress and indicating favourable trends is confusing. Jupiter and venus are enemies and further venus is maraka being 3rd and 8th lord, which in fact suggests end for congress in the state. May be since jupiter/venus are along 4/10 axis with sun in the 10th with digbala, a strong effort may be made by congress by entering into some kind of alliance but despite that being 8th lord's bhukthi, may not directly assume power.

      Dear Vas, Good analysis... Do you also predict for normal man? How do i contact you?

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