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In the previous article following conclusions were drawn based on past Rahu’s transits in Taurus since Independence date of 1947 ( I wanted to include this article in the last article. But I decided not to do so, as it will be too lengthy and the essence of the Rahu’s entry into Taurus will be lost in the ocean.

For the period between entry of Rahu to Taurus on September 24, 2020 and exit of Rahu from Taurus on April 12, 2022, and based on the analysis given below, we can expect following types of events;

  1. Death/Assassination of Political leaders
  2. War
  3. Major accidents leading to mass deaths
  4. Communal riots resulting into mass deaths

However, based on the analysis below, the above significations will slightly undergo a change as follows;

  1. Death/Assassination of both Government or Opposition leaders.
  2. War
  3. Relationship with neighbouring countries will not be good
  4. Communal disturbances
  5. Corruption in Judiciary
  6. Natural calamities
  7. Finances of the Govt will be in stress and financial indices (like GDP & other indicators of economy) will not at all be good.
  8. Natural calamities leading to deaths
  9. Agriculture industry will suffer
  10. The legislations passed by the Govt will be beneficial to the people
  11. The Govt will raise additional resources through sale of PSUs or some Bonds
  12. There will be aggressive changes in the educational system

Now based on the chart of Rahu’s entry in Taurus, we will analyse the events and try to arrive at the conclusion as stated above.

The chart for Rahu’s entry into Taurus on Sept 23, 2020 at 12.55.40 (IST) is given below.

The aspects in the analysis will take into account both the western (conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition) and vedic aspects. The Asc rising is Sagittarius in the above chart at 3.36 deg. It’s the 8th house of the India chart. The 8th house rising is not good. However, 8th house denotes taxes and joint finances in the mundane astrology.

There will be two-fold analysis,

  1. that is by taking the chart of Rahu’s entry into Taurus and delineating with the Taurus as the Asc (as in India Independence chart the Asc rising is Taurus), and
  2. the second analysis is the analysis of standalone chart of Rahu’s entry into Taurus.  

Analysis based on India chart Asc (Taurus rising) and planetary positions on the date and time of Rahu’s entry into Taurus…………If one takes the Taurus (India chart Asc), then the 7th lord (signifying wars, and relationship with foreign countries) Mars is Rx and its placed in the 12th house of losses, is afflicted being along with Uranus Rx. Uranus signifies sudden events such as riots, explosions, strikes, anarchy, etc. So, all these types of events will be in the forefront. Saturn Rx in the 9th house (lord of 9th and 10th) is square (90 deg malefic aspect) to Mars Rx in the 12th house (signifying loss). Saturn’s aspect from the 9th house signifies judiciary, communalism, religion, etc. So, there will be strife due to communalism, judiciary will interfere in the affairs of the Government. Saturn’s lordship of the 10th house signifies the Government, its leaders, leaders of State and Centre. The Mars Rx in 12th house is the house of loss, Saturn Rx aspecting will mean some Leaders of State, Centre or Government will face death/assassination (Mars Rx and it being with Uranus Rx). This Mars Rx in 12th house is in Opposition to Mercury the lord of 2nd and 5th house. There will be stress in the finances and the financial indices (signification of 2nd house) of the country will suffer massive. Similarly, the stock exchanges, entertainment industry, education system will have to adjust to the adverse situation, some top film personalities will expire (all significations of 5th house). The Mars Rx is trine (benefic aspect) to the Asc degree of Sagittarius (Asc of the Rahu’s entry into Taurus chart at 3.36 deg). The Sagittarius Asc is the 8th house (taxes, joint finances) of India chart. This shows that nation as whole will support the moves of the Govt and will embrace the additional taxes imposed by the Govt. The Asc rising in the 8th house (which has Jupiter and afflicted by Pluto Rx), means that current situation of pandemic will not ease at the time of Rahu’s entry into Taurus. This Jupiter is Asc (in Sagittarius) at 23.36 deg is quincunx (malefic aspect) to Venus in Cancer (3rd house of India chart – signifying bordering countries) signifies that there will be deaths (8th house Sagittarius) due to conflict in the borders and bordering countries (3rd house significations) will retaliate. This Venus is quincunx (malefic aspect) to Neptune at 25.05 deg in Aquarius in the 10th house. So, this afflicted Venus is doubly afflicted. However, Neptune in the Aquarius (10th house, signifying Government) is also forming sextile (benefic ascpect) to Jupiter in Sagittarius. So, the Government will be able to handle the situation at the borders and retaliation by bordering countries effectively. Mars Rx (which is with Uranus Rx) from the 12th house is aspecting (vedic 4th aspect) Venus in the 3rd house. Venus is also the lagna lord of India signifying common people, general sentiment, etc. This signifies that people in general will have to also bear the brunt of the country’s losses (12th house) and country will also face losses if war breaks out with neighbouring countries (3rd house). Venus being lord of 6th house (signifying riots, diseases, strife, labour class), signifies that the current situation will be prevailing at the time of entry of Rahu in Taurus in Sept, 20020. Also, there will be losses/death (12th house) due to these riots and strife. Labour class (6th house) will also be sufferers. This Venus in the 3rd house is also afflicted by aspect of Saturn Rx. So, Venus is afflicted from multiple fronts, i.e: Mars Rx (with Uranus Rx) and Saturn Rx.   

Now, we will see the analysis of standalone chart of Rahu’s entry into Taurus. The Asc rising is Sagittarius at 3.36 deg. The sign Sagittarius in mundane astrology is the sign of war, religion, judiciary, communalism, higher education, shipping industry, places of worship, etc. The Asc lord Jupiter is placed in the Asc itself at 23.26 deg. Its afflicted by Pluto Rx’s conjunction. Asc signifies general sentiment, people in general, state of home affairs, etc. It being afflicted by conjunction of Pluto Rx (signifying deaths, grave diseases, mass happenings) signifies that people will be living in fear of death, will be witness to sudden events of mass incidents like communal riots, strife, corruption in judiciary, spread of diseases, etc. The Jupiter is quincunx (malefic aspect) to Venus in the 8th house will result in deaths probably due to diseases, and people will be subject to additional taxes. The Venus is afflicted by quincunx to Neptune in Aquarius. So, the quincunx aspect of Venus to Jupiter on Asc is very bad. The Asc degree at 3.36 in Sagittarius in trine (benefic aspect) to Mars Rx in the 5th house. The 5th house signifies education system among all the other significations. So, the aggressive changes (due to Mars Rx) in the education system will be accepted by the people. The Asc degree is sextile (benefic aspect) to Mercury in the 11th house (signifies legislations passed by Govt, income through sale of undertakings, countries friendly with us, national treasury, etc.) signifying that finances of the country will be managed through various means of sale of PSUs, friendly countries will be able to give us grants, legislations passed by the Parliament will all be beneficial to the people in general. The Asc degree is square (malefic aspect) to Sun in the 10th house (signifying Government, its leaders, leaders of State, Officials at high places in Government) signifies that few leaders of the Govt, State or people at high places in the Govt or Political leaders will expire. The Sun is lord of 9th house (signifying religion, communalism, and places of worship) so there will be strife, riots etc due to communalism, factionalism, etc. This Sun is also afflicted by Mars Rx because of its quincunx (malefic) aspect. So, Sun’s malefic aspect is not good on the Asc degree as it is doubly afflicted. The Mercury (lord of 7th house signifying war, relationship with foreign countries, etc and 10th house signifying Govt and its leaders and people at high places in Govt) is in the 11th house and afflicted by the opposition (malefic aspect) of Mars Rx (which is with Uranus Rx). This again signifying that war or relationship with our foreign countries will be a hostile one and some leaders from the Govt, State/Central leaders or people at high places in Govt will expire/be assassinated (due to opposition aspect of Mars Rx, which is with Uranus Rx). Mercury is also in square (malefic aspect) to Saturn Rx in the 2nd house being lord of 3rd house (bordering countries). This Saturn Rx is also giving the vedic aspect (10th aspect) to Mercury in Libra. So, in addition, there is all possibility of war with bordering countries (Saturn Rx lordship of 3rd house) and this will result in strain on our national exchequer (2nd house). The 8th house lord Moon is in the 12th house and debilitated and in conjunction with Ketu and aspected by Mars Rx (8th vedic aspect). Since, 8th house lord Moon signifying death, grave diseases is afflicted, the current situation of pandemic will still exist at the time of entry of Rahu in Taurus. It will only increase with this malefic aspect. The 4th house (signifying natural calamities, agriculture, opposition parties, etc) is under malefic aspect (vedic aspect) from Saturn Rx, Ketu from the 12th house and Sun from the 10th house. This signifies that some leaders from the Opposition parties will expire, agriculture will suffer heavy losses.   

Sundar Balakrishnan

B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)

2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Professor of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai

Date: May 13th, 2020  

Time: 12.00 midnight, Mumbai, India

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    Sir, Will India get back Pok?

    Sir, Will India get back Pok?Also will China troubles us at the border?

    Sir, this commentary is quite ominous. Your analysis is quite detailed. The solar eclipse chart of December as well as the Capricorn ingress chart of the country show similar bad events. Shows a very bad period ahead for the country and its people. Let’s hope for the best. Amen!

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