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India Republic chart 26th January, 1950 at 10.15 am at Delhi.

So far all the predictions for India have been done on the basis of India independence chart. I will like to go a bit differently and study what is in store for India based on the India Republic Chart. We will analyse the above chart from all the dasas like vimshottari dasa, kala chakra dasa, Jaimini chara dasa and tajak/tithi pravesha charts of 2014 and 2015. The analysis will be seen specifically from the point of view of relations with the neighbours and likely hood of war with Pakistan.

The ascendant rising is Pisces and the rashi is Aries. The lagna lord and 10th lord is debilitated in Capricorn.  However in the Dasamsha the 10th lord and lagna lord is in a good position being in own house Pisces and conjunct exalted Venus (but retrograde). The 3rd lord, Venus which represents our neighbours is retrograde in the 11th house conjunct debilitated Jupiter and combust with Sun lord of 6th house (fights and wars). Venus is also aspected by Ketu from the 7th house (Wars). Co-incidentally in the D3 chart which represents the siblings (in the Mundane analysis it represents neighbours) Venus is debilitated.  

Let us now look at from all the dasa.

Vimshottari dasa:

The dasa in operation is Jupiter/Saturn which began from August, 2013 and ending in February, 2016. Jupiter is the lord of lagna and 10th house. It is debilitated in the 11th house. It is conjunct Sun (lord of 6th house fights and wars) and retrograde Venus lord of 3rd house (neighbouring countries) and lord of 8th house (represents setbacks) as well. Sun is in the arc of “visha ghati”. This Jupiter is also aspected by Ketu from the 7th house (relationship with neighbouring countries) which is conjunct Mars (fights, wars). The antar dasa lord Saturn is in the 6th house (fights and wars) and retrograde. Saturn is debilitated in D3 (represents neighbours) chart. In the navamsa it is afflicted by being in the axis of Rahu/Ketu and Mars. In transit Jupiter is exalted in the 5th house. However Saturn though exalted in transit is transiting in the 8th house along with Mars. Further, Saturn is exactly square to natal Pluto. This shows clearly that relationship with neighbouring countries will be at stake till the Saturn antara i:e. upto February, 2016. Not only this since 3rd house represents all forms of communications and the transport sector, there will be many incidences of accidents in these sectors are possible.

Kalachakra dasa

The dasa in operation is Libra / Pisces from February, 2014 to January, 2015. The antara Pisces is the “Jiva” rashi and is afflicted by the presence of rahu and aspect of mars from the 7th house. The dasha lord Jupiter is debilitated and is conjunct sun (lord of 6th), Venus (lord of 3 & 8) and it is aspected by Ketu (which is with Mars). Jupiter is lord of 1st house and 10th house from Pisces. Since the 1st house denotes general health of the people, condition of the cabinet, general condition of the country as whole. The 10th house denotes the ruling government. Since Jupiter, lord of 1 and 10 is afflicted, there is likely hood of epidemics, there could also be some changes in the cabinet as well. The government will have tough time from opposition and people in general. Since Jupiter is with Venus (lord of 3 & 8), the government will have tough times settling issues with neighbouring countries. The talks with neighbouring countries will fail. As 1st house also denotes rulers, the health of some prominent rulers will also be a matter of concern.

The next antara is of Scorpio (in quantum jump mode) till May 2016. The 3rd house (denoting neighbouring countries) has debilitated Jupiter. The 3rd house has 10th lord, Sun (denoting ruling government) and Venus (lord of 7 & 12). The 3rd house is also aspected by Ketu. There is likely hood of war with neighbouring country. In the present scenario, war with Pakistan seems imminent.

Jaimini Chara Dasa

The dasa in operation is Aquarius/Aquarius. This period is till January 2015 from July 2014. Aquarius is 12th house of the chart and its lord is in the 7th house from Aquarius. From Aquarius the 3rd house has Moon, the GK (represents fights, wars, etc). The 3rd house as said earlier is the neighbouring countries and presence of Moon GK is not good for the relationship with neighbouring countries. The Moon GK aspect Saturn the AK. In this case AK represents the rulers, general conditions of the country, health, etc. From this perspective it is seen that Kargil type war is imminent. Also some rulers of the ruling party will face health issues.  The Moon GK also aspects 10th house from Aquarius, which shows that ruling party will have several trivial issues which it will have to fight for in terms of governance.

After Aquarius/Aquarius, the next fresh cycle of dasa will begin which will be of Pisces from January 2015. The lord of Pisces is debilitated in the 11th house being lord of 10th house. Pisces dasa will be till January 2017. Within Pisces it will be the antara of Aries from January 2015 to March 2015. The lord of dasa Jupiter is in the 11th house being lord of lagna and 10th house. It is conjunct sun (lord of 6th) and Venus (lord of 3 & 8). Sun DK (represents foreign affairs) and Venus BK (represents neighbours). This conjunction of Arudha of 8th, i:e. A8 with Jupiter, Sun and Venus shows that tension with neighbouring countries are going to escalate. Moreover, UL also aspects the trio in Capricorn. Retrograde Saturn (AK) also aspects from 6th house.

Tajak Chart 2014 & 2015

In the 2014 chart the 3rd house has rahu and Saturn. The lord of 3rd house is in the 5th house aspected by Saturn, mars and retrograde Jupiter. The 2015 tajak chart does not show this alarming configuration.

Tithi Pravesha for 2014 and 2015

In the tithi pravesh chart for 2015, the 3rd house is heavily afflicted by the aspect of Rahu, Saturn and Mars. The lord of 3rh house is in the 12 house along with Mars.


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