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I had written on Jayalalitha’s health from vedic astrology point of view on September 24, 2016. Now this analysis will be done from western astrology by using the progressed horoscope for 2016. We have been witnessing that Jayalalitha has been in the hospital for the last 14 days and the reports are being questioned by the people. Infact a concerned citizen of Tamil Nadu has even filed a PIL in the court seeking information on her health. In my earlier article, I had clearly written that her health will be very critical till February 2017. Later in my article, I have extended the period of criticality to October 2017.

Now let us see whether the same analysis is revealed by the application of western astrology.

The inner wheel is the natal chart and the outer is the progressed chart for the birth date February 24, 2016. Following are the major aspects for 2016.

Below two sheets are month-wise aspects sheets from February 2016 to February 2017. All the analysis below are based on these two sheets.


Jayalalitha 1

Other notable points;
– Progressed MC has gone to the natal 12th house, indicating retiring from profession.
– Pars of fortune which signifies status, health, profession, etc. have also gone to 12th house.
– Progressed Moon at 24 Aquarius 00 will be conjunct natal Sun at 4 Pisces 37 in the month of December 2016. This shows new moon, which means culmination or end of beginning.

Now analysis of above aspects
Whenever the progressed aspects are triggered by transits the event is certain to happen. But transit alone will also generate events whether positive or negative. The important planets are Asc, Asc lord Mercury, Sun, Moon and Meridian cusp (10th house). Whenever there are benefic/malefic aspects to the above Asc, Asc lord, Sun, MC and other planets, the event unfolds. The Asc/Asc lord signifies the health, status, etc. The Sun in addition also signifies health apart from power, status, vitality, etc.. The Moon too signifies health, mental setup, etc. The MC denotes status, profession, etc. The orb considered is 1 degree both applying and separating. Only major aspects are considered like Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine and Opposition.

The benific aspects are;
– Conjunction (0 deg) (depending upon whether the planet conjunct is natural malefic/benefic and house ownership)
– Sextile aspect (60 deg) is benefic and provides opportunity
– Trine aspect (120 deg) is also benific and the event happens very smoothly without any much effort.

The malefic aspects are;
– Square aspect (90 deg) is malefic aspect and creates hindrances/disturbances.
– Opposition aspect (180 deg) is also a malefic aspect and creates opposition.

Progressed Sun sextile to MC in February, 2016 (the 10th house of profession) brought her into power with thumping majosrity.

March 2016 – In this month Progressed Moon was in opposition to Mars. Mars is lord of 6th house of diseases. The 6th house is Scorpio which rules kidneys, private parts, secrecy, etc. So the trigger point on her health is from this month. In this month transit Mars was also square to Sun (Sun is lord of 3rd house denoting longevity and it is in the 9th house of fortune). So Mars being the lord of 6th house of diseases is afflicting the house of longevity and fortune. Further, transit Rahu is also squaring Herschel which is in Asc and lord of 9th house. So here again Asc and 9th house are afflicted.

April 2016 – In addition to effect of March 2016, additionally transit Jupiter is in opposition to MC. Jupiter is lord of 7th house which is a maraca (death inflicting house) and it being in opposition to MC denotes that she will be out of sync with respect to her profession. Her health will not permit her to perform professional duties. Additionally, transit Rahu is also square to Asc. The month of April is aggravating the events already occurring in March 2016.

May 2016 – Progressed Mercury is conjunct Rahu which is on the cusp of 12th cusp of sickness, hospitalisation, confinement, etc. Mind you Mercury is Asc lord. The progressed Saturn the lord of 7th house (death inflicting) is square to natal Rahu on cusp of 12th house. The transit Neptune is conjunct MC. Planet Neptune will always create confusion and is malefic in nature. Mind you as in April 2016, Jupiter continues to be in opposition to MC.

From the months of June to February 2017, the aspects gets even more malefic in nature. Additionally transit Saturn is squaring MC in June, 2016. In July 2016, transit Mars (lord of 6th house of diseases) is squaring natal Mercury lord of Asc. Pluto (the part lord of 6th house) is squaring Venus. Venus is significator of private parts and kindeys. Venus is in the 10th house of profession and lord of 5th house and 12th house of hospitalisation, major sickness, etc. From September progressed Sun is squaring Pluto which is in the 3rd house of longevity and part lord of 6h house. This aspect to Pluto continues till at least next February 2017. From November 2016, progressed Mercury (asc lord) is squaring Saturn lord of 8th house (grave sickness, kidneys, private parts, longevity, etc). This aspect too is going to be there till February 2017. In the month of December 2016, transit Saturn lord of 8th and 9th house is in opposition to Asc. In the month of January 2017, transit Rahu is opposition to Sun (lord of 3rd house of longevity in 9th house of fortune).

From the above analysis it is clear that the health situation is going to worsen further and it will continue to be very critical till February 2017. The earlier vedic astrology article on her also reveals the same picture.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharada
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Faculty of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.
Date: 5th October, 2016
Time: 7.00 PM, Mumbai

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    Sanjay Shahakar, Amravati
    Very strong predictions. Maths calculations part towards aquirecy. Keep this notes for further study and offers to those who need to study. Help to those who wants to developed this science. Sanjay shahakar,Amravati(M.S.)

    So you dont want to say the "D" word! No Krishnamurthi analysis for "D" ?

      Sundar B
      I could have written about it fro KP astrology, but the article would have become too long. But you can read my other analysis where KP method is used. I write articles from all schools of astrology, like western, vedic, jaimimi, KP, etc. thx

        Thank you for your response! I will read those articles. thank you. Many astrologers have predicted its the end...however Apollo Hospital and the party workers are even saying she will get discharged soon. Its really confusing !


            Looks like time has come. she suffered a massive heart attack on 4th December. what is your current prediction?

    Will she not recover? Can somehing not be done to ensure she lives on for next 10 years?

    Will she enjoy 2017 ?

    Sundar ji exact predictions happened. hats off!!! will u give personal advise to my jatakam?pl

    will u predict for 2017 year?

    Arti GM
    Can u please predict the future of DMK and its head MK Stalin.Can he become the Chief Minister in the upcoming elections???

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