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Subsequent to attack on Paris by ISIS, both France and Russia joined hands to combat terrorism and both have jointly decided to attack on Syria. So far, we had a look at the post-mortem analysis of France and followed by Syria. Now let us look at what will be Russia’s role and whether whatever is happening how will it affect Russia.


The 6th and 7th houses in mundane astrology denotes war, terrorism, etc. The 7th house in addition also represents foreign relation. The 3rd house represents neighbouring countries. The 9th house is religious fanatism. As said in my previous articles, semi-square, square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate and opposition are negative. Whereas, semi-sextile, sextile and trine are positive.

The above natal chart has Jupiter and Venus in 7th house and the lord Pluto. I am here taking the lordship as per western astrology as we are analysing the tropical chart. Similarly, Uranus rules Aquarius and Neptune rules Pisces.

Let us see what is in store in the natal chart first….
So in natal chart the promise is shown that Russia does not get along with their neighbours and war and terror attacks are imminent. But when it will be answered by analysis of;
– Natal chart v/s Progressed chart
– Natal chart v/s Transit chart

So let us now analyse the Natal v/s Progressed chart. The following is the chart is as of November 24, 2015.



The progressed Pluto in the 3rd house is at Cancer 9 deg. It is coming closer to natal Pluto at cancer 10 deg. So culmination is yet to take place. There is a stellium in the 12th house comprising of Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Sun and Chiron. The MC is in 12th house denoting problems to government. So in the above chart the Progressed planets as above are making many negative geometrical configuration to natal planets/asc.

Now, let us look in to the Natal v/s Transits as on November 24, 2015. The chart is given below.

In the above chart the 6th house has Jupiter, North node, Mars and Venus. The 7th house has Sun, Mercury and Saturn. Transit Neptune, Chiron and Uranus are in the 12th house. So the 6th, 7th and 12th houses are activated. So in the above chart Pluto, Saturn and Chiron activates the houses 3,6,7 & 12 houses as activated by progressed planets.


From the above it can be concluded that Russia will lead in the region to fight against ISIS and other countries also will join hands like France now. Later, when I analyse the charts of neighbouring countries to Russia and France, we can then add further countries which would also join the bandwagon. Further, there is also threat to the government of Russia as a result of this war.


Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Date: 25th November, 2015
Time: 12.00 Noon, Mumbai, India


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