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Rahu will enter Rohini nakshatra on February 14, 2021 till September 19, 2021. During the above time period we can expect war with China/Pakistan, natural calamities, protests, riots, major accidents, terror attacks, communal and religious disturbances, etc

The Rahu Rohini pravesh chart also shows the incidents of similar nature as stated above (analysis of Rohini pravesh chart is provided below)


This is not my research. The credit goes to Shri K N Rao, who is a world-renowned astrologer and Guru for all the students of astrology. My humble effort is only in putting it in the current perspective by depicting with past events and decipher the future events. In Vedic Astrology, the combination of planets and nakshatras have immense role to play in native’s life and also in the mundane astrology. Especially a great importance is given to Rohini nakshatra. The planets possess both good and bad effects. The planets Jupiter, Moon, Sun and Venus are supposed to possess good (satwic) qualities. Whereas, the planets Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu possesses bad (tamasic) qualities. Mercury’s quality is of varying nature depending upon its association with other planets.

As per Hindu mythology, Moon God is married to Daksha’s 27 daughters which are 27 Nakshatras in night sky and these are the 27 divisions of the zodiac based on the moon’s daily motion of 13 degrees and 20 minutes. Moon gets its exaltation in Taurus at 3 degrees.

Rohini (nakshatra) a goddess in Hindu culture and the favourite wife of the Moon. She is a daughter of Daksha and sister of the 26 other Nakshatras. As per Shiva Purana, when Daksha gave away his 27 daughters to Moon God. There was an agreement between Moon God and Daksha, that he would not show favouritism towards any of his wives and that he will treat all of them equal. However, Moon favoured and liked Rohini very much as compared to others. Daksha came to know of Moon spending more time with Rohini and gets cursed by Daksha. However, Moon prays to Shiva and gets a boon. During Krishnapaksha Moon would wane and during Shuklapaksha, the bright part of the lunar fortnight, Moon would wax. This explains the waning and waxing moon as per ancient Hindu mythology. The moon is exalted in this nakshatra and very powerful in this nakshatra. In Vedic astrology the moon is considered as the mind or manas. Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated as birth of Lord Krishna when Sun is in own sign and Moon in Rohini Nakshatra.

In most of ancient Hindu Puranas, we have what is known as ‘Rohini Sakata Bhedanam’. This was observed during the times of Ramayana, when Ravana abducts Sita. Great wars and destruction happened every time this peculiar phenomenon appeared in the sky. In 46th chapter in Aranya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, Rohini is mentioned as dear wife of the moon and compared with Sita. Here bad planet would be Saturn (Ravana) when he abducts Sita (Rohini). Rohini (Sita) is the principle star and dear wife of the Moon God (Ravana) will be in lunar asterism of the same name, and when she comes in the contact with planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu, it is predicted for earthly havocs of various types. Hence, Ravana is compared with Moon and Sita with Rohini.

In Hindu astronomy, Aldebaran is Rohini nakshatra and Planet Saturn is Shani. The ‘Rohini Sakata Bhedanam’ is an event of great significance. This event occurs when Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu approaches near Rohini Nakshatra and stays in the nakshatra. Events are mentioned in Ramayana and during great Mahabharata wars when Rohini Sakata Bhedanam occurs. Destruction happened every time this peculiar phenomenon appeared in the sky and below is mention in Ramayana.

It forebodes evil and destruction

When Saturn leaves Krittika and nears Rohini

Sages call this “Breaking of Rohini’s wain”

It brings great sorrow and misery

Brihat Samhita XLVII// 14

When Saturn, Mars or a comet cuts the Wain of Rohini, what shall I say, the whole world will perish being plunged in the ocean of misery/disaster.

Maharishi Vyasa has sketched out complete mention of astronomical events leading up to the start of the great Mahabharata war. These details have now proved extremely useful for astronomers and researchers to ascertain possible dates for the key events of the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The planets (Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu) transited Rohini nakshatra in the past and the future between the dates mentioned below. The major events are described along with it. The events mentioned below are culled out from Wikipedia.

Rahu transits in Rohini nakshatra

Rahu entered Rohini on Sept 9, 1946 to April 16, 1947 – Period of independence movement which was at its peak. We got independence finally on August 15, 1947 at midnight (freedom at midnight).

Rahu enetered Rohini on March 28, 1965 to Jan 19, 1966

March 20, 1965 – First fighting in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 between West Pakistan and India only.

May 29, 1965 Dhanbad coal mine disaster – A mining accident in Dhanbad, India kills 274.

August 5, 1965 – War begins between India and Pakistan.

September2, 1965 – Kashmir is declared an “Integral Part of India” and is not a “disputed territory”, later responded by the Pakistani troops entering the Indian sector of Kashmir.

September 6, 1965 – Indian troops attempt to invade Lahore.

September 6 to 22, 1965 – A full-scale Indo-Pakistani war is fought over Kashmir, which ends after a UN Security Council calls for a ceasefire on 20 September.

September 8, 1965 – India opens two additional fronts against Pakistan.

September 9, 1965 – U.N. Secretary General U Thant negotiates with Pakistan President Ayub Khan.

September 16, 1965 – China protests against Indian provocations in its border region.

September 18, 1965 – Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin invites the leaders of India and Pakistan to meet in the Soviet Union to negotiate.

September 22, 1965 – Radio Peking announces that Indian troops have dismantled their equipment on the Chinese side of the border.

September 24, 1965 – Fighting resumes between Indian and Pakistani troops.

December 1, 1965 – The Border Security Force is formed as a special force to guard the borders.

Rahu entered Rohini on October 21, 1983 to August 10, 1984

March 5, 1984 – Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi orders Operation Blue Star.

April 2, 1984 – Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma is launched into space, aboard the Soyuz T-11.

April 13, 1984 – India launches Operation Meghdoot, as most of the Siachen Glacier in Kashmir comes under Indian control.

June 1, 1984 – The Indian government begins Operation Blue Star.

June 4, 1984 – Indian troops storm the Golden Temple at Amritsar, the Sikhs’ holiest shrine.

Rahu entered Rohini on July 24, 2002 to February 27, 2003

September 9, 2002 – At least 119 people are killed in a train crash in the northeastern state of Bihar when part of the Rajdhani Express from Kolkata to New Delhi derails on a bridge over the Dhava river near Aurangabad.

Ketu transits in Rohini nakshatra

Ketu entered Rohini on Jan 12, 1956 to August 30, 1956

July 21, 1956 – The 6.1 Ms  Anjar earthquake shook Gujarat with a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent), killing 115 and injuring 254.

Ketu entered Rohini on August 19, 1974 to March 13, 1975

January 19, 1975 – The 6.8 Ms  Kinnaur earthquake shook northern India with a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent). Forty-seven people were killed.

Ketu entered Rohini on March 6, 1993 to October 14, 1993

March 12, 1993 – A series of bomb blasts, thought to be planted by underworld figures, rock the country’s commercial capital of Bombay, killing some 260 people.

September 30, 1993 – The 6.2 Mw  Latur earthquake shakes Maharashtra, India with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe) killing 9,748 and injuring 30,000.

Ketu entered Rohini on September 26, 2011 to July 17, 2012

December 2011 – More than 50 killed in fire accident at AMRI hospital, Kolkata. 150 perish in West Bengal hooch tragedy.

May 1, 2012 – More than 100 feared dead after a ferry capsizes in Brahmaputra river, Assam.

Saturn transits in Rohini nakshatra

Saturn entered Rohini on April 8, 1972 to April 15, 1973

July 2, 1972 – Following Pakistan’s surrender to India in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, both nations sign the historic bilateral Simla Agreement, agreeing to settle their disputes peacefully.

July 10, 1972 – A stampede of elephants kills 24 people in the Chandka Forest.

Saturn entered Rohini on May 22, 2001 to May 30, 2002

June 22, 2001 – At least 64 people die when a train plunges off a bridge in Kerala state. The following day 50 people drown in West Bengal when an overcrowded boat capsizes on the Ganges River.

First half of July, 2001 – 500,000 people are displaced by severe flooding in the eastern state of Orissa.

July 23, 2001 – 30,000 people clash with police again in Imphal in continuing protests against the government’s peace proposals with neighbouring Naga rebels.

February 28, 2002 – Violence against Muslim community in the Gujarati city of Ahmadabad leaves over 500 dead. The violence came after the death the previous day of 58 who died in Godhra, near Vadodara (the exact circumstances remain unclear). (See also 2002 Gujarat violence.)

February 28, 2002 – Gulbarg Society massacre: During the 2002 Gujarat riots, a mob attacked the Gulbarag Society, a lower-middle-class neighbourhood in Chamanpura, Ahmedabad. Most of the houses were burnt, and at least 35 victims including a former Congress Member of Parliament Ehsan Jafri, were burnt alive, while 31 others went missing after the incident, later presumed dead, bringing the total of the dead to 69.

March 15, 2002 – 9,000 suspected Hindu hardliners are arrested, including 8,000 in Mumbai alone, in a massive crackdown aimed at preventing further interreligious violence. Tensions are high surrounding attempts to construct a new Hindu temple on the site of the Ayodhya mosque, which was destroyed by Hindu extremists in 1992.

May 14, 2002 – An attack by militants on an army base in Kashmir, in which 34 people are killed, leads to sharply rising tensions with Pakistan. On 15 May, Vajpayee says in the Lok Sabha: “We will have to retaliate.” Fears increase that the situation might escalate into a nuclear exchange.

Following is the chart for entry of Rahu in Rohini nakshatra is given below.

The Asc rising is Aquarius 19.06 degrees. The 6th house (signifying riots, protests, terror attacks, war, epidemics, etc) is aspected by Ketu and the 6th lord Moon is conjunct the Asc degree with an orb of 3 degrees. Similarly, the 8th lord Mercury Rx is in the 12th house close to the 12th house cuspal degree. The 8th house is mass happenings. The significations of 8th house is more severe than the 6th house significations. The lord of 9th house (signifying religion, communalism, judiciary, foreign allies, etc) is conjunct closely with the lord of the 8th house Mercury. This conjunction is also aspected by Rahu from Taurus. These are very dangerous planetary configurations which can result into re-emergence of pandemic, deaths of mass scale, natural calamities, communal disturbances, war, etc.  

Sundar Balakrishnan

B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)

2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Sanskrit (From Mumbai University)

M A Sanskrit (Darshan) from Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek, Nagpur)

Professor of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai

Date: January 29, 2021  

Time: 9.00 PM, Mumbai, India

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    you are supposed to be neutral but your bias is very much visible in your 2002 reporting of events. Hope God makes you realise your mistake

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