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We will witness two eclipses during the month of February 2017. This analysis will be done from vedic astrology point of view. To analyse the eclipse, we need to study the following charts..
a. India Independence chart
b. Capricorn Ingress chart
c. Lunar eclipse chart, and
d. Solar eclipse chart
e. Koorma chakra (to find out the region that will be affected by eclipse)

In analysing the eclipse chart, the basic chart will be the India independence chart and the Capricorn ingress chart.

We will analyse both the eclipse charts. There are two eclipses occurring in the month of February, 2017. The first eclipse is Lunar on February 11, 2017 and the second eclipse is of Solar on February 26, 2017. Following charts are attached and we will analyse all the charts logically.






Lunar eclipse chart dated February 11, 2017.
The lunar eclipse begins at 4:04 IST and ends at 8:23 IST on February 11, 2017. So, the lunar eclipse will be for a period of 4 hours approximately. The effect of the eclipse will be for a period of 4 months. As per my research, the effect of eclipse begins 15 days prior to the eclipse and lasts for almost 45 days after the eclipse. In the Lunar eclipse the degrees of Moon is important and also of Rahu. Moon is in Cancer 27 deg 15 and it is occurring in the 3rd house of India chart and in th 7th house of Capricorn Ingress chart. The Moon is in Ashlesha nakshatra. As per the above Koorma chakra, the star Ashlesha falls in South-East part of India.
To find out events based on aspects of the eclipse point of Moon and its position, we need to compare the aspects formed by the Lunar Moon to Capricorn Ingress and India Independence chart. The Lunar eclipse Moon at Cancer 27 deg 15 is forming following aspects;
– Trine to Saturn in Capricorn Ingress chart. The Saturn (lord of 1 and 2, in 11 in Ingress chart) in Ingress chart is at Scorpio 28 deg 43. This aspect is a good aspect and people in general will be benefited by the policies of Government. In the light of the proposed Finance budget the common people can expect benefits. At the same time the treasury (ruled by the 2nd house) will also be strong. The 11th house denotes legislations passed by the government. Hence, the legislations passed by government will also yield good results.
– Sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn Ingress chart. Jupiter (lord of 3 and 12 in 9) in the Ingress chart is at Virgo 28 deg 12. This is also a beneficial aspect. The 3rd house denotes neighbouring countries and all forms of transportation sectors. So we can expect our foreign relation to become stronger and some sops/new proposals in the Railway budget too.
– Quincunx to Mars in the Capricorn Ingress chart. Mars is in the 2nd house and lord of 4 and 11. Mars in Ingress chart is at Aquarius 25 deg 18. Since this is the malefic aspect, in the Finance budget, the treasury spending (2nd house) in the defence (Mars) sector will increase. There will be some announcements in Real estate sector which will not be liked by the people. Since, the 11th house also is getting malefic aspect, the gains out of Moon’s trine aspect to Saturn as mentioned above will get offset/mixed.
– Since, the eclipse is forming in the 7th house, the relationship with our foreign allies will be sour.
– As per the India independence chart, it is falling in the 3rd house. The 3rd house denotes all forms of communications and neighbouring countries. So, we can expect more accidents in communications sector like air, road, sea, etc. Similarly, the relationship with Pakistan and China will also be difficult.
– Since, the eclipse is occurring in the Ashlesha nakshatra the accidents will be in the South-east part of India.

Solar Eclipse chart of February 26, 2017
The Solar eclipse falls on February 26, 2017 and begins at 17:40 IST and ends at 23:06 IST. The eclipse is for a period of 5.5 hours and the effect of it will be for 5.5 years. However, as said earlier the immediate effect of the solar eclipse will be felt before 15 days of eclipse and also 45 days after eclipse. The degrees of Sun and Rahu are important. The Sun is at Aquarius 13 deg 59 and occurring in the 2nd house of Capricorn ingress and 10th house of India Independence chart. As far as the aspects are concerned formed by Sun in eclipse chart to Capricorn ingress and Independence chart, they are as follows.
– In the Capricorn ingress chart, the Sun is in conjunction with Venus in the 2nd house. The 2nd house is treasury and we can expect negative impact on the treasury. This is especially in the light of Finance budget being presented shortly. The planet Venus in the Capricorn ingress chart is lord of 5 and 10. So, the significations of 5th house like entertainment, sports, stock exchanges, films industry, etc will have negative effect. Due to this aspect we can expect some film, sports, etc. personality will expire or be in the news for their negative actions. About the 10th house it is explained below.
– In the India independence chart the eclipse falls in the 10th / 4th house axis. The 10th house represents the Government and its functioning. So, we can expect some well- known member of government or heads of state will expire. The government will be in the news for its negative actions. The 4th house denotes the agricultural, farming sector, weather and weather conditions, natural calamities, etc. So, we can expect weather to be extreme in some parts of the country, natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, etc will take away the lives of people.
– The eclipse is in Satabhishak nakshatra and it falls in the North zone of India. So, the negative effects mentioned above like earthquakes, floods, etc will occur in the North zone of India.

Based on the above, we can conclude that;
– The effect on the treasury of India will be of mixed nature as the aspects formed above are of both negative and positive.
– The relationship with our neighbouring countries like Pakistan and China will be negative.
– The accidents in the transportation sectors (like air, sea, land, rail, etc.) will occur in the South-east zone of India.
– The natural calamities like earthquakes, flood, etc and extreme weather conditions will be in the North zone of India.
– The Government will be in the news for its negative actions. Some members of government/heads of state will expire.
– Some people in the entertainment industry will expire or they will be in the news for some negative actions.
– The announcements in the Rail budget (3rd house significations) will be of mixed nature due to both negative and positive aspects.
– The budget spend in the defence sector will increase and the announcement in the real estate sector will be viewed negatively by people.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Date: 25th January, 2017
Time: 7.00 PM, Mumbai

public comments
    k. Sivaketharam
    Both eclipses will not be visible in India right ?

    really very nice sir to read i got lot of information thks sir

    Asha Kathrecha
    nice analysis sir.

    With due respects to the astrologer, what are his credentials? What is his track record? There seems to be a negative bias in his predictions.. Am not sure I want to rely on someone whose credentials are unknown.. Cheers

      Sundar B
      Dear Mr. Vishwanath......I dont have to prove my credentials at all to anyone. I am what I am. As far as astrology as a subject is concerned, i have burnt midnight oil to study the subject. Even today, I do extensive research in astrology and prepared for constructive argument on astrology. So on my posts, its for you to believe it or just forget it. Sorry if i have hurt your feelings.

    Dr Nareshanand satia
    Dear Vishwanath, Mr Sundar Balakrishnan is the senior Faculty member at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Mumbai, He is the most respected teacher, with immense knowledge of both Eastern and Western Astrology, and down to Earth person.

    Dear Sir How would you interpret the effect of this eclipse for people who have important natal points exactly conjunct sun or rah/ketu in transit on Feb 26th? Thank you

    dear sundhar none of your predictions for february happened.there was no earthquake or flood or calamity in north person in govt or leaders expired or fell ill.there was no accident in rail orr road or come?

      Sundar Balakrishnan
      Dear Mr. Shankar....I have mentioned the effect of eclipse will be there till 45/50 days after the eclipse. By the way there were earthquakes in the recent past too.

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