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Conclusion (For detailed astrological analysis read the analysis section):

Based on the analysis, Basawaraj Bommai will be asked to resign before April/May 2022. Who will take his place is a matter of speculation and will write my article once clarity is obtained with respect to the new CM.


My first prediction on Basawaraj Bommail stating that there is a serious threat to his Government was on my twitter on January 25, 2022 ( The controversy of Hijab began in the month of January 2022. In the nonth of January 2022 he was also summoned by BJP top brass at Delhi. Basavaraj Somappa Bommai (born on 28 January 1960) is an Indian politician and engineer who is the current and 23rd Chief Minister of Karnataka. He is Member of Legislative Assembly in the legislature of Karnataka for Shiggaon, from where he has been elected three times since 2008. He is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He assumed CM office on July 28, 2021. Bommai was elected as a member of the Karnataka Legislative Council, twice (in 1998 and 2004) from Dharwad local authorities constituency. He served as a political secretary to then Chief Minister J. H. Patel. He left the Janata Dal (United) and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in February 2008. In the 2008 Karnataka state elections, he was elected to the Karnataka Legislative Assembly from Shiggaon constituency in Haveri district. He was considered as a close aide of the then Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa. My above tweet on January 25, 2022 was based on his Oath chart which was taken on July 28, 2021.

Now, that I am privy to his birth details, I will analyse his birth chart and see what is in store for him in the near future. Basawaraj Bommai was born on January 28, 1960 at 8.02 am at Hubli, Karnataka.

The Asc rising is Aquarius at 0.03 degrees. The Asc nakshatra is Dhanistha ruled by Mars. The yogi star is Dhanishta and the Asc is in yogi star Dhanishta. This is an excellent disposition of Asc degree. The dasa is of Saturn/Moon. Saturn is in the star of Purvashada which is the 25th star (from his Asc star), which will give all types of sorrows. The antara lord Moon is in Sharavana star which is the 27th star (from Asc star) which signifies coronation. The dasa of Saturn/Moon began from September 5, 2020 and will be in operation till April 6, 2022. Since, Moon is placed in benefic star, he got into the CM position on July 28, 2021. The next antara is of Mars from April 6,2022 to May 16, 2023. Mars is placed in star of Purvashada star which is the 25th star (from his Asc star) signifying “all types of sorrows”.

Though, the dasa of Saturn/Moon is condusive for him, the transits are not supporting him. The transit Ketu is in Scorpio at 3.01 degrees in exact trine to natal Ketu in Pisces at 3.59 degrees. Similarly, the transit Rahu is also in exact trine to natal Rahu in Virgo. The transit Ketu is in Mritha awasta. The transit Jupiter which is currently in Aquarius is at 16.09 degrees in yuva awastha. It will enter the vriddha and mrita awasta from February 22, 2022. Jupiter will also be approaching natal Ketu in Pisces at 3.59 degrees.  Further, transit Rahu/Ketu will be in exact “T”square to natal Asc degree which is at 0.03 degrees in Aquarius.

Based on the above, Basawaraj Bommai will be asked to resign before April/May 2022. Who will take his place is a matter of speculation and will write my article once clarity is obtained with respect to the new CM.

Sundar Balakrishnan

B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)

2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Sanskrit (From Mumbai University)

M A Sanskrit (Darshan) from Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek, Nagpur)

Professor of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai

Date: February 14, 2022  

Time: 11.00 AM, Mumbai, India(Copyright – No portion of this article can be reproduced without the written permission of the Author)

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